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Re: The python dance in South East

Call Kanu to order

South East governors and Ohanaeze Ndigbo should call Nnamdi Kanu to order.


Nemesis’ll catch up with oppressors

God bless you for your article. Nemesis will soon catch up with those who oppress the Lord’s people.     07062787952.

You’re right

You wrote all the truth. Keep it up.


I commend you

Your article on ‘Operation Python Dance’ is a vintage one, especially the last paragraph. I commend you. 08136831077.

May God help Igbo

God will bless you. This government is cannibalistic in nature. The government is becoming a dictatorship. May God help the Igbo.                        08038290400.

Kanu ought to apply wisdom

You have spoke like the oracle. Kanu should be advised to tread with caution Gra gra should not feature in this agitation. Wisdom and diplomacy should be the watchword. Thanks for writing courageously. Courage is becoming rare among the elite in the eastern part of this country.     08033538461.

Kudos to you

Kudos to your piece on the military invasion of South East. 08035451004.

I weep for Nigeria

I make bold to say that the President Muhammadu Buhari government has a sinister motive against the Igbo race. In one of the president’s early media interactions, he stated that those who gave him five per cent vote must not be treated like those who gave 95 per cent. I cry and weep for this enclave of unimaginable absurdity called Nigeria. It is laughable and too infantile for the president of a multi-tribal and religious state like Nigeria to unleash a full-scale military action against South East over ordinary non-violent street protests called Biafra agitation. Let the world and other Nigerians, including selfish Igbo leaders, watch and clap hands until the race is completely wiped out by those masquerading as Nigerian soldiers.


IPOB became a nuisance

Being an Igbo man does not take away the fact that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB are constituting nuisance to the Igbo and country at large. The military should do its job, which is protecting the country how it deems fit. Enough message has been passed to the government. Please all these should stop. Innocent people will be killed, while Kanu will run to London with his family. 08033047246.

Igbo leaders should caution Kanu

Kidnapping is not synonymous with civil unrest. Soldiers have, indeed, been deployed in parts of Kaduna State, where there had been breakdown of law and order. Buhari didn’t just state the obvious, he meant its enforcement. Of course, arresting Kanu was a mistake, but that’s water under the bridge. Igbo elders must rein him in. 08033067825

Avoid pythons

Keep away from the dancing pythons. Please run away from it. The python has a short life span. Weeping may endure for the night, but joy cometh in the morning. Follow due process and if there is none, fast and pray, and the heavens will open!   08033206191. 

Did you ever caution Kanu?

All the while Nnamdi Kanu was displaying his uncultured behavior, have you ever spoken to him? If you are so sad about the situation, do the needful, go down to his place and stand before the soldiers and lecture them. 08034199402

Igbo always aligned with North

Go to the east and caution your people. We shall continue to watch and clap because Igbo have always aligned with the North politically to the detriment of the rest of us down South. Even the Niger Deltans are guilty of the same offence. You faulted the reason for the OPD but you didn’t mention Kanu’s reasons for his own ‘army.’     09090766822

Injustice against Igbo should stop

I am a bonifide Yoruba man with Oduduwa a blood flowing through my vein and heart, but I can tell you that this an act of proven systematic, willful cruel injustice, oppression, humiliation, provocation and degradation against the South easterners – Igbo people, especially by the Nigerian government do injure and bleeds my heart badly. But if the Igbo are provoked again into taking arms to defend themselves, the trend shall change and the end of the deceptive cheating device called Nigeria will come!   08099577661

The solution to our problem

Divine solution to Nigeria’s unending wars? Let each of Nigeria’s six-geo-political zones be fully independent through a peaceful division process now. 07069667120

It’s plot to stop restructuring

The other day, it was operation ‘Crocodile Smile’ in the South-South. Just recently, “Operation Python Dance’ was declared in the South-East in order to rubbish the Igbo, and of course the entire southern region. I suspect this is the indirect way of using the military to scuttle the restructuring breeze that is currently blowing across Nigeria. As things stand now, one wonders when the ‘Operation Donkey Dance’ will begin in the North, where quit notice was issued by Arewa youths for the Igbo to leave. As all these absurdities are ongoing, not much is being heard from Igbo friends abroad. Does it mean they don’t have friends anymore?      0803350089

My prayers

I am bitterly moved to say the following after your master piece on ‘python dance’ in South East: God of heaven will call to question those who participate in this most wicked act against a tribe. This punishment is also for any Igbo person who failed to speak out and condemn the act.   08033941066

PDP govs to blame

We should stop blaming the FG, but blame the PDP governors in South East. They are the architect of the problem and they must pay the price when the time comes. Count Rochas out of this.         08143690724

IPOB crossed the red line

Thank you for your write-up. IPOB members failed to understand the fact, that you cannot declare a state within a state explicitly or taking action that suggest going in that direction, e.g., sewing military or paramilitary uniforms and expect the government to look the other way. The military has every right to go after IPOB. They crossed the red line. However, I think dialogue should be explored to solve this problem of agitation, once and for all. The issue of marginalisation of the South East should be looked into.  08033119751


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