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Once upon a death trap called Calabar-Odukpani road

The story of Nigeria’s infrastructural road network has always been a pathetic one to tell and write about irrespective of the person telling or writing about it.

The roads, both federal and state have been in continual worrisome situations that have caused accidents resulting in death and destruction of goods of traders who ply the roads for business and commercial purposes on daily basis.

On July 27, I embarked on a one day journey to my village Ikono in Akwa Ibom State in a commercial bus. While journeying through the Federal Calabar-Odukpani Road which is the only major artery for commercial enterprise, we came across a pit of about three to four feet that chopped a half lane of the major road caused by the current rainy season. For me, it is of necessity to express my valid concern to this ugly situation that is important and sensitive to our collective existence as human beings and bring to the attention of concerned authorities to take drastic, urgent steps and action to repair this road which undoubtedly poses as an impending danger and threat to lives. While inside the commercial bus to and fro, the passengers/commuters in the bus I boarded expressed total contempt and disappointment for such neglect of an important road that serves as the only link between Calabar and the outside world.

Faced by this disturbing and worrisome stark reality of  a dangerous death trap in the highway, it would be a grievous error on my part not to express my opinion and viewpoint of alerting concerned authorities to find solution to these challenges after a personal deep reflection.

Repairing these roads would bring much gains in economic sense to Cross River State and avoid the loss of lives which is precious than all the vanities of this world.

Udom Dominic Bassey writes from Calabar


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