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Reactions to God’s plan to make Nigeria great (2) –Colonel Clark’s text

Before going into the very interesting text message sent to me by Colonel P.A. Clark (rtd), I will first deal with the second issue Frank Aigboje raised on my column of a fortnight ago. He did not respond to my reply in last week’s article on his claim that God is the epitome of justice and order, and as a result could not have sent me to another northern Muslim as the person He wants to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.

So, I have taken it that he agreed with the points I made that in doing this the Lord had done nothing against His order on fairness in the Holy Bible. Rather as stated in Job 34: 10 – 12 that He is only out to make the South pay for the injustice former President Goodluck Jonathan did to northerners by using the power of incumbency to deny them the opportunity of having the presidency for two terms.

I now go into the second submission Aigboje made that if the northern politician ignores the message I conveyed to him, that means it was not the Heavenly Father who sent me to him. I laughed when he made this statement because it showed that although the examples are in the Scriptures, that he does not know the difference between someone God had destined for a position before he or she was born, and the one He wants to give an opportunity to, for the reason or reasons only He knows.

I dealt with the issue about seven years or so ago in an article I titled “Destiny misconceptions.” It was after I raised the matter with the Lord who told me that the problem is that most human beings do not know the difference between destiny and what happens to people by chance, that is by luck or ill – luck.

As the Bible shows, the people of destiny have their birth and mission in the world predicted. Examples are Esau and Jacob in Gen 25:15-34 and Jesus Christ and John the Baptist. See Isaiah Chapters 7: 10 – 16 and 9: 6 – 7 and Luke 1: 26 – 38 where Prophet Isaiah and an Angel of God foretold the birth of Jesus. The story of an Angel of God forecasting the birth of John the Baptist is in Luke 1:5 – 25.

On the other hand, Moses and King Solomon are examples of those who attained greatness but were not people of destiny, as their coming and mission in the world were not prophesied. See Exodus 22:1 – 10 for the birth of Moses and for that of Solomon 2 Samuel 12: 1 – 25. The two of them were just men God chose and gave the opportunity to be legendary personalities.

The fact that they were not men of destiny was the reason they made the mistakes that caused the Lord to be angry with them. See Numbers 20: 1 – 11 for Moses’ wrongdoing and the penalty he paid and Deuteronomy 34: 1 – 12 for his death. Turn to I Kings 11: 1 – 13, for the misdeed of King Solomon and 12: 1 – 20 for the break-up of Israel into two kingdoms, the punishment for his sin for disobeying God.

As was the case with Moses and King Solomon, Chief Moshood Abiola in 1993 and General Ibrahim Babangida in 2003, were not destined to be Nigeria’s elected president. The Lord only chose and gave them the opportunity to be. Ditto the northern politician I was sent to two months ago. So, the decision depends on the individual.

Although Babangida ignored the message, Abiola accepted and did all he was told to carry out and won the June 12, 1993 presidential election. But as I had revealed in articles in the last seven years, God caused the poll to be annulled because he disobeyed Him. By not keeping to the June 14 deadline He gave him to send his thanksgiving offering to the 41 clerics who made his victory possible. And for sending them the paltry sum of fifty thousand naira, which came down to one thousand and two hundred naira per individual.

I hope Frank Aigboje and those who think like him, are now wiser and know that because someone rejected a message, does not mean it was not God who sent the person who delivered it. A careful reading of Exodus 3:1 – 22 shows that if it was not an Angel that God sent to Moses, he would not have responded to the message because it took him some time before he succumbed. So, why should it be strange if some of the people, even if all, ignored the message of the Lord I conveyed to them when I am not an Angel, but an ordinary human being.

I now come to the text message Colonel P.A. Clark (rtd) sent to me on last week’s column: “Sir, your piece on God’s candidate for the 2019 presidential election was conceptual and revealing. Sir, who are you? Are you a seer, a prophet or man of God? Please educate me of your intellect, education and integrity.”

To be continued next Wednesday


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