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Prophets predicting Nigeria’s break up are fake – Bishop Peller

Nigerians have been advised to ignore recent prophecies by some clerics and seers that the nation may break up in the near future.

Giving the advice in an interview with ’TUNDE THOMAS, a cleric, and General Overseer, Finger of God Ministry International, Lagos, Bishop Kayode Abiola-Peller said God revealed to him that Nigeria will not break up.

Abiola-Peller, a scion of the legendary magician, late Professor Moshood Abiola Peller who was once a master magician before his conversion to Christianity several years ago also spoke on other national issues including calls on Buhari to seek reelection in 2019, restructuring, Buhari’s administration, war against corruption and among others.

What’s your reaction to recent claims by some prophets and ministers of God that it is a matter of time that Nigeria is going to break into different parts, that all these agitations here and there are just a prelude to the breakup of Nigeria?

It is strange that some prophets can be making this kind of declarations. But before I go further, let me say this categorically, Nigeria is not going to break. Those prophets making such predictions are liars. It is not the spirit of God, or the Holy Spirit that is speaking through them. They are getting their own revelations from satan, and their evil prophecies will not come to pass over Nigeria. Since these agitations here and there started by many groups and ethnic nationalities protesting marginalization and injustices, there has been tension in the land, and the polity was being overheated.

As a result of this development, I went to the mountain top to seek the face of the Lord concerning what is happening in Nigeria, but God has been revealing to me contrary to what these purveyors of falsehood are spreading that Nigeria will  not break, my Father, the Almighty God told me that Nigeria is not going to break up.

I’ve just returned from a 40 days spiritual retreat involving fasting and prayers, and God again revealed to me that Nigeria is not going to break. But this time, God specifically told me not only to assure Nigerians that Nigeria is not going to break but also that all these prophets that are in the habits of saying this nation would break up should henceforth desist or that He would expose them in a manner that would make them the object of ridicule.

Nigeria has gone through a lot of crises in the course of its 57 years existence as a nation, what God revealed to me is that this nation required dynamic leadership, a patriotic and committed leadership that will crystalise the dream of the founding fathers of this country into a reality.

But even assuming that these prophets receive the so-called break up prophecies, if they are true and genuine men of God, they would hold intercessory prayers to avert any calamity that is capable of plunging Nigeria into another civil war. Do these prophets think that break up is easy like that? Do they think break-up is a break and tea affair? Break up is not something easy, it will bring a lot of sorrow, tears and crises of unimaginable magnitude, and this is the more reason why these prophets of doom who take special delight in prophesying break up of Nigeria should be ignored.

Are you saying that Nigeria will not break up because of your love for Nigeria or as a result of divine revelation?

Apart from loving Nigerians, the fact that I will not like it to break up, God specifically gave me the revelation that Nigeria will not break up, and not only that, God also told me that these prophets who have become apostles of Nigeria’s break-up will be put to shame. God told me that their evil prophecies will not come to pass.

Those prophets should not be taken serious. Nigeria will not break up. Nigerians should not listen to them or even read their so-called prophecies. These prophets knew that Nigerians are gullible, and that once they say something that will make them to be afraid, that people will now give them attention, and now start asking them what is to be done to avert those scary prophecies they’ve given. But I make bold to say that all these prophets are pretenders. They engage in fake prophecies. They are prophets of doom. We have two categories of men of God, and these are those who are true genuine men of God who hear genuine voice of God, and then you also have those who are hearing the voice of satan.. They are only attention seekers. They are seeking government attention so that they will call them to settle them. These prophets and pastors knew that if you don’t create fear in Nigeria, that you won’t get attention.

Even some of these prophets should be careful. Some of them may not be alive before or by 2019 when they are predicting bloodshed and break up of Nigeria. These so-called prophets are charlatans and speculators. Some of them are even demonic. They are not speaking on behalf of God but speaking because of their stomach.

What advice do you have for these prophets and pastors that you said engage in false prophecies and predictions?

I don’t have any advice to them than to tell them that they should desist from such practices. They are liars. They should not be claiming to be revealing to Nigerians what God had not told them. They should repent, if they fail to repent, they will go to hell. They are liars and all liars will go to hell.

Most of these people that Nigerians regard as prophets or who call themselves prophets are involved in nothing but guesswork. They permutate and play on the psychology of gullible Nigerians.

