Why we must negotiate with Boko Haram –Abidoye, spiritual head, C&S movement



Spiritual Head of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement Worldwide, Most Reverend Samuel Abidoye, yesterday told the Federal Government to negotiate with Boko Haram for peaceful settlement of enmity of the group against the country.

The negotiation, he believes, would lead to amicable resolution of the insurgencies of the group, the way the 1998 Good Friday Agreement set a blueprint for peaceful settlement of violent conflicts between protestants unionists, who seek to keep the province, a permanent part of Britain, and the mainly Catholic republicans, who want a united Ireland.

Apart from the fact that the agreement led to shifting control of the province’s police from Britain to local governments, it came after months of disputes that brought the government to the brink of collapse, and required the intervention of the prime ministers of Britain and Ireland. Abidoye gave the charge during a visit to the Corporate Headquarters of The Sun Publishing Limited, Lagos ahead of investiture and inauguration of Right Revd. (Dr.) Solomon Akinsanya, as the chairman, Ewu-Tuntun District Sub Headquarters, slated to hold later this week at No 1 Anthony Obe Street, Off Beesam Toll-Gate, Ewu-Tuntun, Mafoluku, Oshodi, Lagos.

Abidoye, who was accompanied by some senior officers of the church, was received by Editor, Daily Sun, Mr. Steve Nwosu, Editor, Soccer Star, Mr. Kunle Solaja, Deputy Editor, Saturday Sun, Mr. Bruce Malogo, Internal Audit Manager, Mr. Johnson Ogwumike and Principal Human Resource Manager, Pastor Patrick Enilama. According to Abidoye: “Let’s listen to what they want to say. Let us try to educate them. Let them know when you will discuss with them. When you understand the situation, you will understand their position and we’ll come to a position where we can get settlement or peace.

“How many lives have been lost? Of these lives that have been lost, tell me how many children of the minister or the president were among them?” On whether Nigeria should accept the terms set by Boko Haram, Abidoye advised: “We should know what they want. They cannot just be killing people. There must be reasons. What do they want? Is it because they don’t want us to go to the Western world civilisation? “If we say yes, let them understand; most of them use pen to write, they use sophisticated instruments.

They were made by the Western world. Then, if you don’t want us to go with them, why do you use them?” Answering questions on incessant bombings of churches in the North, Abidoye, who stated that members of the movement used red girdles to differentiate themselves from members of other Cherubim and Seraphim churches, urged all Christians to jettison denominational divides and pray as one body to nip the menace in the bud. He also urged adherents of other religions to pray for peace to reign in the country. “I could remember one day, we travelled off to a church and to go back home became a problem.

We had to wait on the soldiers to bring us back to our area. That is what we suffer there (North).” Commenting on some leaders that have acquired private jets, Abidoye declared that if he was given money to buy a jet, he would not buy it. Instead, he would use the money to enhance God’s work and help the needy in the society. But he did not condemn those who have acquired private jets.

The Spiritual Head of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement Worldwide that started in 1941 as a group in Kaduna also has pieces of advice for Nigerians on the forthcoming African Nations Cup scheduled to hold in South Africa in January 2013. He enjoined all and sundry to pray for the success of the country at the tournament.

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  2. My opinion may seem off the track but l remain undetered about the issue of negotiation or dialogue, that nothing to negotiate. We mix things together, we already know what they wanted and they have not change their mind from the demands, so can we abide by those demands? Rev. Abidoye has answer the question himself. even the highly respected columnist Mahmud Jega said in daily trust two weeks ago that those their demand are not feasible and that Saudi authority are not likely to grant their choice. Why? Why?….. those cases ever cited are not similar in nature with this terrorist group. From all indications these thing are happening bcos Jonathan is in power, even though l have rule out any succesful input frm him b4 he became the president, l maintain that it is ungodly, heartless and coward for any group to terrorise other for the sake of one man

  3. Y ıs dıs man seekn notıce, ıf u Abıdoye do hav anythıng 2 do, go n lye down ın ur hse n sleep, must u say smthıng abt boko haram?

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  5. Pingback: Why we must negotiate with Boko Haram –Abidoye, spiritual head, C&S movement | OSUN DEFENDER


    • @Londonboy. Are u sure u’re really in London working? ur grammatical blunders clearly reveal that u’re hawking camphor, rambo TTD powder etc along Ojota Street.

  7. London boy, you are right is same thing happening in Nigeria how can a country progress where there’s no love or unity true we are just wasting our time even if it take 100 years to come nothing will change only few in government will continue enjoy the so called invisible Nigeria. how can any body fight corruption where each ethnic will like to defend theirs, if hausa man caught his brothers will ask what have done about obj, just keep on going like that, we are just deceiving ourselves. let the will of God be done

  8. negociating with boko haram is negotiating with terrorist group.
    Nigeria will also one day come to negotiating table with armed robbers.
    we are moving foward.

