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Re: Arewa declaration

Ralph, I want to tell you that I am very happy with you. You made me very happy on Sunday. I like every thing you said in the article. I like writers like you who speak their minds on critical issues. Please I don’t know if you do meet Nnamdi Kanu; if you do please tell him to go for restructuring rather than secession. 

David – 07066783940

Ralph, it is not all those who read your column that you know or hear from. I am one of those who must read your write up every Sunday. I read the one on Arewa Declaration and I was very happy. I usually ask my people, what do we want out of Nigeria? Is it presidency, restructuring or Biafra? I love the write up, you said the truth and that is what is very important.

Stanley Onuoha – 07030484574

I saw your article in Sunday Sun, it was a wonderful one. God will bless and protect you. The enemy will not see you.

Nnamdi Osuji – 07063507801

I love your article; it brought out so many things. I hope the government reads it; they will learn so much.

Ernest – 08164304480

Mr. Ralph, you seem to be a learned columnist but your opinion concerning Igbo quit notice in your recent article was purely sentimental. In the article you said that students from your area have to score 250 points before they get admission into universities while their counterparts in Northern region have to score only 50 points to gain admission. Where do you find such stories? Can you tell me the university that is admitting northerners with 50 JAMB points in the whole nation? You have to know you are not dealing with newsstand free readers; you are dealing with learned people who can only accept something based on facts and reference. JAMB has mandated that all universities admit students with 180 points or above depending on specific course a student wishes to study and we have not heard anything on how JAMB lowers the point for some northern universities. If you find such can’t you go and challenge it? Let me ask you a question: in the entire Southeast how many students of core-North are studying in either the federal or state universities? But in Kano we have not only students of Igbo extraction in both state and federal universities, in addition we have many lecturers who are Igbo. Igbo are the biggest beneficiaries of One Nigeria because recently, Onyendu-Igbo Kano said there are more than 3 million Igbo living in Kano. Is the entire number of Northerners in the East up to 30,000? You need to appreciate our generosity to you people not regarding us as parasites or idle people. The recent quit notice was only a counterattack to your secret support of the agitation by IPOB. It was not intended to cause any problem.

Abubakar Labaran – [email protected]

Ralph, it is really unfortunate that after your many years of preaching national cohesion you have finally seen the mess/rot in the country which Nnamdi Kanu saw some years back. – 08128291248

Ralph, for a long time now you lost me since your alliance with the All Progressives Congress, APC. However, with your article today I believe you are beginning to find your bearing again. I know Northerners very well so I understand the mindset of the average Hausa/Fulani man who sees himself as a prince while you are his slave. Tell me which true prince would allow his slave to rule over him? All your messages on nation building is haram to them if they are not allowed to be lord and master.

– 08061299399

Ralph, it is rather unfair to generalize condemnation of Nigerians as unreliable and deceptive. It is equally unfair to generalize condemnation of the country’s leaders from independence when even the unenlightened knows that Nigeria’s faulty governance started with the military’s meddlesomeness into politics. It is made worse by the fact that Nigerians did not seek to have a well-managed parliamentary system as one way of finding solutions to the many of our problems. It is unfortunate that some of our media men who have served in some past governments that got Nigeria into this mess are the ones now blaming Nigerians for sins they were part of. The Arewa Declaration, though condemnable, shouldn’t have been a surprise to Nigerians especially those of southern extraction. Buhari’s ethnic leadership and el-Rufai’s misapplication of power were enough to tell us what could come from northern youths who have been under the indoctrination of their elders and armed with the capacity to do all manner of condemnable acts. People forget that God is not asleep.  God will save Nigeria.

Lai Ashadele – 07067677806

NOTE: Every government reflects essentially the vision of the head. Your proficiency and effectiveness is to the extent the head accepts your own propositions and the amount of latitude he is willing to concede. If power was transferred to Obasanjo’s son after he had ruled, the approaches would still be diametrically different. Obasanjo captured it well when he said, “I have made you advisers, your duty is to advise and it is within my power to either accept or reject.” Best reformers are those who share the qualities of Prophet Moses, they are persons who have lived in the palace and have a clear understanding of the “Egyptian” system.

Ralph, I have never read a fine piece from you in the Sunday Sun since four years I have been reading your articles. I Am happy you have started speaking out. You are becoming bold even though still a bit diplomatic. It is time you call a spade by its name. Please keep it up.

Nnaukwu Ibe – 08182632334

NOTE: Ibe, you must have patience to read and grasp what writers say. We must not be combative, abusive and inciting to make a point.


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