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Reactions to my polygamy series (2)

Sina Adedipe

This write–up is to show the folly, inadequate and faulty knowledge of the Scriptures by someone who gave his name as Steve and used GSM number 080 – 6532 – 7244 and his like – minded colleague who owns telephone number 080 – 6771 – 3110, who both claimed that polygamy is unbiblical because God created men to be monogamous. They provided no references in the Christian Holy Book to prove their point, but went ahead to warn that if I did not repent that the Lord would punish and condemn me to hell – fire for ‘preaching’ that He is not against multiple – marriage.

Before going into the details of their text messages it is important that I let those who are new to this column know that I have the grace of speaking one – to – one with Almighty God. Long – time readers of the column became aware of it in 2010 from an article I wrote with the title of: Jonathan avoid Abiola and IBB’s mistakes with God. It was an advice that he should honour the zoning policy of the Peoples Democratic Party and allow the North to present the presidential candidate of their party for the 2011 presidential election. This is because to do otherwise would attract punishment from the Lord who in the Bible commanded people to keep to promises and agreements.

In the article I also revealed that during a spiritual retreat in Ado – Ekiti on Saturday, September 24, 1994 that the Heavenly Father told me and Dr. Ore Falomo that He caused the June 12, 1993 presidential poll won by Chief Moshood Abiola to be annulled. This followed his failure to adequately reward the 41 clerics He raised to fast and pray for 41 days to make his victory possible.

Another offence of his was that what he sent to them as thanksgiving offering was the paltry sum of fifty thousand naira which came to N1, 200 per person and for doing so on June 15 instead of the previous day as the Ancient of Days mandated him to do. To this day, Dr. Falomo has not denied my story and as a result people got to know that my report was true and that the Lord speaks with me one–to–one.

It is also on record that in 2011 I wrote an article that on Saturday, January 13, 2007 the King of kings was angry with me and two others He had a covenant with in 1994. This was because we pleaded that 13 years were long enough for Him to fulfil His promise to us. The Lord’s reply was asking: what is your 13 years compared to the 30 years the ordeal of Job lasted in the Holy Bible?

He rebuked us in such a strong voice and said things that frightened us that sweat instantly covered us in the stream – side open place where we were. And to make matters worse all of a sudden soldier ants appeared stinging our feet. To receive forgiveness, the Heavenly Father made us fast for three days and did not speak with us for three months, warning us not to err again.

Although I don’t know if it had anything to do with it, but four years later, I, the leader of the team and the one who suggested we made the plea, lost my 22-year-old son to cerebral malaria on Friday, February 19, 2011. With these experiences, how can I be foolish to come out in 2018 to say the Ancient of Days told me He is not against polygamy if He did not say so? Especially, as I revealed last week, when I still have questions to ask Him on issues in the Bible for the book I plan to write on scriptural matters.

Now to the text messages from Steve and the other person who did not identify himself. In the first of the two he sent, Steve described as erroneous what he called my interpretation of Genesis 2:24. To him, the Heavenly Father was instituting monogamy in His statement in that verse. He said contrary to what I wrote that the Lord was not putting in place the marriage system in which a man would serve a prospective father – in – law for seven years to marry his daughter.

According to him, this kind of marriage happened in the Bible only with regard to that of Jacob who served Laban for 14 years to wed two of his daughters, Leah and Rachel (Genesis 29:15 – 30). He said his father, Isaac and Abraham, his grandfather, never went through that type of servitude experience.

Steve is right in the observation he made and I was aware of it and it was to know why Jacob’s marriage was different from that of others that made me raise the issue with the Supreme Being in 2013. I thought Laban gave the seven – year service condition because he did not want Jacob to marry Rachel since she would leave Mesopotamia to live with him in distant Canaanland.

The all – knowing Father of creation told me that seven – year service experience Jacob went through was the type of marriage system He was instituting with His statement in Genesis 2:24 and that it applied to all men. This meant that it was under this same condition that other men in Israel from the time of Lamech, the first polygamist in the Bible, married their wives (Genesis 4:17 – 25). Of course, that included Abraham.

From the report in Genesis 24: 1 – 66 Isaac was the singular exception and this was because the Lord made it possible for him not to be subjected to the traditional practice. This is evident in the statement made by Laban when he was giving Rebecca to Abraham’s aide when he said: “Since this matter comes from the Lord, it is not for us to make a decision. Here is Rebecca take her and go. Let her be the wife of your master’s son, as the Lord Himself has said,” (verses 50 – 51).

To be continued Wednesday, next week.


Phenomenal Matriarch of the Adedipes, Falaes, Ade – Ojos & Others (9)

ANOTHER wonderful way the blessings of God have manifested for the descendants of our Ilara – Mokin – born matriarch is in the federal appointments that have come to Akure in the last 52 years. About 70 per cent or more of them have gone to the grandchildren of her son High Chief Elemo Adedipe I.

The first of such appointments was made in 1966 when late Chief Nathaniel Kolawole (NK) Adamolekun, the son of one of my dad’s elder sisters, was chosen as the Registrar of the University of Ibadan.

In 1984, late High Chief Bolanle Arifalo Adedipe V, the Elemo of Akure (1977

– 2012), who from 1964 – 66 was the Parliamentary Secretary (Minister of State) for Agriculture in the federal cabinet in the First Republic, was appointed the Chairman of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria by General Muhammadu Buhari’s military government. When his tenure ended in 1987, General Ibrahim Babangida’s military administration appointed him a member of the Board of Directors of the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) in Ikot Abasi in Akwa Ibom State.

Continues next week along with the series on Ebenezer Babatope.

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