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“No darling, don’t scowl at me, I didn’t get you high last night”

Efe Anaughe

“Going somewhere?” Dennis said from the dark shadows of the night. I stopped in my track, feeling trapped. “Actually, I and the girls have an outing tonight,” I stammered. “Dressed like that?” He asked huskily, caressing me with his eyes while he looked me over. “It’s a theme thing,” I said defensively feeling self-conscious which was annoying. I left shortly after pacifying him and assuring him that I will make myself available next week.

The girls were already in Bola’s Jacuzzi when I got there. “I thought we were having a picnic? What is going on here?” I asked in surprise. “Join us Tobs, the water is refreshing,” Jasmine said in excitement. I sat daintily at the edge of a beach chair by the pool. “Hey girl change of plans,” Bola said sauntering up to me and giving me a spontaneous bear hug. Other Ladies started trouping in after a few minutes.

I looked askance at Bola who had just finished dishing out instructions to a uniformed bartender. “I thought it will be a good idea if I invite more Ladies; we are still having our lingerie party when our guests are gone.

It is Ladies night and we are going to have a blast,” she screamed excitedly. “By the way you have a bikini with your name on it in my room, go change girl,” Bola whispered in my ear as if she could read my mind. When I got to Bola’s room I looked around the aqua, taupe and cream scheme. The variety of fabric chosen was kept to a minimum to allow maximum effect from the main design featuring cherubs and flowers on a linen. To retain the lovely restored wood features around the house, the large rug was designed to leave an exposed border of flooring around the room which tied in with the exposed ceiling beams and the antique decorative accessories.

The team lavished style and comfort in this room with a chaise lounge; dressing table and free standing mirror were all chosen for a relaxed bedroom experience. It is truly a lovely room. I looked at the bed longing, only the thought of Bola and her married lover rolling under the sheet kept me from snuggling in. I stifled a yawn as I opened the shopping bag with my name boldly written on top.

I loved the bikini; though a little revealing but it came with a lovely, kimono style flowery caftan that matched the bikini, it had a free bohemian look that appealed to my wild side but had an understated elegance.

“There you are, the games are just about to begin,” Jasmine said handing me a drink that tasted fruity but I couldn’t guess what was in it.

After a few sips, I started feeling light headed, what is in this drink I mused even as I sipped more of it. I hope Zara or Jasmine have not spiked my drink I muttered to myself fuzzily. I have a hazy recollection of that night. I recollect vaguely doing a sexy, raunchy dance with one of the male strippers and there was a ‘truth or dare’ game and Zara dared me to do a pole dance in front of all. Since I was high, that was not a problem. “I told you it was too much but you did not listen,” I heard Jasmine say. “At least it helped her relax, you were the one who said she needed to re-ax, haba stop worrying.

She will be ok,” I heard Zara say as I drifted into blissful oblivion. There is going to be some reckoning when I wake up I reasoned from my fuzzy brain. Thank God it’s Saturday, I held my head grimacing in pain as I opened my eyes and rays of sunlight slewed into the guest room I was in from the open curtains. I had the grandfather of all headaches and that put me in a bad mood. “Wake up sunshine, here is a drink to make you feel better.

No darling, don’t scowl at me, it wasn’t my suggestion to get you high last night. In fact I was against it,” Bola said smiling at me innocently.

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