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Okorocha blasts Imo economic group

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, yesterday lambasted the Prof. Maurice Iwu-led Imo Economic Development Initiative for allegedly leaking the outcome of a private meeting they held at the Government House, Owerri on Friday  January 5, to the press.

Iwu and his group had visited the governor to discuss issues affecting the state including issues of the debt status of the state, which the group said stood at N93 billion; economy of the state; donor agencies, the ban of Keke operations in the state capital, IGR and poverty level among others.

Before the meeting which was held behind closed doors, the governor had directed all those coming for the meeting to deposit their phones with the protocol personnel at the entrance of the venue to make sure that the discussion remained private.

Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Sam Onwuemeodo, however, accused Iwu and his team of leaking the discussions to the press. He described the economic team as agroup of people who did not deserve government’s respect.

“Less than 48 hours, the story of the meeting was everywhere in the media with some of them quoting from the document Prof. Iwu read. Which means the team released the document they came with to the press. And by so doing, justifying the initial observations of the governor concerning the timing of the meeting and the political inclinations and aspirations of key members of the team.

“For that reason, we do not think that Prof. Iwu and his team deserve our respect again, having abused the respect we had extended to them, since one does not eat his cake and still have it.

“We have always maintained that the 2019 election will be left for Imo people to decide at the poll with regard to who will govern the state after Governor Okorocha. It is not by tricks. We have our achievements to show the difference between us and all those before us.

“And they know that it will be difficult for Imo people not to listen to Rochas when the time comes with regard to his monumental achievements.

“It is going to be achievements galore versus propaganda stuff. And your guess will be as good as mine, on the one that would mean much to Imo people when the time comes.”


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  1. Azzo 9th January 2018 at 1:56 pm

    But why must a meeting that is focused on benefiting the well being of Imo state citizens be a secret? Are we to understand that all Imo citizens are cult members? This is a meeting initiated by a government whose primary interest is to serve its people by way of giving them the dividends of democracy. This meeting is centred on the economic situation of the state and how to address this for the betterment of Imo citizens. Why should it then be a meeting held in secret and members compelled to take an oath with Imo government against making its outcome known to Imo citizens? Is this how Imo people want to be governed – in secrecy? You seize their phones prior to the meeting, why did you not seize the documents too after the meeting? But even if you did that, could you also seize their mouth? Na waoo for dis our country!!!! Is this the reason for creating the ministry of happiness so that Imo people can be happy in secret? Asi kwam kan juor ajujuooo!!

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