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Re: Magu and damage Buhari did DSS

If Senate screens Magu, DSS becomes scapegoat

Your article entitled as above  is most interesting and well-placed. As rightly pointed out, the emphasis should be on building strong institutions and not strong individuals.

The Senate, no doubt, made a nasty mistake by refusing to give Magu the right to fair hearing before hinging its action of suspending his screening on the DSS report. The Senate’s action purported a hidden agenda. If the same Senate now turns around to screen and give approval for Magu to become the substantive helmsman of the EFCC, as being demanded by the Presidency, then the DSS becomes an obvious scapegoat on the matter, with very far-reaching implications.

What do you think will become of the reputation and integrity of the DSS as a foremost security/intelligence outfit of this country? How will people, both within and outside our shores, perceive this great institution of government and her future reports on anything? What about the frosty relationship that will unfold between the personnel of the two bodies as well as their leadership in the course of their daily operations? All these will have a toll on the overall prosecution of the war against corruption, whether we like it or not.

To do otherwise may warrant an untimely exit of the DG of DSS, if it were to be in a country where a political appointee can resign on principle, in a matter like this, to make a strong point without being dubbed as enemy of government. Nothing stops government from appointing Magu to any other capacity, where his services would still be needed to the success of the on-going war. After all, no one is indispensable. Let our institutions stand and be respected for what they are.

–    Chris Nwichi; [email protected]

Call for superior information

You seem to have the details of DSS report on Magu, hence your article. Please, publish it for all to read or call for superior information on the matter.        08035700432.

Not all intelligence reports are 100% correct

Not all intelligence reports are 100 per cent correct. America couldn’t have invaded Iraq based on wrong CIA report. Report is advice for the president to take a final decision. The report is not enough. The Senate and its collaborators outside are afraid of the majority. Yours is a minority view.


You’re a textbook

Your article on Magu and the DSS report make you a  textbook.       08035407790.

I dare Senate to clear Magu

If the National Assembly knows that there is no skeleton in its cupboard, let it clear Magu as EFCC chairman. 08062887535.

Who’s afraid of Magu?

The Senate’s approval of Magu will be in national interest. Nigerians are no fools. All these stemmed from 2015 orchestrated propaganda to undermine President Muhammadu Buhari. What was the relationship between DSS DG and Magu before the so-called report? Was the report not presented to Buhari, prior to the re-forwarding of Magu’s name to the Senate? Was Magu invited to defend himself? Are you saying if your ilk picks holes on Buhari, true Nigerians should take it serious? Who is afraid of Magu? Corruption is fighting back.     08034282719.

APC must be warned!

Let me see what the Senate will do on Magu. What is our Acting President doing about the office of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN)? What of the rampaging jihadist herdsmen all over Nigeria? This APC government should be warned. It may be consumed if it fails to get real and sincere.


Magu must be disqualified

You called a spade a spade in your article. The Senate must disqualify Magu.


Your article interesting

Well done. I like people like you. Your article was very interesting.   08032671301.

You’re wrong

Your position is completely wrong. You are only being biased and against corruption war in Nigeria. Nobody can decide for Buhari who to appoint. Don’t be enemy of progress. Are you afraid of Magu?     08028350487.

Where’s Ango Abdullahi, Lawan Kaita?

I want to thank you for your patriotic view. It is a pity and sad that all our democratic gains since 1999 have been destroyed by the APC government in less than two years. We have lopsided appointments, invasion of judges’ homes, mismanagement of the economy, selective prosecution, etc. Now I ask, where is Ango Abdullahi and Lawan Kaita, among others, who saw nothing good in Goodluck Jonathan’s government? They are quiet now because everything in skewed in favour of the North.    08055449479.

Senate should save the situation

I am in support of all you wrote on the Magu issue. I only pray the Senate will do the needful and save the country from unnecessary imposition of someone whose character has been questioned.       08033566878.

This president not worthy to lead

A president who cannot find suitable people for appointment outside a very narrow band of the citizenry is not worthy to lead the nation and deserves to go. 08033203795.

Go create Biafra

Create Biafra and make Jonathan your president forever. Stop wailing. He lost woefully. However, you must first leave Lagos and go back to Onitsha. Leave Buhari alone. 08037654381.


Re: Buhari, Jonathan and the Gambian debacle

Your position faulty

That you are a divorcee does not make it rational to be excluded from counseling another couple faced with marital problems. Your experience can help save the marriage from falling apart. That you condemn Buhari’s inclusion in the diplomatic shuttle to save Gambia is intellectually faulty. 08050577650.

Nigeria not banana republic

Is Nigeria banana republic that its sitting president will not quit on losing election? And you people always say the country should develop like her peers.. 08033206413.

Buhari yet to apologise

The maxim, “he who comes to equity should do so with clean hands” is not in the dictionary of Buhari. Before he became democratically elected president of Nigeria, he first, truncated democracy on December 31, 1983. Second, he never accepted election results, except in 2015 that favoured him. Even now, he has not honoured court’s bail granted Nnamdi Kanu. He is yet to apologise to Nigerians for his misdemeanors. 08063730644.

I won’t be surprise if Buhari loses election

Thanks for your article on the Gambia. I hope Buhari will remember the active role he is playing now to make sure (Yahya) Jammeh hands over to the president-elect? If he has bluntly rejected outcome of elections previously, when he ran against incumbent presidents, it will not surprise me when he loses subsequent elections.   08039363153.


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