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Psychology of spiritual symbolism (7)

My business was characterized by failure and nothing was moving at all for me. I served my master for nine years and he settled me without any problem. I got a shop and started my business and started doing very well initially but after a while, in 2012, I discovered that everything I had vanished after my wedding. It was like a dream, though my wife had a dream before it all started where one of her uncles visited and planted charms in my shop and left. We prayed after that but things took a dangerous side with me after that. I have visited many spiritual churches and many Pentecostal churches too all to no avail. I sold many of my properties and was left with nothing. I was introduced to your column and I started reading it and enjoying it. When I contacted you about my case, you told me what to do after investigation; by God’s grace I ordered your oil and followed your instructions. Today, the evil persons have been revealed and exposed and God has answered my prayer. I am back to business and doing well too…God bless you sir…”Mr. Adeyemi Email [email protected]

“Dear Sir, I want to thank God who has through the use of your oil revealed that my mother was responsible for what has been happening to me and my wife. Please publish this but not with my names and contact. My mother has been the cause of several miscarriages my wife had as well as the set back I have been having in my business. My wife ordered your oil few months ago and we did the prayer together after all hope was lost, she became pregnant and when my mother got the information, she pretended to be happy and visited us as usual to do the usual thing not knowing that the child is under divine protection. My wife was still anointing her belly with the oil when she came. Strange things happened in my house on the 6th of Dec. my mother started shaking and turning like a big snake after blessing my wife and robbing her hands on my wife’s stomach that night. My wife suggested going to hospital with her due to the way she was acting that night but when I contacted you, the instruction you gave me immediately strengthened my faith. Like you said sir, after about 25 minutes, she started confessing of all her evil deeds to my wife and how she has been eating all my children thereby causing her to mis-carry each pregnancy. After her confession, she became mad for 7 days and regained herself on the 13th of this month. I must confess that my business is restored and my wife’s six months pregnancy is kicking very well and she is looking very strong…. God must keep you for this generation.”(Names and contact withheld).

I have taken my time to search for the meaning of number symbolism, and I discovered that the mind of God is revealed in each and every number in the Bible. Don’t mistake divine numerology for occult science; they are not the same at all. I shall further educate my readers on the imperative of numbers and how same either helps to promote or debase your business, marriage, academics, and other related areas of life endeavors. Humanity shall no longer be blind as this is an era of divine revelation channeled towards librating humanity from the morass of bondage. Man must be saved from the power of ignorance which has become today’s hero on various alters.

Today in the world of matter, energy, space, and time humanity has not really changed much as a result of deep ignorance that has insulated and cocooned their consciousness which is hitherto inimical to the growth of spirituality.

Numbers and their effects on us are neglected to the extent that we suffer the consequences of same. I wish to state here without fear of equivocation and prevarication that our various spiritual institutions have failed in this regard. The Church has greatly watered down spirituality and has reduced same to pecuniary interest. Tithe and offering has today become the yardstick by which spirituality is evaluated. Important issues are negated and neglected.

Sequences of numbers no doubt have very special spiritual and numerological meanings often dual or amplified messages from ones spiritual angel or guardian angels. Many times sequences of such numbers are presented to an individual to catch his attention as to better a particular situation in his or her life. I am very much aware of the common but uncommon fact that some of such numbers may include highly sophisticated subtle messages that could aid any person to grow.

A friend told me of the dream he had few months ago where he was introduced to number seven. The angel of the Lord consequently informed him to use number seven for his victory in life. When he woke up the following morning he became bamboozled and wondered what the meaning was. The next day, he was again presented with the number while in his dream and he was able to ask the angel to kindly tell him the meaning of number seven and he was told to use number five to understand number seven. All other efforts by him to get more detailed information from the being with regards to the numbers in the dream world failed as the angel vanished and he woke up.

The following day, he contacted me and consequently sought for the meaning from me. By the grace of God, I shall consequently share what I told him with you briefly just for your guidance in the voyage of the great life. I quickly informed him that number five in line with divine numerology stands for GRACE. Several biblical evidences abound to authenticate this averment. Number five is significant because of divine creation; man has five fingers, five senses, and five toes. It is the number of grace. The word “Grace” occurs five times in Romans11:5-6. Five things are connected with Grace in Genesis 32:5, Jacob said to Esau, “And I have Oxen, and asses, flocks, and man-servants and women-servants : and I have sent to tell my Lord, that I may find grace in thy sight.” Five is associated with the Grace of God.

The fifth time the name of Noah appeared is where it is said that, “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” Gen. 6:8. The name of Ruth is found the fifth time in Ruth 2:2 , “And Ruth the Moabites said unto Naomi, let me no go to the field and glean ears of corn after him whose sight I shall find grace. And she said unto her, go my daughter.” The fifth time the name of David is found is in 1 Samuel 16:22 and is connected to grace. There are other biblical evidences that I explained to my friend but space may not allow me to explain all.


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