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Re: Hate action vs hate speech

People’s Parliament

Dear Ralph, your piece has not only forcefully and convincingly added me as your fan but also an addict to the Sunday Sun. Ride on brother. Hate speech is the granddaughter of hate action.

– Charles Ihekoronye ,  07030080333


I read your article and decided to commend you. You hit the nail on the head. If they listen and do the things you said in the article, Nigeria would be a better place. The trouble is those holding the nation down do not want to shift ground. Please you wrote well, keep writing that way.

– Chukwudi – 08037505159


May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Stephen and Abednego protect and endow you with wisdom. We are the Jews of the Black Race. Thank you for speaking out for us at great risk to your life and freedom. May the Almighty Jehovah continue to guide and guard you.

– Azubuike 08032984672


Thank you oga Ralph. Only the South-South and South East people condemn hate appointments, hate arrests and the re-arrest of IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu. They hate the Igbo because of only one coup led by an Igbo but the North has organized more coups including the one where South-Easterners were massacred and the one in which Muritala Mohammed was killed led by Dimka yet nobody has accused or labeled such coup North or Middle-Belt coups. Today riots happen in the North and the Middle-Belt, could these be because of past coups?

–Odinaka Chukwu – 08037322461


Your article with the title, “Hate action vs hate speech,” was plain truth and nothing but the truth. Come to think of it, how is “Buhari a very good man?” He appointed most of these aides in the presidency and parastatals. Is he not aware of the lopsidedness? This hate action coming from him “The Change Advocate” gives him out as an ethnic jingoist. Brother Ralph, keep on writing for development.

– Ekeke Johnson Onwukwe 08036690827


If this write-up is neglected and thrown to the dustbin as usual and this menace becomes a norm, the rhythm of war that will befall this nation is likely to break the Guinness Book of Records.

– Kingsley Chuks Nwaka


Ralph, again today and as usual you have released another thought provoking topic of gargantuan national importance and here is my take on the issue. More often than not we hear the elders say with pride “in those good old “ to differentiate today’s happenings from how it probably was in the past, as though exempting themselves from the causes of the present situation. I often retort in my opinion, albeit jocularly that “good old days not managed in good ways result in bad new days.” The young person that sees an elder use abusive, demeaning language freely while others cheer, sees or feels nothing wrong doing same to his peers or even seniors. That is how we got into the present malady. Call it hate, abusive, demeaning languages; they are same thing as intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, nepotistic actions. We are told that actions are judged by intentions. We would not have gotten to the level of legislating against hate speeches if common sense had prevailed upon elders not to call a spade a shovel at any time. So watching my pastor, as the then Acing President, struggling to emphasize the definition and effects of hatred and hate speech without recourse to actions that generate grievances that result in the speech being condemned got me thinking, worried and pained.

I recall the words of my late father, Agono Okpanachi, when one of his sons in one of the federal agencies was denied promotion despite his performance because the quota of his state of origin was said to be full.

The old man breathed in after a long silence and said to no one in particular, “I pray that one day in this country admission, recruitment, appointments and promotion will not be based on tribe, religion, state of origin or region but results, performance and character.” That in my candid opinion is the antidote to the prevailing imbroglio, hate actions and body languages giving birth to hate speeches. They all do no one any good, neither the doer or whom it was done, the old or the young.

Agono Duke 08035475402  


Good talk; may you live long, truth is life. Hate action is the father of hate speech. Hate speech is reactionary.

– Tina Mazi-Njoku


There is no way you will beat a child and expect that child not to cry. An action always precedes reaction. Since every appointment, recruitment, etc, in the country have been lopsided, they have taken the nation back to early 80s. They are crying foul, only those that are bold will speak out.

– Florence Ebochuo.


Let us all remember what Professor K. O Dike said: “What men learnt from history is that men never learn from history.” I so hold.

– Lawrence Ogbole.


Sir, honestly speaking, I am short of words. The only thing I have to say is that we pray to God who made you to bless, protect and give you long life. Thank you sir.

– 09063883885


Thank you for your write up. God bless the defender of the oppressed.

–Chief  R Ikpe – 08035003951


I read your article, “Hate action vs hate speech”. God bless you.

– 07037983451


Sir, we need peace as much as possible. We must learn from history. Two wrongs do not make a right. Hate actions and hate speeches are both not good. Recall the events that occurred between January 15, 1966 and January 15, 1970. It is like a case of divorce, nobody wins. Let us save innocent souls. Both Yakubu Gowon and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu survived the war; the millions of souls that perished were innocent.

–Dr. Ekundayo 08033951445


Hate action is indeed a prelude to hate speeches. Thanks for the sermon.

–Sam Eziefuna 08035961814


Thank you Ralph for the piece, “Hate actions vs hate speech.” In the present dispensation, hate speeches started from the present All Progressives Congress (APC) government. It started when their presidential candidate who is now the president said baboon and monkey will soak in blood and when he also gave his 97%/5% theory. Then Northern and Muslim government in Nigeria of today, overlooking the actions of herdsmen of Hausa/Fulani and their brothers in West Africa in Nigeria, etc. All these are hate actions, which the president must address fast. The president and the party must remove the log in their eyes. For one they are the architects of the present hate speech. – Chukwudiegwu 08034228870


 Ralph, now you are talking, God bless you. Nepotism and speed of Islamization in the present government is unprecedented. I feel for those who claim to be Christians in the echelon. Shame! – Uche A K S 08035526158


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