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Nigeria sold as a mission, and played as a game

When Muhammad Buhari was elected the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he swore he was on a mission to salvage a failing or failed nation. Of course those of them who gave him votes believed him. For those of us who are just observers, lay historians and other third parties, we kept our eyes fixed on the opera glasses. What was important to us is, what are the forces at work, and not the men at play. That is, what are the hidden bones behind the many myths we are being served?

Of course we have known and stated, that despite the theatre going on, Nigeria is a game, never mind it is sold as a mission. And this, even at the highest realms of the land.

Now the $25 billion NNPC-gate is providing further evidence, that, Nigeria is marketed a mission, that Nigeria is gamed, a quarry, a tribal, an ethnic, a religious etc. quarry.

Now, these are the details as we know them. Buhari is the President of Nigeria. Buhari is also the substantive Minister of Petroleum. Dr Ibe Kachikwu was moved around and was finally stabilized as the junior Minister of Petroleum. It is also known that Buhari appointed him the Chairman of the NNPC Board. And then Dr Maikanti Maru washed up. He became the GMD of the NNPC. And ran shop like never before we are told.

And then Kachikwu blew the bubble. There is more corruption in NNPC, Kachikwu seemed to hint, than there is in hell. Jesus, not even Satan could have been so corrupt, could have been so dismissive of due processes, Kachikwu dissed.

Boy, whenever, wherever due process is breached, it is certain the bandits are at work and play. Bandits at NNPC? That is the moral equivalent of having Evans the kidnap entrepreneur as a keeper of national treasury. This is Nigeria. Boy things happen.

Now the matter gets the more curious. Before we go a step forward the following caveat. If a guy affirms ABC, and XYZ can be deduced out of it, it then follows he has also said XYZ.

Anyway before the outrage of the citizens could hardly rise, defences started to pour in for Dr Baru the great. It is now supposed that he was as clean as virgin crotch. He neither sinned, nor bleached veracities. He was straight as saints can be. One of those defenders was an unnamed, but very knowledgeable and senior NNPC hand. The report, in part reads as follows:

Sources close to the Group Managing Director… Maikanti Baru, have revealed the reasons the NNPC boss ignored… Ibe Kachikwu in the running of the corporation.

The sources told SUNDAY PUNCH that the Act establishing the NNPC stipulates that the chairman of the corporation’s board is the Minister of Petroleum Resources and not the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources.

…. However, Buhari had named Kachikwu the chairman of the NNPC board. [Emphasis ours. The game begins. Ahiazuwa].

According to them, Baru did no wrong by reporting to the President on issues of the oil firm, as he was only obeying the NNPC Act.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source who is highly-placed in the corporation said, “The NNPC Act does not recognise a minister of state. The act is explicit that the petroleum minister is the chairman of the NNPC board.” [The game enters elimination series. Ahiazuwa].

When asked if Buhari was not aware of the NNPC Act before announcing a chairman for the corporation’s board, the source replied, “These were some of the issues raised at the meetings the President is holding. [A boardroom goal is about to be scored. Ahiazuwa].

“The NNPC GMD reports to the corporation board chairman, who of course, is the President. He (Baru) goes to the chairman because that is what the Act says.” [It’s now scored. Just watch the scoreboards. Ahiazuwa]. Why NNPC boss ignored Kachikwu–Sources. Punch 08-10-2017.

Now according to the unnamed defenders/sources, Buhari appointed Kachikwu the Chairman of NNPC. The sources said that Buhari knew, that he Buhari, was by law the said Chairman, that is, he couldn’t in law have appointed anyone else. [Buhari as president has a team of lawyers servicing him. Anyway, before the law, ignorance is no alibi. You are assumed to know. So Buhari knows, according to the sources and the law. So the drama of wondering whether he knows is mute and of no effect whatsoever].

