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Welcome to another week in the school of money, today we will continue our series as we begin with the five groups of people that do not need financial education .


1.     The Inheritance Group

If your parents are billionaires or you came from an elite family where you have inherited a huge estate and wealth and you have people who are paid to help you manage it, then you may settle for a life of financial ignorance and just keep eating of the labours of others – if that is your choice. It is your life but I hope you aim for more than a life of mediocrity.

2.     The Marriage Group

If you are married for money or married into money, and your spouse or their family is loaded enough to take care of your needs, wants and luxuries etc and you are okay with just being a parasite and a consumer without bringing anything to the table, then settling for financial ignorance is definitely an option in your package, if you so desire. I only wish you don’t fall into this group or stay in this group without changing.

3.     The Genius Group

If you are born a genius with extra ordinary talent and ability that you have even started making money from childhood, and you pay others to manage your finances for you, then you fall into the category of people that may settle for financial ignorance. People cheating or defrauding you won’t also matter since you believe you don’t need financial education.

4.     The Pension Group

If you plan to work for the government and be a civil servant for life or you are okay with the rat race and the golden handcuff so you want to work for your entire life and retire to live on pension, then you qualify to be in this group of people who can settle for financial ignorance. What financial education do you need to collect and consume salary and pension – not much I believe? So sad, if you settle for it.

5.     The Carefree Group

If you don’t really care whether you are rich or poor and creating wealthy or financial freedom does not matter to you then of course you can settle for financial ignorance. I don’t think you need any intelligence to become poor or stay poor. If you choose poverty, who am I to question your choice, but I hope for your children sake that you don’t settle for this level of life.

The old school/obsolete education

To continue in the world of education that is irrelevant and incomplete is to stay in the expired old school. Any education that does not empower you to create wealth is old school education and it is obsolete. Any education that does not let you know of all the options and choices available to you in life is incomplete and old school education.

The game is the same but the rules have changed:

In the world of love – the game is the same but the rules have changed.

In the world of finance – the game is the same but the rules have changed

In the world of success – the game is the same but the rules have changed etc.

If you are ignorant of the new rules in any game, you end up losing and being disqualified because to win in any game, you are required to play by the rules. Please take this school serious and act on all you learn because we live in a constantly changing world where you have to stay current to be relevant and on top.

If you are not informed, you will be deformed

If you are not updated, you will be outdated

If you are not inspired, you will expire

If you are not in the know, you cannot be in the flow.

There are some things to note that characterizes old school, expired education and you must identify and fight them to gain the redefined education that I call the seven-star education.

Keep your dream alive’

➔ Any education that teaches you outdated, useless and irrelevant topics from outdated and old textbook is old school education because you graduate outdated – if they major on minors (things that are not relevant to your life) and minor on majors (things that are relevant to your life) that is old school education.

➔ Any education that is geared towards making you job dependent, where all you are motivated with is to get good grades so you can get a good job is an outdated old school education. Many of our parents also joined in propagating this error by encouraging their children only with the need to go school, get good grades and then look for a good job.

➔ Any education that emphasize having one stream of income and defines focus as doing only one thing all your life, working, running in the rat race and relying on pension is old school education and therefore obsolete.

➔ Any education that propagates the scarcity conspiracy and harass you with the “there is not enough to go around” song is an old school education and expired because there is more than enough to go round and recession and scarcity is a conspiracy. Did the money travel or did aliens come to carry them away?

➔ Any education that promotes poverty as piety and riches as filth is of course an expired old school education because your definition of “filthy rich” or “stinkingly rich” may be positive or negative. No money no life and poverty is surely not a virtue in the new school education.

➔ Any education that encourages you with retirement benefit and teaches you to work, save and retire on pension is an expired education and is old school education. You don’t have to retire at sixty-five to create wealth with new school education.

➔ Any education that teaches you to rely on government, and look forward to government benefits, social welfare programmes and schemes is no doubt an old school education, and is obsolete because there is no security in social security anymore.      

➔ Any education that teaches you to work hard to make money without teaching you the other options of working smart and making money work hard for you is incomplete and is old school education.

I have to stop here, but join me next week as for the final part of this series, and contact my office to order for your copy of the school of money book and the wealth creation pack which contain two books and twenty four audio program.

So, Join me next week for another class in the school of money.

Keep your dream alive’


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