  9. Old age is really affecting this man,it’s time he goes on holiday. If ur kids n familes had been bombed by BH am sure u will never have said we should negotiate with these murderers. If u want negotiation u can do it on ur for own church only.

  10. Boko haram does not want any negotiation. All U hear are falasies, just to buy time. Have U heard d word HUDNA. A hudna is a tactical cease fire designed to trick an enemy into dropping his guard so U can kill him while he sleeps. Saddams thugs use it to prolong d battle over Falujah. They tricked George Bush into a hudna & used d time to rest & regroup. A succesful hudna will calm U into believing that they say will be honoured once agreed upon.
    This boko harams have seen that the military might & other forces against them are gradually closing in on them. And now they want to decieve us. Muslims for which boko came out from, have every right to lie & to decieve their adversaries. And a promise to a non muslim can be broken whenever necessary. I will advice d fed. govt to be careful about this dialogue thing. Let’s fight them to a stand still, & all those they have in govt supporting their evil course will be exposed & brought to book.

  11. Dr A. Akeem, you remain my man. The truth is bitter. Only courageous men like you are suppose to be commenting here. Imagine what a man of God have to tell Nigerians. I’m really really baffled at these people called leaders in almost every aspect of this country. Religious, political, etc etc. I’m so surprised.
    Thank you Doctor.

  12. The Son Of Biafra on

    Buhari, Boko Haram and balderdash

    November 15, 2012 by Abimbola Adelakun([email protected]) 12 Comments

    Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) reminds me of Jesus Christ. Not that I think he’s a Messiah but how you can be webbed in a double-bind trap. Jesus was asked if the Jews should pay taxes to their Roman overlords. Had he replied in the affirmative, he would be labelled a state apologist; a position antithetical to what a Messiah should be. If he replied otherwise, he would be risking treason. So he gave what Ibadan indigenes call Mesiogo answer – a witty response to idiocy.

    Boko Haram’s choice of Buhari as a mediator appears like even a triple-bind. If he accepts the role, he would fall into the hands of those who would say, in local parlance, something like, “We no talk am? He has been their sponsor all along!”

    And if he succeeds in brokering peace, he becomes the proverbial hunter who killed a notorious elephant with just his cap. He would have proved he had Boko Haram’s remote control all along.

    If, still, he mediates and fails, he would be demystified because his famous influence among northern youths would seem mere exaggeration.

    Now he has rejected the poisoned chalice, there are commentaries that he is sore that he lost last year’s Presidential election and would rather sit back and watch Nigerians bombed than offer his goodwill.

    There is, clearly, no way he can win.

    He has given a not-so Mesiogo response, and I think it is sensible.

    Nigeria should not waste time negotiating with Boko Haram. One, up till now, nobody knows precisely what the angst of its members is. Sometimes, they claim they want a religious state. Other times, they are anti-corruption and, infrequently, they are just as confused as everybody else. I doubt if the members themselves can point to their grouse. So, how do you talk with nebulous anarchists?

    Certain mischievous commentators have made a case for negotiations by comparing them to the IRA. This is quite disingenuous. The IRA had a valid basis, however faulty methods, for their uprising. The fact that Britain eventually capitulated via the Good Friday Agreement is not the same here.

    Nigeria does not owe Boko Haram what Britain owed Ireland; neither does Nigeria owe Boko Haram what it owes even the Niger Delta. What Nigeria owes Boko Haram is not different from what it owes millions of Nigerians.

    Two, which of the sect’s factions is ‘mandating’ a negotiation? They are not a single group whose manifesto is pasted on a plaque at their Headquarters’ reception. It has splinter groups and factions. So, how does Nigeria deal with the politics of which to meet?

    Three, where does Saudi Arabia stand in this? Personally, I have always found Saudi Arabia’s stance on Islamic terrorism worldwide curious. I wonder why they do not actively denounce it since such a move might burst the bubble of people who believe they are killing for God (although I also understand they’ll like to avoid meddling in local politics). Yet, using their country as a meeting place between Nigeria and Boko Haram is bad diplomacy.

    Four, I think it is time Nigeria stopped talking about this balderdash of negotiating with Boko Haram. I know how it is to wake up to news of people dying in the hands of these killers. It might be wearying dealing with them and might even be taxing on the Nigerian Army but after mindlessly killing an estimated 3,000 Nigerians, they should be made to pay, not compensated.

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