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The path to career success

– Youths: Future, Career and Success, RoyalPriest International Limited, pp. 86

By Simeon Mpamugoh

Seminar speaker and songwriter, Evangelist Royal Priest Goziem, is out with a nonfiction, Youths: Future, Career and Success, a book reflecting on the significance of youths to the development of nations.

The book, which combines reportage, memoirs and analyses to interrogate the place of youths in any society, avers that a society that works with its youths will know peace, development and abidance of resources.

Structured in three parts and eight chapters, Chapter One lays the foundation for the future. It holds that, as it is impossible to build a house without foundation, it is equally suicidal not to plan life from youth phase, for the future must have a base for it to be solid.

“Power of Foresight”, in Chapter Two, brings in Christ’s connection since nobody acts above his/her knowledge and understanding; the imperatives of waiting on God and guidance. It also outlines crucial currencies and key to discovering future, and gaining foresight. It is worthy of read for youths seeking future free of abuse and bad influences, especially because of its scriptural reassurance.

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“Safeguarding Your Future” is the theme treated in Chapter Three. In it, the author denotes that safeguarding your future is protecting it from tragedy. He highlights actions people must take to safeguard their future, such as Divine Guardian and Protection, Godly Parental Care and Mentorship, Confidence in Your Ability, stressing that what a youth who wants to safeguard his future must not be seen to do.

Chapter Four of the book, which occupies the second part, is entitled “Career Discovery”. With a definition of career provided in the chapter, the book records that career must be chosen, and involves training. It also offers opportunities for progress and once chosen, must be devoted to, because it is means of earning money, and main activity that sustains life.

It states that, in career; the reader must choose what gives him satisfaction. The chapter also highlights what choosing a career entails and goes on to pose five questions to light the path to career discovery.

It formulate the G+P+V formula which stands for Gift+Passions+Values, as well as SWOT whereby the reader considers his strength, weakness, opportunity and threats in career choice and self-discovery. There are action points the reader would find useful and engaging. The author goes a step more to tell the reader how to discover his talent and steps towards discovering it, which includes using his hobby as a career start up.

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“Road to Success” occupies a space in Chapter Five. The author defines success as achievement of a desired aim, adding, “It needs hard work, planning and execution.” The author views success from different angles. Get a copy and read it up, as well as the anchorage to success and what he says about want I call the ‘big’ question –“How do you identify an opportunity?”

Part Three signals the seventh chapter of the title, and chronicles inspirational accounts of young Nigerians, who, by sheer dint of hard work and self-conviction, recorded laudable achievements, and inked a future out of available opportunities.

With a well-crafted forward by Jubril Musa, the book is magnanimous with space as it provides inventory of organisations established by government and private sector to help the unemployed in the society.

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One thing spectacular about the book is its drawing from practical experiences of people to illustrate its text. The book is a good motivational material for young people. However, one would have preferred the title, Youth: Future, Career and Success, with a more creative cover design to reflect students in a library or entrepreneurship class. The book’s record of typographic blunders is minutest.



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