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Pro and con of real politics in South-East

As was to be expected, reactions to the focus on politics in South-east region came in variously but the funniest came from phone number 08134447368, denying the danger posed by erosion in Anambra State, especially with the discomfort posed around the country home of former Vice President Alex Ekwueme. The caller said the alert raised in this column on Ekwueme’s country home couldn’t have been in Anambra State, which he said had been boasting of good roads for the past many years. I then asked the caller why he did not challenge a prominent Delta Igbo, Chief Achuzia of the Civil War fame, who, in fact, raised the erosion alarm around Ekwueme’s country home in the media about five weeks ago. The phone caller, shocked to know Chief Achuzia raised the alarm in the first place was subdued, as he asked when Chief Achuzia raised the alarm. Further inquiries revealed that the phone caller could not be serious, as Dr. Maurice Umeakuka of Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, confirmed that “the danger posed by erosion around ex-Vice President Ekwueme’s country home is more than real. This is where I worked for the past tenth years. The threat is even worse that what the press reported. Don’t mind the people whose stock-in-trade is to praise any government that comes to power instead of giving positive criticisms.” Other readers reacted according to their passion. Chris Udenta (irresponsible Chris) wrote: “Thanks for your devious lecture on how the South-east should continue to pick crumbs from Buhari regime’s table, a government that has clearly shown hatred for the zone and its people. All the Ogbonnaya Onus of this world may invite Muhammadu Buhari a million times. He (that is Buhari) will never be warmly received until he sheds himself of his undisguised spite. So, the East does not need more conferences, seminars, workshops summits and other useless talk shops for construction of the Second Niger Bridge and rehabilitation of rotten federal infrastructure in the zone. We have had enough.” 08052817921 wrote: “Reading your write-up on politics, I now realise how deep is your hatred for Igbo, even when you pretend to mean well. Whether Buhari, APC South-east leaders and your kind like it or not, the youths/future leaders of South-east wholly reject Buhari and whatever he stands for. He must first free Nnamdi Kanu.” An angry reader wrote: “As for Dr. Alex Ekwueme, don’t cry for him, as he deserves whatever neglect he is getting. Have you ever heard him speak out or condemn the underperforming governors of South-east? Instead, he will praise and commend them whenever they pay him visits. Abia people doubted his personality when he also gave kudos to his perceived development in the most undeveloped Abia State. I ask him, as a former vice-president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, is he not supposed to speak on matters as they are?” This particular writer craved to be left anonymous. Mr. W. Page was even more dismissive. “You have missed the point on South-east completely. (a) The refusal or failure of President Buhari to visit South-east should not be blamed on the politics of the zone. (b) Remember that Nigeria is a federation and South-east is a component. (c) The president has no right to alienate any part of the country for any political reason whatsoever, irrespective of political affiliation. He is father of all. (d) Therefore, the zone does not need to lobby for any special favour from any president or through any appointee for that matter. (e) As it is, only President Buhari knows, between him and God, why he aborted the South-east trip. (f) If Ekwueme meant well, why did he not use his so-called federal might to build roads elsewhere in the zone and why did he not locate such schools elsewhere too, also in the zone? Why can’t Ekwueme now call on Federal Government to repair the road to his home, since he is Federal Government pickin? We must learn how not to segregate or denigrate a people. On this score, there is no blame for the South-east. All Nigerians are equal except you think otherwise.” Nnamdi Nwigwe (08037024609) a veteran journalist, wrote: “Your year-end piece in the Daily Sun of Friday, December 30, 2016, once more shows your grasp of history of Nigerian politics, including Igboland. Your view or opinion of South-east vis-a-vis Alhaji Buhari and the need to cultivate him is well taken. “Unfortunately, you are asking us in the South-east to change the leopard’s spot. Buhari had been military head of state before (January 1984 to August 1985) (not 1986), as you reminded us. What did he do