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Nigeria shall see change in 2018

How do I know? Number one, it’s a new year; number two, its predecessor was a horrible ruler (back-to-back suffering not allowed); and number three, hope teaches that ‘joy cometh in the morning. The 365-day reign of 2017 that brought untold recession and concomitant anguish, hardship, destruction, sickness and death was a long night. Now, with the dawn of 2018, old things have passed away, all things have become new!

I don’t need to be a prophet to demand supernatural damages to compensate for the monumental natural damage we suffered last year. This year comes good; a blessing, a harvest, a rewarder, a beauty. The Chair of Akwa Ibom State Board of Internal Revenue, Mr. Okon Okon, has just forwarded me a whatsapp video shot in next-door Ghana, where just as 2017 was retreating, geologists found a sweet fragrance-emitting, cross- bearing, blast-proof rock in a quarry. Could God, tired of how we squandered His presence, have moved across the border to try out others?

I don’t know if that’s being superstitious, but those thoughts inundated my mind as I watched the footage. Where I come from, superstition is in our DNA. I can’t seem to shake them off. Still, my faith maintains 2018 as the year for Nigeria and Nigerians, willy-nilly.

Nigerians should join this believing-and-speaking crusade. In 1 Kings 17:1b, the Bible recounts that Elijah -without consulting God- thundered: ‘As the LORD God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, but according to my word (KJV). Ahab, to whom he uttered this seemingly impossible prophecy, must have chuckled in disbelief; just as someone reading me now pokes fun: is Michael also among the prophets? See, People of God, Elijah only believed and spoke out in faith, and God honoured him: why can’t He me?

He’s the God of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, isn’t He? What He did for one then, He would do for another now, right? Elijah declared and He heard him, even providing for him during the ensuing internecine lack; why won’t He hear me and make 2018 our year? If there’s a man, just one man, to declare, to pray, to believe, surely there’s a God to answer.

Fellow Nigerians, come let us declare together. 2018 is our year. No force, no sin, no foolishness, no principality, no government, no authority, no enemy can stop that. I declare: 2018 is my year.

2018 is a-talismanic year for my family, community, Local Government Area; for my state, country, continent, and for our world. 2018 is a massive window, too protected to shut out all evils; too wide to let in all goodies. 2018 bears blessings in both hands. 2018 is the year of reward, laughter, freedom; the year of fruitfulness, harvest, favour; the year of turn-around indemnity!

I bless those who bless you. 2018 bears pleasant surprises for the blessser and the blessee. However, I also hear that the year harbours some double-edged potentialities. It carries an unseen dagger.

I am not a channel of curses yet I cannot but transmit what I hear. Here’s it: 2018 is also a year of judgment. Politicians, rulers, exploiters and such other haters of Nigeria, beware. 2018 comes with stupendous shame: to depose, to maim, to destroy, to kill, to retaliate, to avenge. Beware, I say beware: 2018 is an incredible dormant volcano!

I am done. I have told you what I hear: 2018 is a special year that is careful to allow you lie only in the bed you make. Choose right so you may live and enjoy the economic, political, business, career, spiritual, physical, health, wealth and sundry abundance on cue. God bless Nigeria with a smashing 2018!

Re: My 2019 fears for President Buhari

Last Monday, this column received a torrent of vitriolic comments. Politics of the change era has succeeded in putting us permanently on edge. Check out the reaction by this university teacher, Mr. Eyo Etim:

‘The Boss, I’ve just read your fears for the president. It’s a scathing indictment of the current administration. The epic piece succinctly documents the failure of the federal government and in the end expresses worry over the problematics of its continuity beyond the next general elections.

‘It’s a scientific prophecy that must be taken seriously. However, my concern is that Nigerians have been thrown into a vicious circle; of choosing between two devils every election: the APC and PDP being the problems of this country. We should begin to write ourselves out of this dangerous cycle so PDP don’t return in 2019 with their old story of impunity and corruption.

‘It’s time for a total overhaul of the system. Nigerians must be made to see the tragedy of our economic and political stagnation decades after Independence. I’m so despondent with the entire structure; but, once again, congratulations on the thought-provoking piece.

You can be sure we haven’t heard the last of this. PDP- and indeed the APC- should fire back in no time. Next week, I deflect all that firepower to you if!

Posthumous political appointments

I want to remain a Nigerian in my next life. Welcome to my country, where citizens come from the dead to vote or be offered political appointments and then die back!

My, my, my! To be sure, even the most meticulous among us could make these mistakes but to explain them away so nonchalantly or childishly suggest that others are as guilty is ridiculous and unforgivable.

These people must either show us some respect, class and honesty in 2018 or we throw/lock them out in 2019. Enough is enough!


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