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“Now this is a sight any mortal man will give anything to behold”

“Which of you is Zara?” the cocky stranger asked, giving us a belligerent look. “Who wants to know?” Zara answered rudely. “Well I do!” He shouted above the music and suddenly the lights went dimmer, didn’t think that was possible.

The next thing we know a spotlight appeared on the exact spot Mr ‘party crasher’ stood and the music changed at the exact moment he yanked off his pants. Yeah you got that right, he was a stripper! To say we were shocked was an understatement; our shock quickly changed to varying degrees of; excitement, definitely Zara, indignation, that will be Kaycee, delight, who else but Jasmine, Bola…is that smugness? Can’t be sure, it’s kind of dark in here.

As for me, I wasn’t surprised, in fact very little surprised me nowadays and believe me with a friend like Zara, nothing can shock you. It was becoming increasingly obvious that this was a planned surprise but the culprit was the surprise, Bola! If it were Jasmine I would not be surprised but Bola, hmmmn.

Kaycee and I sat down while Zara, Jasmine and Bola hooted and took turns to dance with the stripper. By this time all the Ladies in the room had gathered around and the night turned out to be crazy with the girls throwing their undies at the stripper and running amok.

We finally left at about 2.00am by this time Kaycee was beside herself, I could understand her feelings but I wasn’t totally sympathetic. Why? Because Kaycee by now should know Zara and she wasn’t forced to come. The next day at work was quiet; so my Secretary took time to rearrange my office.

It wasn’t funny when Rick walked in and I was on all fours trying to sort out a set of books I had mistakenly knocked over. Just as I had a premonition someone was standing by my door and observing what I was doing, I heard a low whistle and ‘my tormentor’ said “now this is a sight any mortal man will give anything to behold,” a dark husky voice muttered. A shiver went down my spine and I cursed the fact that I did not lock the door.

I turned towards him, a plastic smile glued to my face as I tried very hard not to stare at him hungrily. Has the world gone mad or is it just me? The guy is insanely handsome and sexy and he knows it I thought resentfully. I was thinking about all sorts of things I had no business thinking about. I know God is a just and fair God but some people just seem to have all the lucky breaks. “Are you going to invite me in or are we going to stand here all day while you ogle me?” He said a mischievous glint in his eyes. He continued’, “course if we are, I am perfectly ok with it!” Dark intent was written all over his face.

I was jolted back to earth. I don’t understand this guy, I fumed within me. After all he has put me through, men as always want to eat their cake and have it. Do you guys remember Sotonye? Oh yes the same girl that fostered her pregnancy on Rick. Well she has had her Baby and it’s a boy. She held a lavish naming ceremony and of course sent me an invite, how else will she rub it in.

The little conniving b**ch! I thought, swallowing the bile of jealousy that tried to envelop me.  After our little brouhaha at the Restaurant where she stage managed a fainting spell, Sotonye used the incident to manipulate Rick. You would not believe what she made him do but that is gist for another day. Thinking about it now is enough to cure me from my love blues. I scowled at him. Why won’t this man leave me alone!        


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