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Re: Corruption fighting back? Indeed!

My plan today was to pay deserving tribute to our armed forces, the civilian JTF, and ultimately, the government of the President Muhammadu Buhari, for the peerless Christmas gift of routing Boko Haram from its last camp in the Sambisa forest.

But then, I’ve learnt not to swallow everything government tells me these days – until I’m able to separate the grain of truth from the chaff of propaganda.

My case is probably made even more difficult by the fact that I have been listening to too many opposition voices lately. In fact, one of such voices, who happens to be a state governor, actually described news of the final routing, as a recycled propaganda, aimed at diverting our attention from the hunger in the land.

Matters are further made worse by the fact that the mass slaughter of Nigerians has yet to stop. In fact, it is gradually shifting from the North East to the North West, Zamfara and Southern Kaduna in particular. Now, we don’t know if these ones are not neo-Boko Haram, as opposed to the tales of farmers versus herdsmen, herdsmen versus cattle rustlers, Muslims versus Christians skirmishes we are currently being fed with.

Back to the North East, however, that our brave soldiers were able to set foot on every inch of Sambisa means Buhari has recorded undeniable success over the insurgents. That the most recent Boko Haram attacks have been restricted to either the border areas with Cameroon or inside Cameroonian territory outright means the Islamist militants have taken a serious beating. That Nigerian territory is gradually becoming too hot for them. And only on Boxing Day, the two suicide bombers, who tried to launch an attack, were stopped in their tracks. We are no, doubt, winning the war. And that is if we have not already won it. So, while we wait for anything to the contrary, Take a bow, Mr. President!

…Now, readers’ turn

Please, tell Mr. President that all have sinned and come short of the laws of God and man. Let him open the prisons now, but think of what to do with the murderers and armed robbers. He should also grant amnesty to current minor offenders. He can then cause to be enacted, a new law (like in China) of death sentence for corruption – once the sum involved is up to $10,000.

-Nwabueze Akobundu, 08033256173


You always capture all the angles, except in the “Corruption fights back?”

You failed to consider that, in politics, if Buhari does not want Magu confirmed, he can use DSS to scuttle it, especially if some powers are pushing him to confirm Magu. It is obtainable in politics.



We are mistaking Mr. Buhari’s vendetta for a fight against corruption. How can Buhari fight corruption when his government was formed from the proceeds of corruption? A man that disobeys lawful order, what form of corruption is worse than that? It is good that we now see how empty the new regime is. Imagine that Magu-magu is a PDP man? Imagine that Babachir Lawal was Ayo Fayose? Are you watching Justice Okon Abang at all? Have you noticed that nearly all pro-Buhari and pro-APC cases go  to certain judges for an order or judgement? I smell a rat. If Buhari is fooled, we are not.

-Ogbadu, 08039206612

I daily pray for you, Amanze Obi and Femi Fani-Kayode. You are superstars. When I read your write-ups, I’m good to go for the week.


Nwosu, you are not far from the truth because those who surround the president are not helping matters. I hope and pray that PMB will realise this before it is too late.


Bro Steve,

Thank you very much for your write-up in today’s Daily Sun. What you said is nothing but the truth, my brother.


…And Solomon Dalung is well “spended”


I thought it was only Mama Peace that didn’t go to school. But we now know that some APC ministers, properly considered and screened, did not also go to school.

What a CHANGE, from an unscreened Mama Peace to a screened minster. Quotes are coming out.


My dear Steve, I just love you for “sparking” very well.


Haba, Oga Steve! Abeg, take am easy, make person no die of laughter o! Chai! You’re to much.


Good day, Steve. I read your column on the backpage of the Daily Sun, December 21, 2016, titled “Corruption fights back? Indeed!”. I love it. It’s a blend of humour and real talk. Well-done.


I love this your write-up. This is the same minister that said United States of Nigeria. He clearly went to one of these unapproved universities in Nigeria!



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