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Our family dog was inconsolable when my father died – Judith Audu, actress

Judith Audu is Nollywood actress from Edo State. The thespian who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in  French and Masters degree in Public and International Affairs, both from the University of Lagos is fast building a name for herself in Nollywood. She spoke with Sunday Sun about her firsts. Read on…

First day on screen?

My first day on screen was fun. I learnt a lot from the short scene I played. I realized fast that it was a different ball game and an easier one from where I was coming from. It was different because of all the cameras and lights and because I came from from stage, there was a tendency for me to over act and make everything look larger than life as we do on stage. Then I was really talking so loud as I was not aware of the microphone because on stage we don’t use it. We project. so overtime I got to understand the difference between acting for screen and acting for stage and was able to adjust.

Your first salary as actress?

I can’t remember how much I was paid for the roles I acted any or if I was paid at all. For screen I was in Tajudeen Adepetu’s “One Love”. And for film I featured in Femi Ogedengbe’s “Life is Beautiful.

First trip abroad?

Benin Republic was then first African country I visited. And in Europe, it was Denmark. My journey to Benin Republic was great. We went there on excursion when I was in the Nigerian French Language Village, it was great, everyone was friendly. We came with our food but everything was nice and it was so beautiful. It is a small country that seems to work very well. I have been there several times; it always feels nice. My trip to Denmark was exciting too. Denmark is called the happiest country in the world and I totally agree. The country is so beautiful, the people so friendly and always willing to help. The food, my God, so delicious. My experience in Denmark during my first visit was really fun. It is easy to navigate the town, everything works, everything on time, the weather is always cold even with sun shining; they are very accommodating people. I met a lot of Nigerians there. Everyone is already part of the system. My husband is from there and I was overwhelmed at how they accepted me with open arms. I love Denmark and always look forward to visiting.

First day on movie set?

It was the set of Femi Ogedengbe’s “Life is Beautiful. It was so much fun. I was all hyped  because I don’t speak pidgin and the film was in deep pidgin and everyone on that set was great with it so I learned fast. It was an awesome experience that I would never trade, we worked as one family no one treated anyone like new bees everyone was professional and ready to carry us along.

First movie production?

My first movie production as a producer was a short film called, Not Right. It was also my first time to write a script. The experience was wonderful, all the actors and crew were highly professional and didn’t treat it like it was their first friends job, they put their all into it and made it come out well. We got over six nominations for Best Short Film including the AMVCAs and a team came all the way from Poland to do a five-day documentary on me because of the short film.

First Pet?

Our first pet was named Rocky. We love dogs in my house and we have always had dogs. He was part of the family but when we lost my father he wouldn’t stop crying. He fell ill and died and then we got another dog called Dre since then all our dogs have been named Dre.

First Award?

My first nomination as an actor was from the Nigerian Broadcasting Merit Award 2013. I got nominated for Best Actress on TV for my role in Emerald Series. It felt so real to be noticed and recognized in a pack of so many talents and in 2015 I won my first award as Best Actress 2014 in Short Film  for my role in Alpha Mum. It was overwhelming as I didn’t see it coming. I just went to the film festival to watch films, I didn’t even know awards would be given at at the end of it as there are usually no nominations announced and I was shocked when my name was called. That was the beginning of a lot of great things and my name gradually started becoming well known. Fast forward to 2017 and my production house, Judith Audu Production, has a shelf filled with awards, recognition and merit awards.


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