But for Nigerians who need all these prophecies, any word for them?

They should stop being gullible. These so-called prophets are playing on the intelligence of Nigerians. Many of them who claim that God sent them, it is lies, God didn’t send them. God didn’t call them, they called themselves. But the day of reckoning is around the corner for them. Even some of them prophesied that President Muhammadu Buhari would not come back from London alive. Some of them were saying a lot of rubbish about the President. But if truly these are genuine men of God, they should know that prayer and fasting change a lot of things. Where you see danger looming, through prayer and fasting, calamity would be averted.

Calls for restructuring by some Nigerians and the opposition to it by other citizens have been raging for sometime, and the issue some observers have noted have been overheating the polity, what’s your reaction to this?

Actually it is because of all these agitations and threats by different ethnic groups and individuals that all these prophets I have been talking about and their ilks have been having a field prophesying all manner of things concerning Nigeria.

Before all these agitations and threats gained momentum, did you see all these prophets talking about break up, or bloodshed or violence concerning Nigeria, they play on the intelligence of people. They understand the psychology of Nigerians that at a time like this when polity appears to be overheating or being overheated that Nigerians would be keen to read any prophecy of sorts concerning the nation, and that some gullible Nigerians would believe whatever they say or message they claim to have received from God.

But I want to assure Nigerians that there is not going to be any war in 2019 or anytime, and that Nigeria will not break. In the last one year, three times I have been on the prayer mountain in total seclusion, and fasted for 40 days on each occasion, seeking the face of the Almighty God concerning the nation called Nigeria. The last one what God revealed to me is that Nigeria will not break either now or in 2019 or thereafter, and that’s why I said I challenge these prophets to a national debate. The God of Elijah, Abraham and Jesus Christ whom I serve, told me to assure Nigerians that there is not going to be any war or break up.

However as good citizens, we must continue to pray for peace and unity in our nation at all times. On whether to restructure or not, I believe that our political leaders should show more maturity. There is no need to overheat the polity. This issue can be resolved through dialogue. It is better as they say to jaw-jaw than to war-war.

As of today, Nigeria is not yet there. At almost 57, Nigeria is still crawling. Nigeria of today is not the one that reflects the dreams of the founding fathers. Cases of injustice and marginalization should be addressed. A situation whereby some groups will be issuing quit notice on others is not acceptable. It is an insult for one group to be issuing quit notice to another when we call ourselves Nigerians. Those Arewa Youths should be condemned. Their action is not acceptable.

I believe that some of these agitations were addressed in the 2014 confab. Why not take those recommendations from that confab report that addressed all the contentious issues?

The Federal Government spent a lot of money in organizing that confab and must the huge money go down the drain like that?

President Muhammadu Buhari should quickly do the needful on the 2014 confab reports and recommendations.

You were one of the clerics that openly canvassed votes for President Buhari during the 2015 general elections, how would you assess President Buhari’s administration because some people have been saying that the people’s expectations have not been met, and that nothing has changed?

I believe in Buhari Project then and up till now. Is Buhari a magician. How do people expect Buhari to change Nigeria overnight? Is he a magician? We are talking about a rot of more than 16 years, how do we then expect Buhari who had just been there for over two years to do the unthinkable?

In fairness to Buhari, he has been trying his best to salvage Nigeria. It is only people who are mischievous or can’t see that will say or continue saying that nothing has changed. What about Buhari’s administration’s ongoing war against corruption? Look at how looters are being exposed. My only advice is that President Buhari should ensure that the money being recovered from looters are used to execute projects that will have impact on the lives of Nigerians. He should also do something about poverty. A lot of Nigerians are hungry. Government should do something about it. They should also provide jobs for Nigerians especially youths. As the saying goes, the devil finds job for idle hands.


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  1. Ezekiel Okeke 11th November 2017 at 6:34 am

    Only an illiterate blind fool will need a prophet to tell him or her the fact that the political name Nigeria is history- it is Yugoslavia of Africa. Southern Sovereign States- Biafra Republic of south east, Niger Delta Republic of south south, Oduduwa Republic of south west, has come to stay- it is irreversible, and must be defended now in Southern Revolution War Engagement. God Is With Us!!!

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