for South-east? He arbitrarily cancelled Dr. Nnanna Ukaegbu’s nascent university, which would have been Nigeria’s first private university. As the pioneer boss of the Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF, what project did Buhari initiate in Southeast? As elected president to f Nigeria, his very first 19 personal appointees had no single name of any person from South-east. “Duro, our president (Buhari) has solidly established his credentials, who, like our great MKO Abiola in his heady political days, would say, “I can do without Igbo.” (MKO?) Last line on Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu. This brilliant and illustrious Igbo son, believes in two powerful political parties for Nigeria and I support him. He had a stronger claim to being the first presidential candidate in the APC team than Buhari but for the warped politics of Nigeria.” Dr. Maurice Umeakuka of FederalPolytechnic, Oko, Anmbra State was more circumspect,”Thank you, chief, for making a passionate case for Dr. Alex Ekwueme in your column. The elder statesman, after all all he did for South-east appears to have been abandoned by the so-called Igbo elite and politicians whose sole interest is personal aggrandizement. You mentioned only the obstruction of road construction by hired thugs in the Second Republic in our politics of muddle. In addition, the Anambra State government, at that time, just for political reasons, hurriedly converted the school of Arts and Science founded by Ekwueme to Anambra State Polytechnic to prevent the Federal Government from converting it to a federal polytechnic. The saving grace was military president Ibrahim Babangida, who elevated the state polytechnic to a federal polytechnic. Otherwise, the state polytechnic would have long collapsed, as the staff were owed years of salaries before Babangida came to our rescue. “On President Buhari’s visit, which was botched, it was astonishing that a trivial reason like clash with Christmas festival was offered, the same Christmas season the state governors took the advantage of to tour every nook and cranny, campaigning for votes or selling their achievements to the people. They should better tell us why they are still denying the hapless masses of the region the opportunity of showing love to Buhari. “Thank you once more for the concern you showed for Dr. Ekwueme’s comfort. God will reward you that that.” Equally circumspect was Dan Chima Amadi, who wrote: “Thank you so much for that well-written article about Igbo politics of muddle, which has been obstructing political, economic and social progress in South-east. Your observations should be considered by Ndigbo for their own progress and the shot at the nation’s presidency. It is difficult to understand why all Igbo should squeeze themselves into PDP and forget the larger interest of the zone. The fact that Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu was was wise to remain with President Buhari and his consistency paid off with his appointment, as the Minister of Science and Technology should convince his detractors that he was smart. “Nigeria is a big country and we should take a long term look at issues when taking certain decisions. I have followed your contributions with keen interest from your days at the Concord group of newspapers and I have come to the conclusion that you are a detribalised Nigerian. Thank you for serving our country.” From phone number 08091985441, Nwabueze wrote: “Thank you sir, for your contribution on the need for real politics in South-east. May the good Lord bless you, Amen.” Anonymous from 08033408371 was of the view that: “… Most of the conclusions you reached are baseless. Igbo have nothing to do with President Muhammadu Buhari, even if we die of hunger. Let Buhari develop the rest of Nigeria and forget South-east. The difference between South-east and the rest of Nigeria is insignificant. Given the right conditions, South-east will catch up and overtake at the snap of a finger. It is nothing to worry about. The real development is about the people and not things that deteriorate. Let Buhari give you constant electricity and make your education first class. Nonsense, Igbo are above this pettiness that the rest of Nigeria exhibit. It is still early days.” From Tony Adizua Obiora, 0805470366, came this appreciation: “Thank you, chief, for your well-informed articles meant to move our nation forward. I can’t thank you enough for being the voice of the voiceless, especially the Igbo. Remain blessed and don’t relent on these issues, namely – scrapping of immunity clause, pilgrimages, state election bodies and other funny items in our laws, which cause instability and