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Re: Arewa youths, quit notice and safety assurances

Hold FG responsible for ethnic hatred

The Federal Government should be warned that it would be responsible for the ethnic hatred in the country. We had warned repeatedly that the FG should insist that vendors and newspaper distributors should be warned by Police Commissioners and DPOs to stop selling illegal publications on Biafra, which uses derogatory languages to refer to northerners and fellow Nigerians.

-Feyi Akeeb Kareem, 08033291953.


Nigeria not a nation

The Arewa youths’ declaration is a proof that Nigeria is not a nation and not ready to be one. In my last contribution to your article on “50 years of Biafra”, I said that Nigeria was built on false foundation. The best way for Nigeria is to quietly split without bloodshed. Anything contrary is self-deceit, as there will never be trust, true love and understanding, which are vital ingredients in nation building.   -Pharm Okwy Njike, Lagos, 08038854922.


This threat must not be taken lightly

Yours was an interesting and good article, just as always. If I may ask, how long does it take for an order to be carried out? How could a Chief Security Officer (CSO) of state, where hostile statements were made and issued, give an order of arrest, concurred by the Chief of Police (IGP) and nothing till date has been done? This is worrisome! Honestly, this calls for suspicion. One of my students called me from Okigwe to say that some northern cow sellers had started leaving. Please, this threat should not be taken lightly. Pogrom of 1966 started this way. –Dr. S. I. Uzochukwu, Enugu. 08122982109.


Thank you for your essay of Friday, July 16. The coup you mentioned in your essay took place in July 1966, not 1967. The first “Araba” riot was in September 1966. I managed to leave Kaduna in October of the same year. We should not pray for another “Araba.”  

-A. I. Olisadebe, 08033119751.


Nobody can arrest Arewa youths

Nobody can arrest any Arewa youths since nobody arrested Biafra youths. South Sudan and North Sudan are not the same for development, so if you want to go, go. No problem!   



They want to precipitate coup

When I said that some northern cabals are the ones planning coup, some people laughed over it. The cabals are sponsoring Junaid Mohammed, Ango Abdullahi and Arewa youths to ignite crisis so that army will take over. Six months, they will conduct a kangaroo election and install another northerner.       -08161666012.


Why is North making Biafra an issue now?

I want to know from you why North is taking Biafra matter too personal. When two former heads of state were in power, Biafra question was in the news more often than not, compare to what obtains now, yet none of their kinsmen in any form issued word of threat to Igbo. My question: Is North more of Nigeria than South West and South East? Before Nigeria had her independence in 1960, the North supported a motion for its actualisation, moved by the late Anthony Enahoro, in line with countries, like Ghana etc. that got theirs before 1960? Has any notable leader from South West or South East threatened to shed blood if election is rigged? It is the North that did that.

In terms of development, has the North invested more than Igbo in their host community? How many noticeable impacts have an average northerner made, seen or unseen, in their host community compared with what Igbo did in other people’s area. Recently, President Donald Trump canceled one-sided agreement signed by Barack Obama in favour of Cuba. We should look into what Trump did and consider it as a way forward.

Isdore, Lagos, 08056122539.  


Why quit notice when Nigeria hasn’t divided?

Please, let me ask this: What is in the 2014 national conference that is scaring some people? The Federal Government must be up and doing. They must do the needful. They must be just in applying justice, equity and fair play, as father of all. And I want to take this opportunity to ask the North to calm down. Nigeria has not divided, so why the quit order? Why are we politicising the truth and fair play in Nigeria? I will forever stand for genuine and sincere one Nigeria, anchored on total justice.

-Romanus Idiroko, 08057907482.  


The Buhari govt: Two years after


Buhari’ll be reelected in 2019

Those that kept silent in the face of massive stealing of public funds and when a sitting president declared that stealing was not corruption have now become vocal against a regime that is bent on ridding the nation of all evils. Your write-up lacks objectivity and betrays poor understanding of the state of things. By His grace, Buhari will be re-elected president in 2019. Our people will not return to Egypt. -Ngozi Ogbomor. 08033397362


We now know the best

Good and frank talk. With two different husbands, we now have a choice, even when the other husband’s game has silenced the first because of his inefficiency toward the woman.   

-Uchey, 08034720836


Buhari won’t return

Thanks for your article. God works in a miraculous way. Mark today’s date. Buhari will not return in 2019. That is my prayer. If God could destroy Pharaoh, it can do same with Buhari. -08021073012


You are right, but…

I agree with all your submissions. However, may I state that after acknowledging the very few successes of his government, you ought to have congratulated him on that score so as to disabuse the minds of those eager to label you biased. Furthermore, you also overlooked the president’s abysmal failure to hold the All Progressives Congress (APC) together as a party, thereby causing serious divisions within the ranks of the government. See the Bukola Saraki debacle. The Yakubu Dogara debacle. The Bola Tinubu, Nasir El-Rufai, Ibrahim Magu, Babachir Lawal, etc. 2019 cannot come soon enough.      Chiadikobi Ezike;[email protected]


The more you look, the less you see

What is expected from an Igbo man? Nothing. When you talked of cases, do you talk about corrupt judges? What of corrupt legislators? Sai Baba 2019, Insha Allah. Suppose you witnessed or experienced Boko Haram, you would commend this government, even for only that. The legislature and judiciary are our enemies, and by the grace of Almighty God, they shall be brought to shame. Those of you that are wailers, the more you look, the less you see.     -08036341820


We need a Rawlings

No sane Nigerian will ever vote for these looters in the name of PDP. Imagine the looted amount found with these heartless PDP members. I bet we need a Jerry Rawlings. Will Patience be bold to come out to campaign?      -0805679385


Kudos to you

I appreciate your article. God’s presence and wisdom will never depart from you. Keep it up.      



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