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NYSC : Nigerians react to the fatal shooting of Linda Nkechi Igwetu

Omotayo Edubi

Yesterday, a youth corps member, Linda Angela Igwetu, who was supposed to pass out today July 5th, was gun-down by a policeman in Abuja.

Linda was celebrating her passing out with her friends when the policeman shot at their car. She got gunshot wound and was rushed to Garki hospital but the hospital refused treating her because there was no police report authorizing them to treat her gunshot wound even though police men were there. She bled to death.

Nigerians on Twitter are angry about the incident and are lamenting about how unsafe it is to complete the NYSC programme.


How many people have died because they left the comfort of their state of residence to another state miles away because of Nysc? Youths who labored for degrees couldn’t even use them because they live in a country so religious yet so lawless & unruly with no regard for life.


I am not going to do NYSC if something isnt done to ensure the safety of corpers! I am somebodys child, we are all important to people and are needed alive!

If my country doesnt place any value on my life, why am I serving it?!! 🗣


To think that @nysc_ng is yet to release a statement about the death of this young lady.

To think that @nysc_ng would not pay for the legal services being offered by @segalink

To think that @YomiShogunle could still downplay this girl’s death.

We need to #ReformNaijaJudiciary


A serving youth corper passing out tomorrow shot dead by a policeman and no word from the NYSC body?

Human lives mean nothing in Nigeria.

It’s not normal. This has to stop.

We don’t need police anymore, they are the danger we seek protection from.

Photo of the Police officer that shot Linda


Finishing NYSC and returning home safely to your family has become a miracle.


NYSC staff will use the case of that lady that was shot at 3am to advice corpers not to go out and party at night.

They’ll ignore every other thing and say ‘Once you leave your PPA, go home.’


NYSC should be scrapped. It has lost its relevance.


Ms Linda Nkechi Igwetu, a NYSC Member serving in Abuja & due for P.O.P tomorrow. She was shot dead by a police officer named Benjamin Peters.The killings of innocent Nigerian youths by those whose job it is to protect them continues unabated.


It’s not until over 100 people die at once before everyone start speaking out. Every life lost counts, a Nysc Corper in Abuja was shot dead by a police officer, only few people are talking about it. It should be trending, @PoliceNG must not be allowed to lie their way out of this


The most annoying part of this NYSC babe that was killed by the police is the fact that the hospital refused to grant her treatment because of no police report, even despite police officers’ presence.


There should be a March for Linda and all those that have been oppressed by the police and other law enforcement officials!

Here’s an idea: for starters all NYSC Corp members passing out today should wear a black T-shirt instead of the white for their passing out ceremony!



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