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Randy lecturers have no business in academic environment

Often times, I wish I was never on WhatsApp because it can be annoying. My phone beeps endlessly with messages that don’t make sense at all.  For me, having to juggle between reading tons of inspirational quotes that have no bearing with my life, to dealing with moral stuffs threatening me to forward to others and many rehashed video comedies that virtually everyone on my list thinks I must see, piss me off.

business Another reason I hate WhatsApp is that it is the biggest channel of getting unverified and misleading information.

This can be very draining for me and so I don’t bother reading some of these messages just to save my sanity. However, last week I kept deleting an audio message I received from virtually everyone I know on my WhatsApp list. I was more infuriated because the audio message came with a picture, and as a journalist, I understand what that means.

Well, I didn’t get to listen to the message until a well-respected aunty sent it to me and when I did; I realised it was a recorded phone conversation, allegedly between one Professor Akindele in Obafemi Awolowo University and one of his female students.

In the telephone conversation, the lecturer was allegedly demanding for five sessions of sex with the student. The audio went viral and everyone has been talking about it. If that story was true, I would rather say that was quite unfortunate and I was glad that happened.  I salute the lady’s courage for what she did and I wish many young women in our universities would turn down every lecturer that comes their way with such demand.

However, I hope that the university would be rounding off its investigation by now and the professor, if found guilty, should be made to face the consequences of his action.  I pray they won’t sweep this under the carpet like several previous cases in the past. There is hardly any punishment for these abusers and that is why many of these girls never get to speak up.

Unfortunately, that is why many of these lecturers are playing god with the future of these young ladies. Just a few weeks back, a young lady confided in me. According to her, one of her lecturers tried to sleep with her and when she refused he failed her.

I have a close relation who also went through hell because she refused to sleep with a lecturer in her department and because of this she finished with a third class. She couldn’t get a good job and she had no choice but to pick up a teaching job. She doesn’t like teaching but she has to do that to make ends meet. Also, I have heard of so many young girls who weren’t as courageous as these two other women, so they have no choice but to sleep with this academic scum who can’t control their libido.  

As we all know, the telephone conversation went viral and triggered uproar on social media. It generated a heated debate and many were shocked. Although, it is a sad situation, I really don’t understand why some people acted as if this was the first time this kind of thing would be happening.

Oh! Why don’t we quit pretence that these things are not rampant in our universities? For many decades, sex-for-marks in our higher institutions has remained a regular occurrence!

The authorities in most Nigerian universities take sexual harassment with a pinch of salt. They keep giving these monsters reasons to abuse our girls by looking the other way when it happens. They hush our girls to silence and shame them when they try to speak out. Gosh! It is tough being a woman in a patriarchy country such as ours.

Believe me, it is.  I understand that when brilliant lecturers and receptive students come together, there is a high probability that intimate relationships have the potential to bloom. I agree that in some situations there might be chemistry and I have seen a student-lecturer relationship that ended in marriage. But there is a clause here, if they are both young and unmarried they are free to, in as much as it does not clash with academics.

However, when a lecture begins to dangle marks as a carrot, then there is a problem.  I am of the opinion that even consensual sex between a student and a teacher is unacceptable. It is wrong. It doesn’t matter if the sex was good and I don’t care about the circumstances either. There is absolutely no good reason for a professor to sleep with his student.

Even when the student throws herself at him, a teacher should never prioritize his sexual desires with a young person over the student’s education. Yes, I am not trying to justify what some desperate girls can be up to but if the truth must be told, many of these young girls when they fall in love with their lecturers, it is like hero worship, especially in an academic environment. They tend to confuse their admiration for the intellect of their professors with sex.

With these conflicting emotions, they won’t mind sleeping with someone who is old enough to be their father.  But as an adult and their lecturer, you should know better. You are on a higher pedestal of authority and you are saddled with the responsibility of taking charge of the situation.

Dear Nigerian lecturers stop using the platform given to you by the educational establishment you work for to make yourself sexually attractive. Instead, impart the knowledge you are being paid for. Leave our young girls alone! Let them be. Stop threatening them with failures! It is very unprofessional.

It is even worse now because we have very young people in the university these days, we have 16-year-olds, some 17 and so on. Are these not the girls these lecturers are sleeping with, young vulnerable teenagers? Oh! These men should be ashamed of themselves.  Even those who are 18 who believe they are adult are still vulnerable too and I think these lecturers who have wealth of experience should know better than manipulating and coercing their students. They should inspire them instead of patronizing them and stripping them off their dignity.

Moreover, I strongly think that there is something deeply wrong with any lecturer who muddles up sex with academics. I think teachers who take advantage of young women in their care need psychological evaluation.

Obviously, these lecturers are sending wrong messages to these girls; they are telling them that education is not the ultimate achievement, that sex is the real deal.  They are telling our young women that what lies in between their legs is the real value.

These men are wasting the time of our girls in our higher institutions by failing them year in year out. These men are damaging our girls. They are ruining their lives. Its high time that all you randy lecturers stopped seeing our girls as sex objects, they are not sex toys put in your care to cure your roaming penis.   Rather, they are clever young girls with bright and promising future. Let these girls worship you for your intellect rather than the number of sex rounds and thrust you can do.  Our universities should be centres of academic excellence and not a centres for sex orgies.

However, I think people who have helped in shaping our intellect and our passion for learning shouldn’t be caught pants down with our girls; getting laid or asking for five rounds in exchange for marks.

Re: Rapists deserve special place in hell!

Dear Bola, your piece on Rape (April 8) was well delivered. But the smile on your passport photograph does not match the seriousness with which you tackled the topic. I want to see a picture that reflects or mirrors your subject matter. This is very important to your reading public.  –080721…151

Bola, good one, on rape. Yes, rape is painful and degrading. I think an all female police unit will make it easier for rape victims to report rape cases without holding back as male police usually trivialize it. –Pat Natson, Pro Life Plus, Kaduna.

Bolatito your assertion that many young girls alleged that they were raped at the concert is wrong; the police couldn’t get any report from anyone. Rape is wrong and should be condemned by any right thinking individual. Chukuemeka Jonathan. Enugu.

Bolatito, a rapist deserves worse than lack of peace in hell; if possible. But should one give himself hypertension over it?  With many strange things happening now like a father raping his daughter and a daughter drugging her father to rape him to unconsciousness. It is rather unimaginable that rape could be committed openly at an all night show and no arrest made by the police. What would have happened if population of men to women were otherwise? Men would have been killing themselves over women; per second of the day on earth. The way sordid acts are happening, where else can one place the cause of this disdainful act than wrong parenthood of children; principally? Other areas are permissive social acts and uncaring governance in political leadership. With these entire one could take solace only in the Bibilical “end time signals” prediction and keep praying for God’s intervention. Simply worrisome!

–Lai Ashadele.

Rape is a beastly act that should be discouraged Anna Lagos.

I have been a victim and I never got over the pain and humiliation. It is very sad that our people would rather shame the victim than address the issue at hand.



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