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Psychology of spiritual symbolism (8)

It was in the month of November 2017 that I ordered your oil and prayed with it just for the fun of it. When I called you and informed you that I need your oil to just pray with it, you asked me what the problem was, and I told you that I have no problem but just needed the oil to pray for my family. When you finally obliged me, and sent the oil, I followed your instruction only to discover that there was a serious household enemy that has been with me for years who finally confessed to certain evil activities going on in my business. He called me and confessed how he has been using my money to divert so many goods. He finally told me that he was flogged from the dream world to confess to me. I have forgiven him and things are very okey to the glory of God…Thanks for being the Reformer of our time. God bless you…”

– Mr. Gideon, [email protected]

“The Reformer, I am very much short of words. I strictly adhered to the instructions you gave me on the use of the anointed oil I bought from you. I went to my village and consequently anointed our village house. Many things happened; but the most amazing one was the death of my evil uncle who has done much harm to us. As I am texting you now, his body has been deposited in the mortuary. If I were not a man of God, he would have killed me for long. When I anointed the house at night and prayed, two weeks thereafter, he went into coma, two days after, he died. Though I am not happy that he is dead but may God be praised…”

– Rev. Fr. Prof. (Name and cell phone number withheld).

Number seven is the number of wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, invention, thinking and introspection. It symbolises spiritual awakening in oneself or the acquiring of knowledge, allowing you greater wisdom along your spiritual path. This is the summary of the symbolic meaning of number seven. In esoteric numerology, seven is regarded as a lucky number. Number seven has a positive vibration that can change ones destiny, success lies in the proper use of the value of this number. So many people have succeeded through the use of this number. Dear reader, there are more than the eyes can see.

After the whole explanation to my friend, he was able to follow his guiding angel on the path of proper life. He later realised that the meaning of the numbers was aimed at providing him with basic elevation in his career in life. Dreams and symbolic meanings should not easily be dismissed before taking sides to life’s religious pattern.

This again reminds me of the dream my friend had in 2008, which he shared with me and I reflected and interpreted it to his amazement. The dream came on the 11th day of May 2008 and may mean nothing to psychoanalytic scholars.

 What would Sigmund Freud say in any of such subjective experience? Nonsense! It has no meaning in the light of psychoanalytic scholars. Freud’s idea of dreams usually took one into his beliefs of human behaviour. He saw this arising from three sources, the ID, or unconscious, which is solely concerned with discharge of the basic drivers of man’s energy and tensions, the EGO, or the conscious, which regulates interaction with the surrounding environment, and the SUPEREGO, which represents the moral demands. These three elements live in uneasy tension, kept in balance by the ego through a process of displacement whereby the more threatening and destructive force reappears in the form of jokes, dreams or repression itself. Therefore, Freud’s ethos of dreams becomes a means by which the individual can give room to his fantasies and fears, which would be totally unacceptable in waking life

The philosophy of dreams, according to Freud, becomes the work of the unconscious mind; there is remarkable similarity in his thought to that of Plato, who regarded dreams as the place where the bestial side of man could safely vent its anger without fear of damage. In his highly celebrated book he writes, “In this house on July 24, 1895, the secret of dreams was revealed to Dr. Sigmund Freud.” To Freud, dream symbolism is a device to distort or disguise the true dream message, whereas Jung saw dream as an integral part of human behaviour that harbored no intension to deceive but rather to express something, much in the way a plant reveals its blooms when it is allowed to grow.

There is also a spiritual approach to dream, this I have explained in my book Philosophical and Spiritual Approach to Dream. The spiritual is so simple that is related to God and how He relates His secrets to His people. In the Bible, God is quoted to have said, “If there be a prophet among you, I the lord will make myself known unto him in a vision and will speak unto him in a dream” Num 12:16. Here again dream becomes prognostic in nature, that is, for telling the future. A dream can represent events of the past, present and the future. May I save you the hazard of reading impatiently by attempting an explanation to my friends’ subjective experience (dream).Note that the dream came to him on May 11, 2008, which, if reduced to Biblical numerology or philosophy of numbers, harbors some basic numbers like 11, 2, 5, 10 and 1, this may be amazing.

Now the number 11 was gotten from the main date of the dream and it means judgment in divine arithmetic, if number 11 is reduced to a single digit it becomes 1+1= 2. So number 2 means division or separation. It cannot be divided by any other number except the number1, which is unity in ultimate sense. In the same vein, the number 5 is gotten from the month the dream occurred, the month of May. Number 5 means grace, while number 10 was gotten from the year 2008. 2008 reduced to a single digit thus 2+0+8 = 10. Now the number 10 means the law. While number 1 was gotten from number 10 reduced to a single digit 1+0 = 1. In totality we are talking of judgement, separation, grace, law and unity.


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