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Re: Gowon’s shaky dance steps

Gowon has never been a nationalist; he has been a stooge of the Northern oligarchy from day one. They declared a war against a mainly Christian population and the planners thought Gowon, a Christian Northerner would serve better to hide their real intentions. It was Gowon who aborted the outcome of the Aburi conference. It is just that we forget too soon. It was Gowon who in his first inaugural speech as the military head of state that told Nigerians that the basis of unity no longer existed. This was the loudest call for a break-up and today it is the same Gowon that is insisting that our nation must remain a united country. Our problem is leadership without principles. When things don’t favour them or they lose their privilege they sing one song and when they are favoured they sing a different song. Hypocrites!

Dr. Sam Agedeme

I read your article on “Gowon’s shaky dance steps”. It is a good work. You said the truth. You flogged Gowon for misbehaving. God bless you.

Sam Ahanonu – 081330104**

Ralph you are a great tiger. I read your work, “Gowon shaky dance steps,” it was exciting. You said our leaders should tell the children the truth, you are very correct. Gowon failed to say the truth and you corrected him in the most wonderful way. Keep the pen flowing!

John Ajida (Akure)

Ralph, I feel pain daily over what is happening in Nigeria; that is why I will never blame people agitating for Biafra. Nigeria is filled with injustices. Failure to stand on Aburi accord was the greatest mistake of the leaders in history.

Chris – 07034360068

Ralph, when will you and your likes that dot the landscape of this nation come out to salvage the country under the umbrella of “Thorough Breed Nigerian Political Party” or “Detribalized Nigerian Democratic Party”, having known the country and its malady? Analysis alone will not suffice. I am waiting. Meanwhile let the good work continue. – 08137440276

Thank you for your wonderful expose. On Aburi we stand!


Uncle Ralph, I salute you. Sir, I agree with you that General Gowon was economical with the truth on the Aburi accord. I assume, and rightly so, that he deliberately refused to honour it because it was going to whittle down his powers and their collective interest but I agree with him on restructuring. Remove thieving brains from power and substitute them with honest giants in ideas and integrity and the system will self-reconstruct automatically. Would it take restructuring for Deziani Allison Madueke to know that stealing public funds is against the grain of even natural law? Will you bring new species of humans to people the restructured enclave? So long as we remain Nigerians, with our rotten attitude and celebration of wrongs, no amount of restructuring will change us. If we punish people, apply justice at all times and get honest and intelligent people like you to rule, all will begin to be well, but here we hate the cerebral persons and that is the real challenge. Gowon was just applying or practicing the principle of alternative facts as enunciated by President Donald Trump, which in itself is a euphemism for propaganda, hyperbole, outright lies, half truths or no truth at all.

Kelvin – 08036772715

When Ojukwu returned from Aburi he aired over the radio recorded voice discussions and agreements of the two parties that went to Aburi. You clearly hear the voice of Gowon, Hassan Katsina, Ejoor, etc. It is unfortunate that Nigeria keeps feeding people with lies and denials. Ojukwu taped the discussions at Aburi; he only aired the taped discussion when they returned to let the world know what each participant said.


Mr. Ralph Egbu on your piece, “Gowon’s shaky dance steps”, the blood of the over 2 million of my people murdered will forever prick their conscience. They are all living on blood money, they know themselves. May God bless you!

Ben U Obi – 08132320965

Our so called rulers from 1966 till date claim they love Nigeria more than the devil. They have tried in one way or the other to kill Nigeria but God has not allowed them or their agents. They said we should go on with one Nigeria (GOWON), but they divided Nigeria. They said Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable, they are using gun to force us together. They say those calling for restructuring should go to hell. I thank the Almighty God, the father of Jesus Christ that Gowon who supervised the killing of easterners is the one saying that the killing was ungodly. Has the killing stopped? What is Gowon doing to stop the killing? He should tell the world when he realized that the killing was ungodly. If he thinks that God is answering the prayers of his group, NO. He should read Isaiah chapter 1, verses 4-20. Solomon U.C Okezie – 08032634142

Ralph, one wonders why a man of your clout and of decent background could descend to call an 85 year old former head of state a deceptive liar. If Gowon said anything that was not in the Aburi agreement he went with others, why not get others to counter what he said or you produce a copy of the Aburi accord to disprove Gowon. –Lai Ashadele – 08023632992

One more thing about Gowon: he is the one that once said there is no basis for Nigeria unity. So Gowon has been a man of double speak? – 07017192302

Your piece was the right response to the naked and shaky dance steps of Gowon. I may be wrong but I think I am right. Whoever chooses to settle any issue with the defenseless – the dead – is riding on the voyage of half truth.

Charles Ihekoronye – 0703008033

Ralph, I know you as a veteran and I find it difficult that you expect Yakubu that ought to bear Jack or Jacob why he was chosen by the North. Odimegwu is not Igbo name. It is Odumegwu, fierce lion. – Victor – 08064164583

This is to commend you on your write-up. You are objective and frank. May you continue in your objective write-ups. – 07064806244

You are on point, let him write the long awaited memoir. We have two eyes and can even understand gestures. Cheers! – 08034729066

My brother Ralph, forget this man called Gowon, he was a traitor and a hypocrite.  Ironsi called him a friend, he betrayed him. The June 12 Election was annulled, he said let us pray; Jonathan came to power and Boko Haram organized by the North was throwing bombs, he said nothing. You see he carries a lot of guilt over the deaths of innocent men and women from the pogrom up North to the death of innocent and defenseless children in the East during the civil war, all these things torment him. In spite of everything against the Igbo, we still flourish in Nigeria, so he is filled with guilt, do not mind him. – 07053955767

O Gowon! The problem of Nigeria is not money but how to spend it. Thanks for stating the truth on the un-born again prayer warrior, Apostle of Nigeria prays. The prayer of a sinner (liar) is abomination unto the Lord, so says the Bible. He is dodging the truth; his negation of the Aburi accord caused the civil war, loss of lives of millions of Igbo civilians, women and children whose blood continue to cry out against him. History was removed in schools to hide the genocide he committed against Ndigbo. I wish he lives long enough to reap the full benefits of his actions. What did Gowon do with his 3Rs?

– Ted Imufu – 08033230144


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