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President Buhari, come to Umunya, Abagana, Tony Nwoye is winning it

“Major General Muhammadu Buhari not only gave me the opportunity to serve Nigeria as Ambassador in the United States, he did more. He entrusted to me the care and welfare of his family; still without our knowing or meeting each other. He sent his wife and two children to me in Washington D.C. for medical treatment. He took his chance and dealt with me strictly on a professional basis. His family was with me in Washington D.C. when the General was overthrown in a coup d’etat. We did the best we could and sent them back home safely. Still, never a word from his unusual person…. Buhari represents, in my opinion, the last opportunity we have to get things reasonably right before the baton passes permanently on to the next generation. After him, the generation of the ‘founding fathers’ would have faded away; with their legacies left behind. He should be given the chance to restore and consolidate the disappearing values of that ‘golden age’ so sadly disrupted by the military, to which paradoxically and tragically, he and those in that generation, and that before him, were part of.” – Ignatius Olisemeka, former Foreign Affairs Minister and Ambassador to the US, America Mi Dream, 2015 Diaspora Special Edition.

With only some three weeks to go, the byzantine Nigerian cut throat politics pronounced in the Anambra State Gubernatorial tussle, has drowned the other all comers’ gladiators. To the wire, we are left with only three surviving, panting contenders. The APGA sitting Governor… Banker, Ebelechukwu Willie Obiano. His former Cabinet Secretary, erudite Diplomat, Poet and Developer, Oseloka Obaze. He is flying the PDP flag from the coastline nation of Ogbaru.

Suddenly, as if it has become his exclusive game plan, the young man, Dr. Tony Nwoye, from nowhere swallowed the sharks in their own waters. Dr. Obidigbo, the beloved Umunya medical doctor was at a time the leading Candidate in the APC lineup. He was maltreated in APGA in the Anambra game of changing chairs, and moving into his new party he was the toast of the grassroots. Then the Uba juggernaut moved over from his ever fractionizing PDP and eclipsed the APC sweeping broom machine. The pundits counted the big three names and went home to watch the final buzz to the tape: Willie Obiano, APGA, Oseloka Obaze, PDP and Andy Uba, APC!

I was enjoying my few days respite after the Asaba Genocide Anniversary’s two week program when a motorcade caused some stir at my residence near the Asagba’s Palace. A top level APC delegation was here to pick me up to cover their flag off at Onitsha.

Osibanjo, Oyegun etc. would speak at the Osha Campaign. I was surprised that the delegation took time to commiserate with me on the Asaba event and thought Emma Okocha on the Niger should be invited to their gubernatorial opener.

Now I can see why this Tony Nwoye is always pulling the chestnuts from the fire. In fact how can he think of me at this time when others, Obaze my in-law and Obiano, my CKC school mates are not bothering? Even though I’m yet to meet him, I accepted their polite invitation and went straight to Umunya, Abagana junction on the Enugu express Road. At that spot I shed tears. Why did the APC motorcade that brought the Vice President, to Onitsha avoid the Enugu Onitsha road and instead detoured to Owerri Onitsha route? Dr. Nwoye’s momentum to the wire will be further enhanced if he moves his next campaign ground to that particular spot where the road has remained disheveled since that Express road was constructed many years ago by President Muhammadu Buhari as Chairman NNPC sponsored PTF.

Paying the Biafran Police Pension arrears, which no other Nigerian Head of State had ventured to do; added to that with the reconstruction of this Express road would underline the critical return to Presidential Justice as urged by Ambassador Olisemeka. At that particular shallow stretch of some five miles with President Buhari holding the right hand of Nwoye flanked by Jim Nwobodo on the right and the Minister of Works, Babatunde Fashola on the left; the President would make an undertaking. Declare a Presidential fiat for the emergency reconstruction of that road, including the announcement of the date that the apocalyptic stretch would be ready for use for the poor people of Anambra State to ply on as human beings.

Whatever would be the final results of the governorship tussle, the President would have added a new feather to his resurging cap as he goes on in giving hope to the hopeless citizens of the people of the Sun.

The Asaba Peace Graveyard

When the Committee called me to produce an eternal symbol for the unforgivable crime against our people, the attached visual was what I sent to them. I had titled it, “They Created A Graveyard And Called It Peace.” I also sent them the profile of my works which included the OPEC FUNDS VIENNA Main Atrium, The Mace of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Central Bank of Nigeria Abuja Facade, the NCC Building Abuja, etc. the Committee called me back following a text sent me, and stated that the Committee for the Anniversary was considering “a forgiveness” theme. They wanted to build a modern hospital to mark the event and needed to raise a lot of funds. My drawing would discourage the retired Generals they needed to bring on board. I sent six other visuals they could use as the logo for the event. I did all these in 24 hours preceding my departure with my family to the US. I thought it was a good thing to work very hard at building a modern hospital for our people but my first thought was drawing a design befitting the bestiality and the crimes visited on our defenseless people by the Nigerian Army. Asaba would probably be the first holocaust community where the survivors are forgiving murderers who did not ask for forgiveness! I had told the Committee that the song of an unforgiving Israel is NEVER AGAIN WILL THIS HAPPEN TO THEIR PEOPLE. To the end of the world, Israel is still in pursuit of the criminals of the 1940s against their people!

I wish to bless you and give you my eternal gratitude for the fight you have fought against fearful odds for what they did to your father, your innocent little brothers, and our entire community. I wish to thank you for standing strong, for the ashes of our fathers and the temple of our God. For those amongst us who do not know the evil perpetrator, it is important to persuade you to stand strong. The implacable enemy, unchallenged with great vigor, will do his evil again. Please write, write.

Dalu shinne. Ogbulu nwa anyanwu, oga ekobe akwa na ebei?

Ogbueshi Dili Biosah (Captain) Games Village, Abuja


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