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Re: Waiting for ‘Operation Scorpion Sting’ in Middle Belt

Criminal gangs at work

I AM pained that many Nigerians, inclusive of the enlightened ones, see the killings taking place here and there as acts perpetuated by herdsmen. The truth is that there are criminal gangs mostly from the ethnic extractions of the herdsmen perpetuating these crimes. I do not see the possibility that a herdsman will abandon his cows worth millions of naira to commit a crime for which there is not a scintilla of benefit.

      – Barr. Ngozi Ogbomor, 08033397362.

Killing of Christians must stop

Some tribes believe that Nigeria belongs to them. It’s a wrong perception. They should stop killing Christians and innocent Nigerians. Enough of it. My sympathy goes to Benue people and other victims across the nation.       -Friday, Uyo, 08027622232

There’s no government

When a situation arises in a nation where the citizens begin to look for means to defend and assert themselves, then you know that the nation is in serious trouble. Right now, it is as if there is no government, especially at the centre. Apart from the civil war, the most disastrous thing to have befallen this nation is the Buhari presidency. He is treating us as if punishing us for foolishly bringing about his government. As if the situation is not terrifying enough, there are some people willing and even persuading the rest of us to allow him another four years.  -08028253086

Nigeria sliding into anarchy

You aptly hit the nail on the head. Amanze Obi, in  his latest article, said Nigeria is a country of double standards. Today, you concurred with Amanze’s position. Tahiru Majeed posited a few weeks ago that this Buhari administration is brazenly promoting cronyism, nepotism, sycophancy, sectionalism and naked religious bigotry. Based on the aforementioned facts, your wait for ‘Operation Scorpion Sting’ will definitely be a wild goose chase. If you like, wait till eternity, it will never come, as long as the tribalistic government of Buhari is still in power. Hausa/Fulani are sacred cows. They can do anything in this country and their brother, Buhari, will look elsewhere. No punishment. No deterrent. Under Buhari’s watch, Nigeria is slowly and steadily sliding into unstoppable anarchy.    -Dr. Goddy Okeke, Lagos, 08185580605

You said it all

Your article said it all. It is bjective and straight-to-the point. Well done.

-Carl Umegboro, 07062619558

We appreciate you

Thank you very much for your article. I and many other Nigerians appreciate you for voicing it out.        


Ortom shedding crocodile tears

Governor Samuel Ortom should stop shedding crocodile tears. As chief security officer, he has to take the larger blame for not protecting the citizens from herdsmen’s  massacre. This is not the first time ugly incidents took place in his state. Has he not been going to Abuja, more often than not, meeting with the President? What was the outcome? As the chief security officer of the state, what is his primary duty? Where are these men: Paul Unongo, Col. Waku, John Atom Mkpera, etc? Can’t they defend their state?           -08056122539

You’re living up to your name

Onuoha, when translated, means “speaking the mind of the collective.” Your ‘Operation Scorpion Sting’ is a direct and fearless punch at the Federal Government and Muhammadu Buhari as President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

-Steve Okoye, Awka. 08036630731

APC has lost its voice

Thanks indeed for speaking out against Fulani’s mindless havoc in the country. Why should we ever be surprised by the inaction of the President? The APC, which is pretending to be a party of purity and made in heaven, can’t even talk  now. Please, remember that last year some northern elite said the herdsmen engaging in killing, burning, destruction and rape were NOT Nigerians. Now, the northern security establishment wouldn’t take any definable action.      

-Ibim Morgan, 07035390254

Herdsmen’ll scare away investors

The President must address the menace of Fulani herdsmen all over Nigeria before it gets out of hands. Security agencies should take proactive measures against the ugly trend of Fulani herdsmen because their activities will drive investors and intending investors out of the country. The National Assembly should not fail to pass an anti-crazy bill into law to end the ugly activities of Fulani herdsmen.

-Gordon Chika Nnorom, 08062887535

Re: The Okorocha reality show in Imo

Okorocha and his family’ll go

You have said it all. Flush out Okorocha and members of his immediate and extended family from government. This is the task. Yes, the electorate have the duty, in 2019, to execute ‘operation flush out emperor Rochas Okorocha and his gang.’   -08033450099

Imo people in chains

Thanks for the wonderful article, captioned, “The Okorocha reality show in Imo.” What you said is a practical truth, very factual, and Imo people are happy. They are happy that people like you are coming to their rescue by boldly condemning the anti-people policies of Governor Rochas Okorocha. I enjoin you to maintain the standard because Imo people are really in chains. They need to be liberated.

-Ikechi Ajoku, 08037510798

We’ll recover Imo

Thanks a lot for your salvaging article, “The Okorocha reality show in Imo.” Imo people are very grateful to you and wish that you continue on the mission until the state is recovered from Okorocha and his lackeys in the 2019 election .       -Ifeanyi Ukeje, Veteran Journalist, 08039705513

Imo now gov’s private estate

We are suffering so much in Imo State. Imo is now Okorocha’s private estate. God will visit him one day and liberate us.

-Uche, 08037796511

He’ll account for stewardship

We Imolites will ensure that Okorocha, and all that concerns him, is voted out. He will be made to give account of money he claims to have spent on his jamboree projects. I hide my head in shame to have ever supported a man who brought Imo State to public disdain, mockery and embarrassment. Its most unfortunate.

-D. C. Ajare, Esq., 08053381680


We must make Imo great again

Time for clamour has gone. Imolites should rise and take their destiny in their hands. They have seen the governor’s performance. All they need is political will to reject whoever  Rochas Okorocha is planning to make his successor. Imolites need no morning prayers before voting out whoever he wants to install as governor. APGA and PDP have aspirants coming up. Now is the right time for them. Let’s make Imo great again by voting out any person Rochas might try to bring in. May God bless you all for saying ‘No to Rochas dynasty.’    -Isdore, 08032253351


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