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Re: “Sudanization” of Nigeria”

Ralph Egbu,
I want to confirm that I am an ardent reader of your column. I appreciate the fact that you try to handle very important issues concerning the development of our nation. I read you always on the internet from the United States where I am based. But I have an issue. You are always writing about national politics, Buhari, Saraki, PDP, APC, Boko Haram, and have left critical issues affecting the South East unattended to. I want you to find out what South East governors are doing and write about it. What is the vision of the governors? What are their programmes on health for the Igbo? Since independence the North has been feeding the people of South East, what if they decide to stop? Michael Okpara during his time established farm settlements. From what I know the agricultural projects are still where Okpara left them. I ask; what are the plans of South East governors to develop agriculture with the intention to achieve self-sufficiency in Igbo land. Ralph I want to give you an assignment: meet the governors and find out what they are doing and write it. I like your work, keep it up. +1301****312

I want to commend your work “Sudanization” of Nigeria.” You were bold. I worked in the North and was close to Ango Abdullahi; his voice is respected in the North, what he says is the mind of the North. I worked in Nigerian Brewery, Kaduna when Festus Odimegwu was the chief executive. I can confirm when key Northerners come publicly to speak, it is nearer what they think. Ralph, you are a visionary. Sudanization is indicative of big trouble for the nation, Ango Abdullahi spoke like you, he foresees division of the nation and he said it will not be anything new, citing examples of India, which broke into Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Nigeria would divide. I like you from your writings. I can tell you are not only well educated but informed. Thank you for what you are doing in the Sunday Sun in fact I am a fan of the Sun group.
-Anaele, 07081834861.

Ralph, the powers that be have told us that those giving us trouble are from Mali and Senegal. If this saying is true, why have the barbarians not been nabbed or shall we take it they all have valid resident permits? Bunch of lies! Every lying tongue shall be cut off; Jesus will frustrate all their evil plans. -F.E- 0803953345.

Dear Ralph Egbu,
Ndewo. Your piece “Sudanization of Nigeria” is a clarion call on all of us to be our brother’s keeper in this country. Thanks and God bless you. – Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha, 07032934037.

Ralph could you please tell me your true identity because I can’t imagine that you condemn the killing of Shi’ites whom you called hapless but refused to say anything against the killing of Igbo even in the church by 2am on 30th May, 2016 and January 20th, on a peaceful Trump inauguration rally at Port-Harcourt. Is this a case of being afraid? Or what? -08035583218.

Ralph, Nigerians never expected what they are experiencing from President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressive Congress administration that he heads. They never expected things could go so bad that Fulani herdsmen, Buhari’s ethnic brothers, would be empowered to kill other Nigerian tribes and he would not even call them to order not to talk of making them pay for their criminal acts. Who could have imagined such a situation in the 21st century world? The reaction of Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai to Southern Kaduna mass killings of Christians by “Fulani herdsmen” is to pay financial compensation to assuage the criminals leaving out the indigenes who were the victims. This speaks volumes and gives indication about the people behind the criminal acts. His conscience pricked him at a forum few days ago when without prompting he went into denial of being a religious or ethnic bigot, yet he proscribed the Shi’ite Muslim group in Kaduna State and this was followed by suspicious but predictable killings of the sect members. The National Assembly also is dumb to all these happenings, an attitude that points to their possible complicity in the criminal acts. God is not asleep; he will surely intervene and punish those behind all these, no matter how highly placed. Nigeria has never had it this bad in governance, massive security breaches, uncontrollable economic mis-direction and glaring ethnic bias by the presidency and some national leaders against a section of the citizenry. May God save Nigeria. Amen. -Lai Ashadele-08023632992

I read your article titled, “Sudanization of Nigeria” and I felt that we still have people who treat issues with objectivity. How I wish God would touch the heart of our “leaders” so that they will see what is good and commend it and condemn what is evil. Please do not reserve anything, tell Nasir El-Rufai and his likes the truth. Who knows whether God will touch their conscience, I mean those who leave substance to chase shadows, who take what they call “hate speeches” more serious than the lives of fellow Nigerians being wasted by Fulani herdsmen. -Evik Francis-08063279313

May God continue to preserve you in good health, enrich you with favour and shower you with unspeakable blessings this year and always, congratulations on your latest write- up in the Sunday Sun, bravo.
Monsignor Ralph Nwosu-08033217637.


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