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Re: Kanu, bail conditions and Biafra

Like tempest, Biafra can’t be stopped
Truly, Biafra is a “feeling nobody can stop.” You are not far from the truth. Your article made me remember Abraham Lincoln’s statement: You can fool some people some time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Biafra is like a tempest, which nobody can stop, not even Buhari.
Tonik C., 08030633350

Thanks to Ikedife, ECA, others
Your article of April 28, 2017 was well thought out. You wrote as if you had met Kanu one-on-one about the perfection of the bail conditions. I thank you. I also thank Dr. Dozie Ikedife, for his reply to the British government. I thank the Eastern Consultative Assembly (ECA) for talking to Alhaji Yakasai. Awanta Jeremiah Okorie, 08065505546

They don’t want Kanu out
The bail conditions given to Nnamdi Kanu shows that there are people who do not want him out. He had been granted bail before and those who think they have the power of life and death refused to honour it. The current stringent bail conditions show they want Kanu to remain in prison. 08079922486

What do the Igbo want?
As a Christian and Igbo man, between Biafra and Igbo presidency, which is the problem of Igbo man? UC Okezie, 08032634142

Igbo will be in trouble if they secede
Non-Igbo supporting the agitation for Biafra are doing it for their selfish interests. If Igbo leave Nigeria, they will reap the benefit. It will be more disadvantageous for the Igbo if the agitation for Biafra succeeds. You and other columnists have criminally kept silent on the cataclysmic consequences that will befall the Igbo should they leave Nigeria. 08033072852

Why the bail conditions are hard
The bail conditions definitely have to be hard because Kanu is being tried for treason. Feyisetan Akeeb Kareem, 08068337894

Judiciary still in bondage
The bail conditions given to Kanu are indications that the judiciary is in bondage. But the court should not allow itself to be used by anybody or it will be a subject of ridicule. Okwy Njike, 08038854922

Wonders shall never end
Has Kanu become a Jew? What the bail conditions indicate is that Igbo are Jews. What the court decided has told the world that a part of Nigeria is made up of Jews. Isdore, 08056122539

Re: Presidency, Senate and doctrine of separation of power

FG always poses as the federation
In fact, the Federal Government often poses as the federation, of which it is a mere agent on some matters. This is traceable to some people’s background, which has no room for rule of law, reasoned debate and accountable use of power. These are people who do not belong to this civilisation.
Anulobi, Abuja, 0836232595

Sagay, Falana must read this
Thanks for your article on, “Presidency, Senate and doctrine of separation of power.” I hope Prof Itse Sagay and Femi Falana will read this.
Sir Ken Ejeckam. Akwa, 08035065750

There is need for amendment of constitution
It is good to help the three arms of government to amend the constitution. Litigation file of 2017 senatorial race between young Alhaji Usman Abubakar and David Mark reopened in appeal court, Abuja. If former Senate president is defeated, he should pay all allowances and benefit to young Alhaji since there is no extension of tenure in office for senators, no matter when they assume office. 09066889896

Executive, legislature must work in harmony
The executive and legislature should work in harmony to move Nigeria forward. The rift between executive and legislature would not augur well in our democracy. Let them amend their ways, in the interest of Nigerians. Where two elephants fight, the grass suffers, in this case, Nigerians. In the country, people are working for their selfish interests and pockets. Each arm of government should not hold other arms to ransom, especially when minor issues could be resolved amicably.
Gordon Chika Nnorom, Umukabia, 08062887535

President’s advisers are the problem
It is really disheartening that those appointed to guide and advice the President on legal matters that will advance and enrich our democracy are the same people holding it hostage. It happened so obnoxiously during Umar Yar’Adua’s time and it is almost repeating itself. Kudos to you. Your observation on the Presidency and Senate imbroglio is correct. Chris, Port Harcourt, 08056518650

Re: Lessons Igbo must learn from Yoruba

Igbo must wake up
You said it all. What we have are selfish Igbo leaders. Do you not see their display at the National Assembly? No common focus. Their attitudes are at variance with one another. It’s everyone for himself. The worst offenders are the governors whose conducts are ridiculous and, therefore, portray the Igbo race in bad image. We the Igbo must jettison material lust and stand by credible and forthright person. Igbo must wake up from their slumber. Ajare, DC, Esq., 08035650218

What’s wrong with Igbo?
Thumbs up for you, brother. You just forced tears down my cheeks. I am wondering: “What is wrong with the Jews of Africa?” They are never known to be cowards. I am earnestly looking forward to when the Igbo will rise up together against oppression and subjugation. Mike Okwudiri, 08099409277

Igbo should speak with one voice
Your article on Ile-Ife fallout and lessons Igbo must learn is a thunderbolt. It came at the right time. But the truth needs to be told. I salute your courage. Igbo should speak with a voice and stop being political baits.
Ezekwe, Ibadan. 08054336700

We’re being treated as conquered people
Your article aptly described the lot of our people. Those who are supposed to speak up on the injustices going on against the Igbo have all become quiet. The seriousness, which the Yoruba have brought to bear on Ife crisis is worthy of emulation. We should put our acts together and take actions when necessary. We are already endangered in Nigeria and the speed with which our extinction will manifest will be too sudden for us to do anything about it. Our zone is highly militarised and our people are killed like flies, with the government looking the other way. We have been conquered and are being treated as such. Arua O. E., 08034756590

Igbo must love God first
Your unsolicited advice was timely. Let Igbo first love God and man above material things.
Chief J. J Ibekwe, Lagos, 08182242380

We see demolition with compensation in Imo
Thank you for commenting on the lesson Igbo must learn. Please, I also wish you comment on demolition of property in Imo State by Rochas Okorocha without compensation of any sort. I live in Jos and same exercise is ongoing but property owners are paid, with or without C of Os. Why is ours different, even when Land Use Act stipulates adequate compensation for such exercise?
Okey Belgium, Jos, 08037030553.

What prominent Igbo must do
God bless you, Sir, for your article of March 31. I wish our prominent men in Igbo land would forget the past and put their acts together to claim what belongs to us.
N. Alozie, 08179015131

We must assert ourselves
Thanks for your wake-up call for our people. God bless you. But are we listening? I wonder whether our politicians are job-seeking businessmen, who are afraid of losing out if they talk. We must learn to assert ourselves strongly and damn the consequences. 0804703666


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 13th May 2017 at 8:36 pm

    If IPOB do not know what is on ground, they should keep their mouth shut. Their leader Kanu is out, if it was with their noise, he would have still be in the hands of Biafran enemies. It is now constituting Biafran Government, the poor northern bandits nickname FG to vacate Biafraland or be driven away with Biafran bloody engagement. May 30 is Biafran National Day.

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