waste of resources. The nation will ever be grateful to you; Femi Adesina, Funke Egbemode, Steve Nwosu and other like minds.” Emeka on phone number 0810894655 assessed the two-part series on “Legitimacy of Secession, even break-up, as “…Concise, intelligently educative and thought provoking to civilised minds. Even though I have just read it, yet, it made my day. I am happy to note that right-thinking individuals still exist in this country. kudos.” On 07061665119, Manpauloo Addon in Enugu State expressed similar feelings: “After reading your masterpiece on legitimacy of secession, even break-up, I felt relieved of my state of still living in a failed country called Nigeria. May the good Lord continue to bless you and give you long life to speak the truth no matter whose ox is gored.” 08030763542: Thanks, sir, baba. I always enjoy your Friday column. In fact, it has become every Friday tonic. Olaopa Kehinde, Ibadan. Mr. Tabansi Louis (08148916667) from Onitsha wrote: Chief Onabule, you are a good historian of Nigerian politics. If only those in government can reason from your advice, Biafrans will be allowed to go, like the Southern Cameroonians voted for secession. Nigerian government is merely attracting disgrace from the outside world. Once more, thank you and God bless.” From Ezema Ikeloolo, Nsuka, 09065062657 came a note of “thanks, Egbon Duro, for concluding the two-part series on legitimacy of secession, even breakup. I hope they will listen.” Hamidu Yussuf wrote from Kontagora (08036800116): “I believe otherwise. Tafawa Balewa would only be embarrassed that some people have established groups, such as IPOB/MASSOB, etc. Embarrassing and wanting to tear Nigeria and establish Biafra. He would be sober for the series of embarrassment those groups are causing Nigeria in and outside the country.” Edu Adirika: “May the blessings of God remain with you for ever. Your write-up on legitimacy of secession, even breakup has distinguished you as a noble man. You are blessed for ever.” Solomon (090992222229) firmly believes the series on Legitimacy of Secession said it all as the solution to Nigeria’s situation and added, “…Our rulers, who do not have enough knowledge to rule us, should be tutored on these historical facts and figures. Whether we know it or not, Nigeria is a failed project. Don Akagbusi from Pacesetter State believes the series on legitimacy of secession “shows that you are not aging. It is my fervent wish that you live long and healthy. Happy New Year to you and short life to the inquisitor. We are slaves in an animal farm.” Dr. Chuka Nwosu from Port Harcourt (08037254371) wrote to express thanks for the submission on “Legitimacy of Secession” which he ascribes, as incisive and well-researched. Continuing, he wrote, “Your analysis should be well-taken by the dunderheads, who depended and still depend on the tyranny of guns, order, annihilation and mayhem. They forget that through the immutable law o karma, the day of reckoning and retribution must come, much more sooner than later. Nigerian history records that only one former Nigerian Army officer remains standing today out of the many, who plotted and murdered their commander-in-Chief, General J. T. Aguiyi-Ironsi, and his gallant patriotic host, Colonel Adekunle Fajuyi. It is such a small world and the chicken will come home to roost.


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  1. Tony 6th January 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Double Chief,greetings! I wonder why you would cry more than the bereaved on matters affecting the SE.The fact that SE rejected Buhari in three previous elections-2003,2007 and 2011 speak volumes, even when his running mates were Igbos from SE.The SE would gracefully play opposition to a senile illiterate Buhari,for once,given that SW has played that role successfully since 1960. What therefore is wrong in playing opposition to Buhari,if SW has enjoyed that tag for three republics.Will playing your kind of politics of electing ignoramuses develope infrastructures in SE?NO.Does playing opposition amount to ” muddled politics” ?Absolutely NO.SE has produced great politicians,with Dr Azikiwe as the fountain of its political dexterity.I don’t see how a GCE holder,whose certificate is still questionable,would inspire any Igboman politically. Nigeria will NOT end with Buhari,therefore any development-infrastructural or economic-would NOT be the exclusive of Buhari.Ndigbo will gladly wait for an educated leader,who understands diversity and synergizing its inherent qualities,to fix infrastructures in the SE.Ndigbo do NOT play politics of “stomach infrastructure”.

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