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Re: Achuzia, Biafra spirit and South South Igbo

You’re looking for new empire

Your name means misfortune in my part of Anioma dialect. Your tribute to the late Col. Achuzia was made out of typical Igboman always looking for new empire for annexure, just like annexing imaginary Delta, Kogi, Benue, Rivers and other states as Biafra. They are not Igbo, please. Well, you write well but lack knowledge. In Igboland, there are two distinct peoples: Olu and Igbo. The Achuzias and Uwechues are glorifying their ancestral immigrations. Also, the Utomis. They will continue to romance you. Nzeogwu was never a Biafran. He was a gallant officer from Okpanam.

– E. A. Ashibogu. 08058373014

Achuzia was a leader

Col. Achuzia came, saw and conquered. He was a leader to emulate by sundry. May his soul rest in perfect peace, amen.

– Gordon Chika Nnorom, Umukabia. 08062887535

Era of divide and rule over

I am happy that you did not mention the role Rivers Igbo played during the war. That makes the column a perfect one. Well done. The era of divide and rule is over. We knew ourselves better now. – 08069098808

Enemies of South South Igbo not fooled

Your article is a moving tribute to Col. Achuzia. It adds to the editorial eulogising his acceptance of his ‘Igboness’ and good memory for Biafra. For most of us, like you, that experienced the Biafran war as toddlers, the war history, stories from our parents have etched the great sacrifices made for us by these heroes. What remains is for the Igbo to be proud of the Biafran war as one of their major heroic protests against British conspiracies and proxy wars against them in Nigeria, which it considers its greatest imperialist facility in the world. For the South South Igbo, leave them alone. Their enemies are not fooled by their antics of ethnic-identity denials. When the Igbo complained of marginalization, did President Buhari not remind them that he appointed Ibe Kachikwu as Minister of State for Petroleum? Did he mention any other Igbo from the Igbo mainland?

– Onu John Onwe, Abakiliki. 08035033723

Lesson in divide and rule

Divide and rule has always been the weapon of colonisation! The Igbo must never forget!

– Joe Mends. 08033203795

I’ve learnt a lot

Thanks for your educative article. I have learnt so much from your wisdom.

– Chris Emeka JP, Port Harcourt. 0803592616

Continue the good job

Thumbs up for you. Your article on Achuzia, in relation to South East-South South Igbo relations, is a masterpiece. Endeavour to write more on this in the future.

– Barr. Emeka Igwesi, State Chairman, Nigerian Legion, Enugu. 08033256395

We’re all Igbo

This is an excellent message exceptionally pleasing to the heart. It is lack of sound reasoning that would make a man to think that his brother is a stranger because government, by mere fiat, created states and his brother found himself in another state, from Igbo Etche in Rivers State to Igbo Uzor in Delta State and up to Igbo Ake in Edo State. We are all Igbo.

– Barr. Ngozi Ogbomor. 08033397362

Main Igbo see them as inferiors

South South Igbo don’t exist because the main Igbo see them as inferior Igbo.

– Feyi Akeeb Kareem, Coordinator, CDHR, Aniocha South LGA, Delta State. 08029309067

It’s good to talk more about Igbo

Your article is, indeed, an essay in Igbo patriotism. I have always urged journalists of Igbo extraction to focus more on Igbo solidarity, Igbo economic integration, capacity building of our youths, etc, rather than expending their literary energy on issues that tend to sustain the perceived enmity of Ndi-Igbo by other ethnic groups in the country. You guys need to let us know about Buhari’s re-election in 2019. The election of a candidate of another party (who’s not Igbo) will affect Ndi-Igbo politically. Our people need to be as strategic as the two other major ethnic groups in Nigeria.

– 08037064438

South East Igbo see themselves as superiors

With due respect, I found some aspects of your essay demeaning to the character and image of the Anioma Igbo. You say that only a few of Anioma people are proud of their Igbo identity. I am consoled by the fact that all the people you mentioned, as people of Anioma extraction, who are proud of their identities, are not from one town in the Anioma area of South South. This list you made is a good sample to show that the Anioma people are proud of their Igboness.

The problem of the larger Igbo society is that the Igbo of the South East see themselves as superior to the Igbo of the South South. Until that mentality is discarded, it will be difficult to achieve a united Igbo front. The Anioma people contributed a lot, in terms of men and materials, towards the war effort of the defunct Biafra. Anioma youths in their numbers poured into the Biafra Army in 1967, because they knew that they were Igbo. The very crack and influential commanders and officers of the Biafra Army were from Anioma. I won’t name them because they are too many to be listed here. Just do some research. The greatest war commander of the Biafra Army was Col. Achuzia. He was of Anioma stock.

What you may not know is that, if the South East Igbo in Biafra Army fought with the same zeal and commitment with which Anioma sons in Biafra Army fought during the war, maybe the war would have ended differently.  Anioma people are proud of their Igbo identity. Igbo of the South East must purge themselves of their superiority complex for the Igbo of the South South to really have a sense of belonging.

– 08033119751

We should be hopeful

Thanks for your write-ups. Let’s continue praying that out brothers and sisters in Delta State will accept your advice.

– Sopuluchukwu, Abuja. 08036283811

Igbo unity’ll be a mirage

I enjoyed your article. It is a wakeup call to Ndigbo, wherever they may be, to start seeing themselves as one. However, what happened in the Catholic Diocese of Ahiara has far wider political implications than religious. My own brother from Anambra was rejected not because he did not qualify to be a Bishop of the diocese but simply because he is from Anambra. Upon his resignation, most of them rejoiced and were of the erroneous view that God had answered their prayers. Unity among Ndigbo will for a long time be elusive as it will continue to be a mirage.

– Dike, Esq. 08033072852

Igbo unity important

You are a real Igbo blood. The unity of Igbo today is important. Keep it up, nwannem nwoke.

–Celestine Ameze. 08185043237


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