Wife walks out on two-day-old marriage


In what looked liked a Guinness World Book of Records stuff, a woman, Laure Sulaiman, yesterday got her wish from a Kaduna Sharia Court II, Magajin Gari, to dissolve her two-day-old marriage to Babangida Dan-Auta of Maraban Jos.

Laure may have beaten top American celebrities such as the Kardashian family whose sibling, Kim, married basketball star, Kris Humphreys, for 72 days last year.

Another celebrity, Britney Spears’ marrrriage to Jason Alevander lasted just 55 hours about nine years ago.

In Kaduna yesterday, there was a condition that Laure pay back the dowry she collected.

Laure had on December 10 last year asked the court to dissolve the marriage, saying she was no longer in love with Dan-Auta.

The husband, however, told the court that the wife was hiding something as she had demanded for divorce only two days after their marriage.

Laure had told the court: “I don’t love him and I want this court to grant me divorce. I am ready to return the N10,000 he paid as dowry. I cannot be obedient to him as a wife.’’

Dan-Auta disputed the wife’s claim on the amount paid as dowry.

He said that he paid N17, 000 and not N10,000.

He said that the woman, who was divorced before their marriage, had also lied to him on the number of her children.

According to Laure’s husband, though she told him she had three kids, he later found out that she had given birth to eight children from a previous marriage.

He noted that the woman left their home two days after the wedding, asking him to divorce her.

The Khadi, Malam Ibrahim Inuwa, had adjourned the case three times before acceeding to the request for divorce.

He had earlier given the couple up to yesterday to reconcile their differences.

At yesterday’s sitting, the couple, however, opted for divorce, saying that they were unable to resolve their differences.

Inuwa, therefore, ordered Laure to pay back the N17,000 dowry by tomorrow (January 4) before the marriage could be legally dissolved.

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  2. N17,000 bride price for a woman who has bore seven children for another man? Those children are boko haram materials.

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  4. The Idiot might have caused that woman’s marriage.
    Trust Mallam their devilish power.
    He opted have been jailed for his selfish interest of wanting the whole of the eight Children to go and beg arms for him but when the woman said she is releasing three, problems bust out.

    • There is nothing wrong in the woman re-marrying. Do you think she should remain divorced and prostitute to have sex? What makes you think that she would want another kids again?

  5. Woman pls, marry your children forget that sex urge that is pushing you to a new husband, care for their future.

  6. It is a shame on d part of d man 2 have even ague on wat he paid as bride price. He would ve accepted d desolution of d marriage n walk away.

    • Y, wont he collect his moni after d discovery of eight chldrn whose future will end up in the southern part of nigeria begging for alms/eastern . Dos pple are bastards, d dnt av shame atall on theior faces. man, collect ur moni sharp-sharp nd walk away

  7. All of you are only talking about this senseless woman but what about the man? Who knows, he may be having four wives already and 32 children and still be willing to have more. Any wonder why almajeris and boko haram will continue to thrive in the north? Ask the man the job he is doing to be able to feed all the children and send them to school (not koranic school).

  8. Arrant nonsense! A woman with 8 children still wants more and a lunatic of a man is arguing about how much he paid as bride price! Totally insane and shameless couple. God have mercy! This is the reason why many parts of the north are so retrogressive and islamists are having a field day!

    • @ peter, God punish you for this bad comment about ISLAM. You seems not to know what you saying.You are to comment on the story not to abuse any religion.If you don’t understand what Islam is all about, i will teach you if you can engage me.ISLAM IS A TOTAL WAY OF LIFE.


  10. @ Peter Omelazu. What brought issue of Islam into de issue of 2 irresponsible adults. Why do ve misconception for de religion you know nothing about?It is ur type dat cause problem in de nation. Have you ever in ur lyf taken time to know what this religion really talking about. Put centiment aside and try to know wat Islam is all about. Let extent our tentacle even to find out truth cos wit centiment I don’t think we learn anythin without biasei.

  11. C d pratice dat led 2 almajiris al ova d north. Afta fadarn al doz bastard, d stupd man wil jst kil an infidel, den go 2 dia stupd allah 2 continue his sex escapade. Hahahahahaha!

  12. jesusb4paradise on

    oh! get yourself ready to meet God. You have some questions to answer on the last day. Clean up youself in the BLOOD OF JESUS.

  13. Stupid comments from some stupid mumus.God saved the man from perpetual disgrace,of what use is a wife that cannot respect her husband

  14. u see d wmn hv seen may b d man is not cpble to hd hr as wife o d man see d wmn ovr pwr him so islam gv dem rght to divrs so she did dat to hv rlv so divrs in is normal to muslim is thre wok dat y dey hv sharia court no mind boko haram family

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