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Our most embarrassing Val’s Day –Celebs speak

By Damilola Fatunnmise, Rita Okoye and Precious Igbava

Indeed, Valentine is a season for lovers all over the globe. As Valentine beckons again, celebrants are upbeat about the event and whether you like it or not, come Tuesday, February 14th,  as love would be up in the air, so too will frail hearts be broken. Today, celebrities relive their most embarrassing valentine experiences.

I was caught playing pranks -Lolo 1      

That was the year I took my sister’s Valentine card, erased her name and put mine but someone noticed and blew the whistle on me. I was so embarrassed but I was in secondary school then.

Mum made me dump my lover on Vals day- John Agoha

Last year when I was planning to having a splendid day with my girlfriend, my mother called and asked me to come home that we have a family meeting. Her calls were so persistent that I had to beg my Val to understand and cancel our date. She was not happy with me because she had gone shopping to look good for me. I tried to explain but she refused to understand. Meanwhile, I rushed off to Benin to see mum but there was no meeting of any sort. She was just missing her son and wanted me around. That was how I lost that relationship till date.

My surprise plans were overshadowed- Sophia Willams

My most embarrassing valentine was when I secretly paid for a comedy show and got two tickets just to take my partner out and have fun but I didn’t know that he also had a surprise too. He secretly got a ticket for us to travel out and when he told me two days to Val’s Day to get my things ready I ‎was happy but then sad that I lost the money I used in buying the VIP tickets for the comedy show.

I have never had an embarrassing Val’s Day but… –  Stella Idika

I cant recall any embarrassing Val’s Day but I can remember one one that happened to a friend in Abuja. She had been with this guy for months not knowing he was married. On Val’s Day last year,  unknown to the guy, his wife planned to pay him a surprise visit. My friend was in the kitchen cooking for the big day and hoping the guy wiould propose when madam entered and before my friend could say a word, madam asked who my friend was  and he said ‘Honey, that is the new cook I told you about. Angela meet my wife.” My friend was so shocked that she nearly fainted. She looked at the guy’s finger and noticed he  was wearing his wedding ring on for the first time. he slapped the guy and fled.

Stranger knelt down and begged me to be his Val- Ruth Eze

I entered a restaurant on Val’s Day to get something for myself. As I got in a guy left his sit and came straight to me and knelt down crying that I should please be his Val because  he had nobody. I was like what? It was quite embarrassing because he caused a scene and people were just looking to know my next reaction. We later got talking and became good friends till now.

I promised my lover cake but after paying for it, the outfit relocated- Arinze Okonkwo

That was three years ago. I ordered for a cake a day before D-Day only for me to go pick it up on Val’s Day and receive the news that the outfit had moved to Lekki that morning.  Meanwhile, I had told my lady to be ready for my surprise. I was really embarrassed.

I was robbed on Val’s Day -Young6ix

It was back then in Warri, Delta State. I was robbed on Val’s Day and it was not funny but I thank God I survived.

My husband doesn’t believe in Val’s Day- Bose Alao

I don’t have any embarrassing experience because my husband believes there is nothing special about Val’s Day so I don’t have any interesting story to share.

I had just snubbed a guy chasing me when I tripped and fell -Success Asibor 

I was waiting for my ex at an eatery when a guy approached me for relationship. It was so weird I walked out on him. After a while, I stood up, headed to the restroom but unfortunately I fell down and the guy started making fun of me. I felt like crying.

Val’s day is my birthday – Tope Sholaja

The interesting thing is that Valentine’s Day is always fun for me because it is my birthday. I always have fun all the way so I have no embarrassing tale for now.

I have never experienced such -Tayo Shobola

My dear, I don’t think I have had any such experience.. Valentine is always fun for me. No bad or embarrassing moments so far.


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