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Will APC fly or crash?

The latest in town is the merger of four parties: ACN, ANPP, CPC and broken APGA. As it goes all is well. But all that is on the unexamined surface. Beneath the planned merger are complications no commentators are mentioning. This silence is due we suspect to a confusion of ideas and facts on the ground. Lawyers use a term; a meeting of the minds.

Its absence may make a contract void or voidable. Its political equivalent is to talk one thing and mean or act another. In the words of our in-house Israeli consultant, Aris, it is to talk Plato and act Aristotle. For Nigerian politics it is agreed as follows: There have never been parties in Nigeria. That is parties, defined as structures built to canvass and uphold certain ideas. What we have had are structures built to advance the ambitions of persons or their zones into national power.

AG was a Yoruba vehicle to capture power for Awolowo at the centre. And NCNC betrayed its personality neurosis when Zik fled Lagos to dispossess Eyo Ita at home. NPC says it best: We are Northern Peoples’ Congress, shikena. And the dubious heritage lingers. ACN despite its pretensions is a Yoruba party playing to capture power for its sponsors at Abuja. And it shows in its key power configurations. All party worthies, from Akande to Lai Mohammed are of ethnic Yoruba or South-West origins. Ditto for CPC and possibly worse.

All CPC’s key offices are run by Northern or moslem flunkeys. Even Tony Momoh despite pretensions, is a moslem or was born into a proselytizing moslem family, investigations reveal. That is even if he confesses no faiths, as it presently suits him, his default faith is the Islam he was born into. These may be coincidences but they are too insistent for the good of Rome, sorry Abuja. It is wise to remark that ACN and CPC are the key drivers of the proposed union. And they happen to represent the self-elected, North and South-West only, Security Council members of the Nigerian union.

And this yet is another inclement coincidence. And now the key questions; Are the parties merging as parties or are they coming together as equal regions under the umbrella of parties? The distinction is very important and will shape the viability of APC or otherwise. If they are parties it follows that the negotiations will based on existing political control and jurisdictions. That is South-West disguised as ACN will automatically dictate the game and take a lion’s share of the spoils of the marriage, and therefore hapless Nigeria which they plot to capture.

The import of this is that North under the mask of ANPP/CPC will rank second in spousal control. APGA will come as wedding guests, just enough gift items to record their attendance. And tellingly, there is nothing for the minorities. The import of this is that APC is a merger of the North and the South-West, and their most xenophobic and irredentist wings. That is through political cunning, the two members Security Council of Nigeria are regrouping in the guise there is a civil war or its moral equivalent: a national emergency. And what is the emergency? It is that a minority man, something they never proposed, never imagined, has come to power, independent of them. Jonathan’s presidency is terrible.

But give me a break; the guy is no worse than Gowon, or OBJ or anybody in between, not excluding Buhari while he tyrannized us. So from where does this sense of emergency, of apocalypse erupt? Is it because Jonathan is Ijaw, a non-Security Council national? If the path CPC and ACN are treading cannot bring in all zones as co-equals, then theirs is a neo-fascist partisanship. It is the same, now inheritor pact, one may recall, that supervised the genocide of 3 million fellow citizens under the guise of war; that seized the oils wells of the South-South under the cover of war and transferred those to themselves almost literally, ever since.

What again won’t these people do? Nigerians ronu. Now this is where the PDP beats them and even Keshi. Keshi for all his glory is an AFCON champion. But PDP is the gold standard, the world beater in corruption. But to be fair to them they come with some grace. Ayo Olukotun, unmistakably a sympathizer of ACN affirms this, Punch 15-02-13; PDP is not a party but an assemblage of scheming power technocrats craftily straddling the nation’s geopolitical divisions as a spoils sharing enterprise. That is PDP understands one game. And it is that there have never been parties in Nigeria. So the PDP is constructed to straddle the nation’s geopolitical divisions as a spoils system.

This PDP morality we contend is higher than that of APC or its constituent parts. APC, a non-party as all Nigerian political party-vehicles are, is however an others-excluding spoils system, which claims it’s messianic. It wants an alliance of select zones, the 2 Security Council members, under the guise it is an all parties thing. That is why Lai Mohammed, their motor-mouth, was frothing that APGA representing the South-East was participating. Of course he knew it was a lie, but he wanted the fiction of merger of all zones believed. But all hope is not lost. The one way APC can work is to take a cue from PDP or history and throw away the fiction of parties merging. APC has to serve as a rally point for all regions and zones, since there are really no parties; and non-existents can’t therefore merge.

This alone is the reason parties have never merged in nigeria, they never existed in the first place. A thousand ghosts, as Mother A’endu will remark, cannot merge to have flesh or form. Lawyers say it better; you can’t give what you don’t have. And Mahmud Jega, a senior editor, and decidedly a Buhari sympathizer, confirms that CPC is/ (there are), no real parties in Nigeria: … any observer can see that without Buhari there is no CPC. Daily Trust 18-02-13. But if APC’s game is to consolidate on the Security Council arrangement of Nigeria then it is safer Nigeria is ruined than that a Security Council arrangement subsists. Nigeria must be made an all-zones project – for good or for ill – or there must be no Nigerian projects at all. Time is gone for messiahs, mad specialists or specialist madmen. Redemption now is an all peoples’ game, otherwise Nigeria must be fouled out of play.

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  1. ihatenigeria February 21, 2013 at 1:55 am

    The wise one from the east, the philosopher- king, You will be part of our BIAFRA THINK-TANK. I greet you.

    • Chairman February 21, 2013 at 9:05 am

      Ihatenigeria, this is not a biafran or Igbo affair, so don’t trivialise it, he said the simple truth and let the apc or their supporters disprove him.

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