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No Better Music Than Jazz – Samir Bader, Businessman

By Christy Anyanwu

Samir Bader is the Director of Cozy Choice Concept Limited, a  furniture firm soon to be launched in Nigeria. He said the company was incorporated in Nigeria early this year by seasoned professionals. Said he “We decided to be the solution by making everything easy from  assembly to purchase and then shipping.” He spoke to Sunday Sun about his favourites.

Favourite food?
Spicy Chicken suya. I like  spices. It could be meat suya or chicken suya. After a hard day’s work I enjoy suya.

Favourite color?
Blue. It’s comfortable.

Favourite holiday spot?
I think Paris is one of the best. It’s nice and quiet. Many would associate  Paris with luxury. Wherever you go in Paris, you enjoy yourself. Buildings in Paris are unique and with  luscious green gardens also known as living walls or vertical gardens.

Favourite weather?
I like the rainy season. Rain makes me feel cool and comfortable. Once the rains begin, our local vegetation flourishes. The trees and  grasses green up, flowers blossom and  butterflies come out of the woodwork. I love the rainy season.

Favourite sport?
I’m not a sports person but I think I like walking. I’m more into walking and jogging. I’m not a football person or a sport person per se.

Favourite car?
I love German cars. Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, Audi, just name them. They are strong and durable.

Favourite leader?
I have never thought about any leader. I don’t have any favourite leader for now.

Favourite book?
Anything about architecture and design and it’s because of my business.

Favourite furniture?
Any classy, durable and comfortable furniture. Everything  you  need in a stylish, comfortable living room and bedroom.

Favourite music?
I love jazz. I’m sure everyone thinks his or her favourite music is the best. But when I say there’s no better music than jazz, the only ones with a good argument against it are those who listen to classical music. Besides jazz, classical and some folk music are also good.


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