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Psychology of spiritual symbolism (3)

“Good day sir, I have been having so many problems in my family and I continued praying and trusting God. When i finally contacted you and you asked me to order your oil and pray with it, I did as was instructed. During the prayer, I noticed that a particular millipede came out of my hand mysteriously. Since then things have greatly improved for me. After the prayer, it has been from one good news to another. Things have changed for good…God bless you”.  Mr. Arinze. Email [email protected]

“The truth of the matter is that God used you to change things in my life after many years of bondage. My elder sister sponsored my trip to abroad and before I left, my wife brought a prophet who came to the house to pray for us and he prophesied that my elder sister dedicated the money with which she sponsored my trip to a satanic kingdom. We were all exasperated with the prophet and never listened to him again. When I finally travelled and God started blessing me, all the money I made was sent to my elder sister under hypnotism and spell. My children were thrown out of school for not paying school fees. The voice of my wife on phone was like the voice of an evil person whenever she called me. The story is too long… but the truth being that my elder sister used charms to divert my mind and used my hard earned money to train her own children and built best houses here and there. My lovely wife and children went through hell; she has been reading your column and when she contacted you, she was told to order your oil and prayed with it, she did, and after her prayer, I was brought home after 12 years of staying away.  When my elder sister saw me she never believed it but my wife then ordered more of the oil and prayed for me the second time according to your instruction; it became like thunder. My elder sister started confessing all that she did and asked us to forgive her. No kobo was kept for me, nothing to show for all the hundreds of millions in her custody. After the second prayer with three bottles of your oil, she confessed and confirmed what that prophet said 12 years ago about her. The good side of it is that I am travelling with my family this time around, the prayer made a away for us all. Keep up the good work…God bless you sir. Mr. Joe N. K.  (Contact withheld).

Words, signs and symbols, images, colours, light, are all used for eons to convey spiritual meanings. In creation, man lacks nothing except that which he is ignorant of. Humanity is living in the universe of symbolism and it may be amazing to those who desire to know that almost everything in creation seen around us is coded in symbolism. Man is a symbolic being living in a symbolic universe.  There is nothing in life that is not symbolized at all; everything created is a solution to the existing ones in symbolic manner. There is no doubt that some symbolic messages are necessary in order to understand the way the creator God, angelic guide, trees and spirits around nature all of which are all speaking the spiritual language of the universe through symbols.

There is no doubt that colours evoke feelings and emotions. The symbolic meanings in colours are drawn to us in many ways. Some people are drawn to certain colours as other colours may not be appealing to them. Spiritual science reveals that colours affect our mood and have more influence on our lives than we may think. Humanity is yet to appreciate the reality in colour symbolism. If one understands the meaning of colour symbolism, one can match his clothes to meet his intentions. It is very possible for one to understand this and use same to decorate his home in line with the colours that reflect his true self. This enables one to attract divine blessings in his area of importance.

Colour symbolism has been a major source of concern dawn the ages. Some philosophers emphasized on colours and its importance. The spiritual meaning of colour and how same assists an individual to generate spiritual energy should not be neglected. Such energy can vibrate and such vibration gives insight into some areas of spiritual importance.

Look at the RAINBOWS for instance and the seven colours of the visible spectrum. All other colours come from variations of these seven colours, from these colours millions of hues and shades exist. The rainbow is a symbol of divine covenant the creator made of not destroying the world with rain again according to Christian theology. This covenant is sustained by the variation of colour symbolism which however authenticates why the rainbow speaks directly to our souls filling us with awe and energies of liquid but divine love. Rainbow brings the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass as one holds his spiritual vision and mission so tight with conviction.

Rainbow symbolism has such a powerful meaning to each of us and graciously bestows the divine energy of blessings. The symbolism of rainbow intuitively tells us to hold onto hope, to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that sacred blessings open to us the reality of the future life. I shall soon revisit this later.

Let me at this point enlighten my readers on the imperative of number symbolism, which is very essential in many aspects of our lives. Within numbers are the embodiments of vast ocean of limitless potentials. Numeric values have been recognized through time for their symbolic meanings, for their vibrational essence, for their deep spiritual meanings and how they assist to guide humanity.

The essence and flow of energy of numbers fills the entire cosmic manifestation with deeper energy in cosmic dance formulating mathematical equations that brings into physical reality of the potentials of the energy of our visions. Each and everything in creation holds a mathematical signature, emitting higher melody of tone. In unism, these numbers comprise a symphony that plays throughout the cosmic manifestation giving each number and individuals associated with them beautiful and unique beautiful cum harmonious spiritual vibration and meaning.

Numerology is one of the sacred sciences of the ancient. Embedded in the beauty of nature are mathematical formulas that have greatly helped to shape our understanding of the divine.  In the physical system of reality, the history of one’s life is written in his name and his date of birth. A name is given spontaneously at the time of birth, without mistakes.  This to an extent is associated with the destiny of the person and helps to shape the unseen records of the individual.

What we today regard as “number” passed through stages of development from different individuals and people of different tribes. This resulted from man’s consciousness towards answering questions posed by nature. Today, humanity is able to speak about such large numbers as the distance to the nearest star, the number of molecules in a quart of water, the size of the national debt, etc. Numbers enables the mind to grasp the abstract concepts, which would have been otherwise impossible to do so.

Numbers are symbols that speak volume. Different number bases have been used at different times by different tribes. Our ancestors started counting by counting only to two, and any set which was beyond two was seen as “many.”  It has been revealed through recondite research that number 3 and 4 have been used at one time as primitive number bases. Same research reveals that some tribes in Tierra del Fuego and South America had used number bases of 3 and 4 respectively. Some tribes used a combination of the scale of counting.

Man has a built-in counting device in his toes and fingers. The presence of this made possible for number systems to be built on bases of five, ten and fifteen units. As a matter of fact, Aristotle noted long ago that the widespread use of the decimal system today is the result of the anatomical accident that man was born with the fingers and ten toes. This could be attested to by the way our ancestors piled stones, pebbles or palm kernels in fives tens and twenties. Counting based on ten-won acceptance to many tribes.


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