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Re: Ohaneze Ndigbo Vs IPOB

I returned from church and bought the Sunday Sun newspaper and saw your article on Ohaneze vs IPOB. It was well written and your points were excellently marshaled out. When Nnia Nwodo became our president I was happy because he is a very intelligent man but it looks like things are turning the other way.

I don’t know if he wants all of us to be killed. Thank you very much for opting to speak for us, Ndigbo, without fear. We need more men like you. Please don’t relent, keep talking.


– 08036610858

Ralph, I am an ardent reader of your column I read the edition of April 8, 2018 titled Ohaneze Vs IPOB. It was wonderful, a masterpiece. You spoke the minds of many of us, who have something to say over bad leadership and poor governance but don’t have avenue to voice out. Many who should speak out lack courage. Thank you for standing for us and don’t be afraid because God is with you. –Mike Nduka -07081628661

Uncle Ralph, thank you once again for the outpouring on Nnia Nwodo and IPOB. When will Nwodo know that an average Igbo man believes so much on Nnamdi Kanu and not Ohaneze Ndigbo? An illiterate Igbo with a sense of history knows that 100 years to come, Biafrans have no future in Nigeria. I pray God to teach Nwodo that a good leader says what his people are saying and what they want, anything less is selfish. Kpomkwem, ghooghaa!

Uche – 08035526158

Please direct your good advice to the leadership of Ohaneze. I am really pained that most of my people are not tempered and one-way minded; in short no discretion in most of our conducts. As it is with the youths so it is with the elders.


I saw your article in the Sunday Sun, which was addressed to Ohanaeze people, not just only Nnia Nwodo but to the traditional rulers as well. I wish we have another bold Igbo writer like you. God will bless and keep you. Keep on with the job. It may not receive commendation now but the future will tell. –08106355253

Ohanaeze has no wisdom; everything that concerns Ohanaeze appears ugly. Ohanaeze is made of a bunch of Igbo snuff-taking leaders whose reasoning mentalities portray Ndigbo as backward. You can liken the mentality of an average member of Ohanaeze to that of old Jewish people that sold their innocent son, Jesus, to be killed while they demanded for an armed robber to be set free even when Pontius Pilate had said their son who did not commit any offence should be set free. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu did not commit any offence yet Ohaneze and some notable Igbo leaders are the bringing trump up charges against IPOB and Igbo leaders. What IPOB said through its leader about Nigeria has happened. It takes somebody that operates with wisdom to understand what is happening. Again, I liken Ohanaeze to the he-goat, which protects the full body but stupidly exposes the private part to be attacked by dangerous flies. In the South West OPC is represented by Chief Gani Adams; Afenifere has never harassed any of its members.  In the North, we have Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, Miyetti Allah, Boko Haram, etc, but nobody from that area has come out decisively to condemn their actions even when international community has branded some of them as terrorist outfits. Government too is talking about granting them amnesty. Mark my words: Ohanaeze will destroy itself, going by the way it handles issues affecting Ndigbo. It is just a matter of time. What can’t Ohanaeze think about establishing a Pan Ndigbo university to serve as a think tank to harness aspirations and vision of Ndigbo? What can’t Ohanaeze champion accelerated development of Igbo states and encourage the South South to do same? Will the sky fall if Ohanaeze does these things? The same federal government that called their son (IPOB) a terrorist group would invariably brand the father (Ohanaeze) a terrorist group one day. Like father like son. Mark my word Ohaneze will destroy itself.

Anyanwu – 08032253351

 I agree with you that discretion is a better part of valour. However, I have not seen anything wrong with Nwodo’s posture and line of thought regarding the vexed issue of Biafra. The Nwodo-led Ohaneze has performed well in speaking truth to power at the federal level. Ohanaeze spoke out at various times against the attack on Igbo youths. Our youths, as represented by IPOB, should show respect to Ohanaeze. IPOB must not try to arrogate to itself powers that it does not have by trying to compete for political/ cultural space with Ohanaeze. How many times have the IPOB youths seen the Yoruba youths disrespect the leaders of Afenifere or the Arewa youths go against Arewa Consultative Forum? The youths are there to talk and make mistakes, it is for the elders as represented by Ohanaeze to take decisions for the Igbo tribe. In as much as I believe that we are marginalized in Nigeria in all ramifications, I do not think that asking for a separate republic is the answer to our problems. Members of IPOB should purge themselves of that line of thought. It hurts to see young men insulting elders and opinion leaders in Igbo land the way IPOB leadership does. Yes the Igbo man is republican by nature but we have carried our republicanism to a ridiculous extent. IPOB must tarry awhile and listen to the wise counsel of Ohaneze and join other Nigerians to ask for restructured Nigeria. –08033119751

 Uncle Ralph, you are an encyclopedia on Ogoni quagmire, you know how it started, you warned Chief Kobani etc of the likely end of the matter which they ignored which came to pass. You may wish to refer back to “Rivers of blood,” the cover story you anchored for the now rested Sentinel News magazine. The reason things are out of hand in Ogoni land was the initial collective support of the elders for Ken Saro-Wiwa, who they mistakenly believed that he was fighting their cause and therefore aided him until he made a vulture of them. Nwodo is therefore right in speaking up against Ogoni episode in Igbo land and embarking on shuttle diplomacy to protect Igbo across Nigeria. I think he should be commended.


I have read what you wrote on Ohanaeze vs IPOB; what you said is the truth, nothing but the truth. These Igbo leaders don’t know they want to kill our children. Our people are suffering and our leaders are working to add to it. Our leaders and governors make millions every day and this blinds them to the fact that our boys are suffering. Northerners don’t treat their people that way. It is time for our leaders to learn. Thank you Ralph. I can’t thank you enough.



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