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Peoples’ parliament: Re: Still on human rights abuses

Sir, do you know how many Igbo that have been killed in the North since after the civil war? Do you know how many pregnant Igbo women that have been killed in the North since after the Civil war?
– 0803723771

Mr. Ralph, if our rulers have ears, you have been saying things that were supposed to have made them change, but their minds were made up even before they became rulers not leaders. Characteristics of good leaders never reflect in the way they behave. We the downtrodden will one day find a way to make them do our bidding. Even if we need to go the revolutionary way, we will toe that line.
Isah Mohammed – 08038197735

Ralph, the time has passed in Nigeria when recognition was given to human rights. It has been replaced by “Human ride” in all areas of human endeavours. Even some of those who were in the vanguard of human rights protection in the past have been overwhelmed by abuse of rights, which has gained an inglorious status as the new norm in our system. As you rightly pointed out in your piece, members of the political arm that should defend the rights of citizens are themselves agents of abuses of human rights simply because their ascent to political offices is premised on the abuse of the process itself which by implication is an abuse on the right of citizens to freely choose who rules over them. When a president sidelines the constitutional provision of federal character in appointments into political and public offices and goes ahead to appoint his kin and associates into sensitive positions that would give his second term ambition a smooth ride through manipulation what does one call that, an abuse of “citizenry-rights” or what? Where is the hope of restitution when the protector of rights assumes position of right abuser?
The other area that puts a clog in the wheel of checkmating all these abuses is lack of enlightenment. Are most Nigerians aware of their rights in the first place to collectively organize a combative force against abuse of such rights as we see in enlightened climes? The advent of ethnic and religious bigotry has hindered the system to initiate such force against abuse of human rights. Until all these deficiencies are obliterated from the system, your protest against human rights abuses would remain what it is: a protest until your biro runs dry. When continuum, a principle in governance is abused by a president as demonstrated in the dumping of the 2014 National Conference report into the trash can by President Muhammadu Buhari, then where is the hope for righting wrongs that usually lead to human rights abuses? May God save Nigeria! Amen
Lai Ashadele – 07067677806

Ralph, thanks for your write-ups in the Sunday Sun.
– 08063392297

Truly, the author of “Animal Farm” seemed to have seen Nigeria ahead of his book when he stated that “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.” That is what Nigeria is facing at present. You made a very important observation also with your allusion that recruiting 10,000 new police officers, and passing them through the tutelage of the old ones seems like an act capable of multiplying the reasons why the force is poorly considered by many. In fact, what they intend to do is like pouring new wine into an old wine skin like our Lord Jesus said. It will burst  and spill the contents. Taking the new recruits into the system would affect their mentality, their whole being and general character and by the time they are fully integrated, if would be a reform to the status quo ante. But God do shaaa.
Agono Eme Nuduku – 09098257968

It is a very difficult thing to maintain human rights in a chaotic set up, where there is hardly elementary level of order and organization. In a nation where the few appropriate everything good to themselves and leave the majority stranded, respect for human rights cannot be the issue. Create the same situation we have today in America or any part of the developed world the people would react the same way, it will be rat race in which all weapons would be fair in the nasty struggle for the crumbs that would follow.
We should pray that oil price goes up very quickly, otherwise what you Ralph describe as abuse of human rights would grow to become a war of attrition, in which lives would be terminated for no just reason. I hope it does not get to that, even though I must admit the signs look very ominous. Thank you Ralph for drawing our attention to delicate issues which should have received focused attention many years ago.
-Olaniyi Kazeem.  [email protected]

I saw what you wrote about human rights in our nation in the Sunday Sun. What you wrote about the abuses is very correct and it is painful such things could happen in a nation like Nigeria. All reasonable citizens should be worried. I am not happy about the situation. Ralph I want to know if you have or belong to another organization to fight this, I am asking because I would like to join. Thank you.
Kenneth Ugbo – 08035772733     


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