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Re: Looters’ lists and grandstanding of yesteryear

Awareness needed

Nigerians should work with civil society organisations to promote massive awareness of political, constitutional and fundamental human rights in all households across the 774 local government areas across Nigeria before 2019. Nigerians must also start treating corruption like murder.

Lai Mohammed– Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem, Ogwashi-Ukwu, Delta State,  08052212361

We’ve people without conscience

The APC central government is terrible and lacks integrity. What they said years ago when they smiled and mocked others has really returned to their door posts. Now they lack words to express themselves. They only complain. They figuratively take Panadol for another party’s headache. There is genocide every day in Nigeria. What we have are  people without conscience. Terrible! Very terrible!!

– Friday Udo, Uyo, 08027622232

What of minister’s position on fuel price?

Did you deliberately forget to add the information minister’s position on fuel price increase during Goodluck Jonathan’s time and President Muhammadu Buhari’s position also? I just want to believe that you are trying to save him more embarrassment of double-talking. May God deliver his mouth.

– 08033538461

We don’t need court to know corrupt people

In Nigeria today, democracy and too much adherence to legalism are the greatest promoters of corruption. If the military were to come back to power today, all the persons on the list released by Lai Mohammed would be made to refund the money listed against their names. If they were not corrupt, where would the money they would refund come from? The public knows the corrupt people. They do not need the aid or pronouncements of the court to identify them. It is a lame argument for one to always allege one-sidedness (people in the opposition) of the list. It does not change the fact of corruption and stealing.

– Dike, Esq, 08033072852

We now have power-seeking bigots

God bless you for removing that agbada that Lai Mohammed has been wearing to deceive us. Your article about his double standard has gone a long way in exposing his dishonesty. It is a pity we do not have sincere leaders anymore. What we have now are hungry, power-seeking bigots.

– Jerry Ani Dickson, 08034209655

This govt is deceptive

Thanks and may God bless you, editor. That is why I like journalists for their sense of history. So looters’ lists were released in 2007? Please, whose names were listed then? And why did Mr. Lai Mohammed oppose it then? I am not surprised. This deceitful government will collapse sooner than later.

– Gbenga, 08101763169

Re: Achuzia, Biafra spirit and South South Igbo

Igbo, no matter where, are related

Dear Onuoha, that was a beautiful feature on Gen. Achuzia, Biafra, South East and South South Igbo. Igbo, whether South Easterners, South Southerners, Deltans, Aniomas, etc, have since woken up as one people, despite Gowon’s Federal Government’s systemic destabilisation, as blood and genetic relations. The 1966 pogrom, killings, bombings and mortar shelling during the war did not differentiate between riverine or upland Igbo, and other South East and South Southerners.

I was a young operative in Biafran DMI to know that Gowon’s Federal Government had as much fear, respect and disdain for the late Chief Matthew Mbu, Okoi Arikpo, and Okon Okon Ndem (God bless his soul) of Radio Nigeria, as he had for Gen. Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, Sir Louis Mbanefo, the late Justice P.K. Nwokedi and others who risked their lives to get countries’ recognition for Biafra. Current events and developments in the South South will show clearly that Igbo had since put behind them the little setbacks of the civil war period to embark on economic and structural development of South East and South South areas, including Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Asaba, Obigbo, Buguma, Ikwere, Warri, Sapele, etc. Without meaning to boast, as the Volkswagen TV commercial pay-off line said, “there is no killing the tortoise.”

Dr. Chukwu Nwosu, Port Harcourt, 08037254371

Remain blessed

May the good Lord continue to enrich you with heavenly goodies. Remain blessed and cherished.

– Hon. Obiora Gablyn Oguonu, President, Anambra State Youth Congress, 08035469354

Keep it up

Your articles are a must-read. My big brother, keep on talking. I am very proud to see such a proudly Igbo like you.

– Atuegbu Okwudilichukwu James Patrick, 07031201313

Igbo unity, basis for Biafra

Good talk. A child who slept and dreamt of his poor father wearing the most expensive lace material, jewelry and a crown made of gold should be lifted up in commendation, as he didn’t dream. The unity of Igbo is the primary foundation for achieving Biafra.

– Emma Okafor, Oba, Anambra State, ex-solider, 08184043606

Igbo unity’ll be a mirage

I enjoyed your article. It is a wakeup call to Ndigbo wherever they may be to start seeing themselves as one. However, what happened in the Catholic Diocese of Ahiara has far wider political implications than religious. My own brother from Anambra was rejected, not because he did not qualify to be a bishop of the diocese but simply because he was from Anambra. Upon his resignation, most of them rejoiced and were of the erroneous view that God had answered their prayers. Unity among Ndigbo will for a long time be elusive as it will continue to be a mirage.

– Dike, Esq, 08033072852

Igbo unity important

You are a real Igbo blood. The unity of Igbo today is important. Keep it up, nwannem nwoke.

– Celestine Ameze, 08185043237

It’s good to talk more about Igbo

Your article is, indeed, an essay on Igbo patriotism. I have always urged journalists of Igbo extraction to focus more on Igbo solidarity, Igbo economic integration, capacity building of our youths, etc, rather than expending their literary energy on issues that tend to sustain the perceived enmity of Ndi-Igbo by other ethnic groups in the country. You guys need to let us know about Buhari’s re-election in 2019. The election of a candidate of another party (who’s not Igbo) will affect Ndi-Igbo politically. Our people need to be as strategic as the two major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

– 08037064438


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