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PDP national chairman calls for review of Nigeria’s security architecture

Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

The national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party PDP, Mr. Uche Sekondus, has called on the Federal government to urgently review the present security system of the country to avoid a total breakdown of law and order.

Sekondus made the call on Thursday, February 1, in Jalingo while on a solidarity and condolence visit to the state governor Darius Ishaku to commiserate with him over the death of a member of the state Assembly, Hon. Hosea Ibi, who was kidnapped and later killed by his abductors, and victims of recent attacks in the state.

Sekondus said that the APC led federal government has completely failed in its primary responsibility of protecting lives and property of the people, as seen in its poor management of the security situation in Benue, Taraba and other parts of the country.

The PDP leader warned the present security situation was breeding serious crisis that could escalate beyond control if it is not urgently addressed.

“In the right order of things, there is nothing else that can replace the sacredness of human lives, and so when you see lives been wasted, it gives you cause for worry. It becomes even more worrisome when the people who should protect lives become so complacent.

“So far, the APC led federal government has failed the people woefully and urgently need to review the entire security architecture of the country to avoid a state of anarchy. Any delay could be regrettably dangerous”, Sekondus said.

He further alleged that mercenaries have been imported into the country and called on the security agencies to address the situation and allay the fears of the people before people resort to self help.

While appreciating the leadership of the party for the visit, Gov Darius Ishaku said that he had received notice of impending attack on the state in ten days time.

Ishaku lamented that he was handicapped as a governor to protect his people because the federal government exerts absolute control over the security agencies and when threats are reported, they are treated without any sense of urgency, often with grave consequences on the lives and property of the people.

The governor insisted that restructuring was the only way out of the current quagmire as decentralization of security agencies was imperative for effective policing of the rural areas.

“As we speak, I have received notice that Taraba state would be attacked in ten day’s time. As a governor and chief security officer of my state, I don’t have control over the police or any other security agencies and when you inform them of the situation, the will tell you we need to contact our bosses and this often leads to costly delays.

“It is shameful that innocent lives are wasted and nothing is done over it. It is high time we restructure the system. The choice is ours to wither do it now and move forward as a nation or continue deceiving ourselves and end up like Somalia, ruled by war lords”.

Gov Ishaku said the his heart still bleeds over the sixty three innocent persons that were killed and given mass burial recently in Lau local government area of the state and many others who have lost their lives in avoidable circumstances regretted that peace has remain illusive in the state despite all the efforts he has put in place to fast track development.

Daily Sun recall that Ishaku, in a rare outburst in Jalingo on Wednesday, had described Nigerian Governors as toothless bulldogs and kings without crowns since they have the constitutional responsibility to protect the lives and property of the people without commensurate control over the security agencies to carry out the responsibility.


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  1. Tony 1st February 2018 at 3:35 pm

    Yes. The security architecture of Nigeria is in the hands of the hausa / fulani . Including boko haram which is the military wing of APC is headed by an hausa / fulani

  2. Kabiyeze 1st February 2018 at 5:28 pm

    If everyone is shouting that all security heads are controlled by one tribe and nobody is raising the issue officially via the National Assembly it means that those who should legitimately challenge the abuse of the federal character, tribalism, nepotism and clannishness that the adminstration is openly and boastfully implementing with impunity have been compromised. The Senate is looking the other way, they confirmed all those appointments knowingly. They have refused to discuss the matter. They refused to engage the president on that, nor activate their oversight role over the executive including impeachment to correct the impunity. The recent directive by the IG to State Commissioners of Police to disarm vigilantes who has been the only outfit that can stop the foreign terrorists infiltrating the hinterlands seems to be a ploy to remove all the necessary impediments that will check the imported terrorists activities in conflagrating the whole nation, and provide an excuse for either military takeover by the same tribe or refusal to conduct election, or peacefully hand over power after election. Party leaders should frontally and visibly engage the presidency on the issue of abuse of Federal Character, nepotism and tribalism in many aspects of national governance and insist on rebalancing immediately before the the claimed ongoing Jihad speeds up.

  3. Ezekiel Okeke 1st February 2018 at 7:13 pm

    Review security, defence, political structures in which fulani criminal terrorists hidden under the dead fraudulent political name Nigeria will no longer control this territory of the natives? Review by who? The so-called Secondus and his dead PDP are still in slumber under the dead fraudulent political name Nigeria. The only scientific structures are only possible under Disintegrated Republics of the natives- Biafra Republic of south east, Niger Delta Republic of south south, Oduduwa Republic of south west, North East Republic, North West Republic, North Central Republic, which must be defended with the Sword in the ongoing Revolution War of the natives. God Is With Us!!!

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