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Psychology of spiritual symbolism (5)

“The way God answered my prayer was miraculous indeed. Medical doctors told me that I could not have my baby due to what they discovered in my womb, which is not for public consumption. After 15 years of marriage, my husband was threatening to mary another wife who could bear him a child because we had prayed and prayed and spent a lot of money for this purpose, all to no avail. I felt like committing suicide because I felt my case was beyond God. My friend in the same church introduced me to your column after her own case of several miscarriages was brought to an end after using your oil, she consequently urged me to call you. When I contacted you the first time and did what you asked me to do, I did not get the expected result immediately, that weakened my faith. But my friend asked me to continue to follow you up and I continued. When you finally sent the last five bottles of the oil to me and gave me another instruction, which I strictly followed, I saw wonders. Unimaginable things came out of my body after which I conceived and my doctors never believed it. Few months after, I got delivered of a baby girl. Today, I know that my redeemer lives. God bless you sir.

– Mrs. Odinake, 08106491226

“The good Lord has seen me through after 14 years of treating a wound that was inflicted on me by my mother-in-law. I am a born-again Christian who got married to a woman that loves me but her mother never wanted me. After our wedding, she vowed to separate us but all her evil plans were frustrated. My wife is a strong prayer warrior who wanted to make peace between me and her mother after she had my first baby. To be frank, when my mother-in-law came, she fought me and used a hard object and wounded me on the leg for no just cause. Thereafter, she left and never asked after us again. I was rushed to the hospital but I got no healing after five years, I went to Europe for the treatment. After two weeks of trying to recover, the sore would start all over. Money did not stay in my hands due to this problem. My wife kept praying until the day we read your column and decided to contact you. The day we called you and discussed with you was the same day my mother-in-law called my wife to tell her that she had found a permanent cure for my sore. We were surprised that she called us the same day we contacted you. My mother-in-law is a serious witch and never wished us well. We got the four bottles of the oil as you instructed. Sir, after two weeks, we noticed a remarkable change, which motivated us to continue with the prayer you gave us. Today, my 14-year-old wound that defied every medication and prayer has completely healed. The very day my healing was completed was the day my mother-in-law had an accident that is tormenting her till today…God bless you sir.” (Anonymous).

Each number, as a supreme cosmic symbol, has in it a peculiar electro-magnetic power with which the character and events of life are subtly and decisively influenced. When one gains insight into core principles of numerological reality, one can then know why or how one behaves the way he or she does. At that point, one can predict people’s character. According to the Great Philosopher Pythagoras, both quality and quantity are represented by the numbers 1 to 9. Each number has a positive effect with which the individual is endowed. There is also the negative effect of numbers, which prevails especially at the time of conflict between two or more numbers and the clash can be straightened out with proper understanding.

Let it be emphasised here that any name given to a person at the time of birth and the date of birth, including month and year, determine two most imperative numbers in the life of the person. Whatever name that is given to any person in life for the first time, carries the Great Divine Command (GDC) and tells the destiny of the person to an extent. Be informed that the word ‘destiny’ used in this context does not connote the un-manifested cycles of the hidden lines in the eternal order;  rather, it has to do with the cycle of events below the water of forgetfulness within the orbit of material birth.

Destiny can be below and above, depending on the psychic energy involved in both. Things visible are associated with the manifested symbols of the soul of the destiny while the un-manifested are within the realm of unconscious dimension, the realm of remembrance. This may sound a bit complicated, as it is not the topic under discussion. However, on the side of the person’s destiny that is associated with numbers, the person may at any point change his name and adopt any name he or she feels comfortable with, even at that, the underlying influence of the name given for the first time always remains. Time may fail me to analyze all these and how same affect us on daily basis.

Every human being has a destiny number that is characterised by the computation of the person’s name to a single digit. I may return to this point later. Now, the day, month and year reduced to another single digit is called “the Talent Number or the Birth Force” and it is the only number which never changes in life no matter what the person does. It represents the talent in a person, the ingredients he or she is made of, and the lesson that is to be learnt in this life time.

The Destiny number expresses the environment and opportunities the person will come across in this lifetime and the final shape that his or her life will take slowly and ultimately.  Thus the Talent and Destiny numbers are the two most important numbers, which are to be synchronised to study or find out what the life of the person is going to be. Note, if the two numbers are in harmony with each other, the life would be very successful and easy. But if the two numbers are not in harmony, the life can be full of conflicts delays and disappointment. This is where proper spirituality which ushers in different dimensions of prayer begins.

Destiny can be changed no doubt. Though the destiny destined to be changed is the one ordered by the Divine to the operators to respond when the right person calls at the right time with the right purpose.

This is a mystery which I must attempt to symbolically decode some day in this column. There are people you need to study their psychic line and understand their secret spiritual accounts before you can offer any kind of assistance to alleviate them out of their problems. Whatever solution you receive from any person, is what the divine grace available in your spiritual account can afford hence what you harvest is what you have sowed.

I am very much persuaded and swayed that this piece of information here shall enhance the consciousness of someone in the right path. God is a God of numbers as is authenticated in the divine word of God. The Psalmist says, “He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names” Ps. 147:4. Job says, “For now thou numberest my steps” Job 14:16. With recent research in Astronomical science we discover that modern telescopes show that there are millions of stars reaching out into space and so infinite that men do not have numerical figures sufficient to measure their distances. Yet God knows the number of these stars which shows that he is omniscient. Great indeed is our God!

Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ said that not a sparrow could fall to the ground without the Father’s notice and that the very hairs on the heads of his people are all numbered. This is recorded in Matthew 10:29-30.  All these are very symbolic in line with the activities of the Divine.

There are many instances to account for Biblical numerology. For instance, the distance around the Tabernacle was 300 cubits. The Lord commanded thus, “The length of the court shall be an hundred cubits and the breadth fifty everywhere” Ex. 27:18. Now the two long sides were 100 cubits each, the two ends were 50 cubits each. Two times 100 plus two times 50 equals 300 cubits. In this court was the Alter which was five cubits wide while four cubits square. The Bible says, “And the height thereof shall be three cubits” Exodus 27:1. The product of the number connected with the Alter is 300, the number of cubits around the Court. Five times five is 25, four times 25 is 100 and three times 100 is 300.


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