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Re: It’s about wickedness, injustice not war

You always hit the ball into the net. If I don’t read your column, I am not happy. The problem of this nation is that we have superior and inferior members. I am a truck driver; we drive both during the day and at night. If you are not a northerner, what the police will do to you is unimaginable. But if you are northerner they will greet and chat with you and ask you to go on. Bob Marley said you can fool some people for some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time. What is happening is for a time, someday there must be liberation. –Onyeka 08032938405

Ralph, do you tread where the devil cannot? In your Sunday piece you told this nation nothing but the truth and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I am happy we now have a mouth piece, a fearless one for that matter because not every journalist or writer can be unequivocal as you are. Please my dear brother, always be there for all of us. I may be privileged any of these days to come in contact with you. – Dr. Fortune 08106958242

Your piece, “It’s about wickedness, injustice not war” was nice except for the concluding part which was rather very, very negative. Please stay on the positive because people look up to you and rever you. – Aigbodior 08033098144

Uncle Ralph, Uncle Ralph, Uncle Ralph. Am sure you are wondering why I called you three times. I am happy you have called things by their names and not by implying. You have made my day. I have never enjoyed a write up by you as this. It’s about wickedness, injustice not war! Keep on saying the truth. Times are different. Nwaukwu Ibe – 08182632334

They killed Aguiyi Ironsi and told us it was because he introduced unitary system of government, yet more than 50 years after none has abrogated it. Instead they fell madly in love with it and continue to have romance with it. – Kelvin 08036772715

Ralph, I sympathize with your worries over the current unenlightened leadership thrust against some selected areas of Nigeria. But could one have expected anything different from a despot with tribal, social and religious bigotry? A primitive mind does not apply decorum in observance of universal diplomacy because his essence does not accommodate such in words and deeds. So for such a character in leadership position, why should one put himself on an avoidable pressure over his acts? A lion will ever be what it is in sane or insane environs. Most Nigerians have accepted restructuring as the way out of Nigeria’s problems and it is reassuring seeing an ex-Head of State fall in line with the citizens on this. But the way things are going, let none rule out “doom” if restructuring fails. That, to me means disintegration of Nigeria into smaller entities. God forbid it…Amen. Lai Ashadele – 07067677806

Hello Mr. Egbu, I have just finished reading your piece on page 31 of Sunday Sun. I fully identify with you on the issue of Mr. President’s speech to the nation on eid-el-Fitr celebrations which he communicated in Hausa and the advice you offered to his handlers but your further submissions portrayed a different side of you. Are you saying that the former stand of IBB on the unity of the nation has now been compromised by him? Did you actually read his message? And are you explaining that restructuring of the country should dissolve the unity of Nigeria? You have been moderate in most of your write-ups that I have been attracted to; for you to describe someone as unknown Farouk is unfair. Please note that somebody needs to appropriate to himself the right to express his or her views on any national issue. You attempted to make us your readers see the justification for January 1966 coup by identifying imposition of Northern surrogates in Western Nigeria as the source of trouble. You mention some appointments and coloured them as subjugation. Please you need explanation because those appointments political or otherwise have been based on laid down criteria. If they failed to meet the criteria, you should clearly point them out with empirical evidence. You are a respected columnist, please try and maintain that. – 08036012315.

NOTE: I did not say IBB’s support for restructuring means disintegration of the nation; I rather said it is a confirmation of my position that the unity of any nation, including ours, is negotiable. The political structure breeds hate, injustice, moreover anti-progress.

Thanks for your write-up in the Sunday Sun. I blame our elite and the level of poverty which is very high. Information does not go round because not many people care anymore. Keep it up. – Tina 08036310932

Thank you! Continue to tell the truth. – 07062688643


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  1. Emmanuel Chukwuma Umeh 10th September 2017 at 7:03 pm

    Mr. Ralph Egbu, your write-up is always more of democractic transparency and honesty, and not otherwise!

    People have their way of viewing opinions and other people’s ideas, but the fact remains that every evidential truth can never be pratically faulted, no matter what!

    Well done in a million times, and keep it up sir!

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