Well, since Dr Baru routinely approached Buhari in Buhari’s capacity as the Chairman of NNPC Board, according to the report, the following may be said. It is that Buhari knowingly appointed Kachikwu as a drone chairman, repeat, drone chairman, not even a placeholder chairman. Meanwhile the same Kachikwu is sold and or fronted as substantive Chairman. You see the game? These things are important. Perhaps this is time to recall our earlier post. We speculated correctly as follows:

So the questions arise. Could Kachikwu not have known he was appointed as a drone not even a placeholder? Does he not know that there is no mission that is Nigeria? Does not know that Nigeria is a game? Does he not know that those who play that Nigeria may win, lose out themselves? ‘’Forget the Kachikwu drama. It is all a drama.’’ Facebook post: 04-10-17

It may now be said be affirmed that the appointment of Kachikwu was as a game but sold as a mission, to fool, perhaps even the very elect. They all knew according to the unnamed and perhaps unnameable sources that it was a game. And this, from the beginning. So according to the sources the whole game is to deceive the very Nigerian multitudes, literally to rub them of their votes.

And next, the unnamed sources fall into the error of the fool in a fable. Rather than be wise just like Socrates by knowing you are the fool, they begin to smarten up, playing they are bright like the burning sun. So they committed their greatest error, by trying to correct what they thought was a great error. The greatest error was to admit that that Baru went to the Petroleum Minister who is also the president, who has also officially appointed a replacement Chairman. Officially Kachikwu is sold to the public as the substantive Chairman, not a drone or even placeholder chairman. So Kachikwu is another form of the Nigeriana genus and game. The Nigeria State itself is sold as Federal, but is run by Northernization constitution of Abubarka as a unitary state. You get the drift, the parent drift? It is an old game as ancient as Gowonism. Abubarkaism and his so called constitution are evolutionary states of Gowonism.

Now a chairman in law does not act and cannot act unilaterally. He is only a chairman in session, in council. That is, he must only act on behalf of others in the manner, of nothing for us, without us. So Mr Buhari as an individual is not the chairman of NNPC. He is only chairman acting in session or in council, not outside it. And a salient part of the Kachikwu’s whining is that the board not just himself, Kachikwu, was not consulted. But Baru is opening up the front that Buhari alone was also the Board and the law. This is at least according to these sources.

Anyway, for us nobodies are guilty or innocent. We are not interested in such classifications. For us the only game is to isolate the real powers at work, not the banners on display. And if we reached at such conclusions, ours is to advice our clients who pay cash and citizens who have ears. It is the same old advice. It is just that the NNPC-gate provides a further proof and this at the highest realms of the land. Nigeria despite all assurances is a game, is played a game and sold to fools or the fooled, as a mission. So the smartest thing is to wake up, lace up your boots, not quite, your brains, and get into the fray. Nigeria is your quarry. This is the secret at work, forget the mantras at play. Nigeria is a game. Only the fools or the fooled go for the mission and lose and are lost.

Next time you get about to deal with Nigeria, remember that the elephant, Nigeria, has fallen, fallen, a quarry. The next move, is to ready your knives and pumpkin leaves. Even if you missed on the tusks, at least there will be the pepper soup. Never let them fool you that the elephant will come back to life. It is a designated and now fallen quarry. Ahiazuwa. Stop press. The NNPC has given its defence. Nothing in that defence contradicts our positions above.

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  1. Peter Okeke 12th October 2017 at 9:10 am

    The North plays the game while the south watch, discuss and report it. The North makes the history while the south write it as faithful secretary. In the arrangement the south is always on standby waiting for the North to make the move that determines the direction of the talk. The south is configured and condemned to talking talk and analysing the north game and moves. The South assumes a role that they are not ready to unassum. The North is living the reality of pacesetters. The reality of the south is in their trapped dreams. Can the roles be switched? The South is not ready and willing especially when they are willing tools in the hands of the north. This is the reality. The South cry goes south when their exposed rump receive searing North burnt. Pathetic. Very pathetic. Should the crump drop or not? What shape will it assume from the North sumptuous table?

  2. Ezekiel Okeke 12th October 2017 at 3:04 pm

    As I have long said, the political name nigeria from inception, is only fraudulent instrument to loot the natives. A generation used it 1914-1960, the fallen caliphate in the name of nigeria has been using it to loot south since 1970 and call it National Cake. But it is over as far as Biafra is concerned. God Is With Us!!!

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