Why I returned to PDP –Kalu


• His exit won’t affect PPA –Nkire

Former governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu said last Saturday that he returned to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) after an agreement with other founding members of the party, urging him to return. Speaking with newsmen at his Igbere country home, near Umuahia, Kalu said there was no going back on his decision as the PDP executive in Igbere Ward ‘A’ had already issued him a membership card. He said he returned to the PDP to re-jig the party and realise the dreams of its founding fathers.

“All the founding members of PDP have met and decided that we should all go back to our party because if we continue to leave it to the animals, they will put it into shame and Nigerians no longer have confidence in the party,’’ Kalu said. According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Kalu was re-admitted to the PDP by his community ward, Igbere Ward ‘A’ on January 16, at Igbere in the Bende Local Government Area. However, Mr. Emma Nwaka, the Abia PDP chairman, had while briefing newsmen on January 18, dismissed Kalu’s claim. Nwaka said all the party’s executive members in Igbere Wards ‘A’ and ‘B’ resigned their positions on January 10.

He also said Chief Amaechi Ukoh, the Igbere Ward ‘A’ chairman who issued the card had resigned and submitted the party’s cards and register to the state’s PDP secretariat. Contrary to Nwaka’s position, Ukoh was sighted at Kalu’s home in company with other officials of PDP’s Igbere Wards ‘A’ and ‘B’. Ukoh told reporters that he was yet to resign as a ward official of the PDP, saying that he was in hiding because the PDP state officials were using military men to trail them in their homes.

“In the past four days, we have been on the run because they are using military men to pursue us in our homes and I use this opportunity to call on President Goodluck Jonathan to intervene in the matter,’’ he said. Kalu also condemned the actions of PDP leadership in Abia over what he described as ‘false propaganda on my re-admission’. “I already have PDP card number 9787845 and there is no going back.’’ He said such un-coordinated propaganda presented the state PDP leadership as not only irresponsible but fake. “We want all these deceits in Abia State to stop because we are going to fight for democracy, we are going to remove inept government and put a credible one in the state. “All those living by propaganda will soon stop; corruption will stop, all the manipulation of Abia people will stop.

“The stealing going in the state will stop and we will call for social justice in Abia,’’ he said. Responding to some questions later, Kalu said he returned to PDP because former President Olusegun Obasanjo vacated the position of PDP Board of Trustee chairmanship, stressing that he left the party because of Obasanjo. “I kept to my position that as long as Obasanjo remained the PDP BoT chairman, I will not return to the party and now that he had left, I am back and will continue to make useful contributions for the growth of the party,’’ he said. Kalu said the only problem he had with Governor Theodore Orji was that he was not delivering quality leadership to the state.

“The members of Abia House of Assembly, commissioners and other people are all complaining that they are not getting anything.” On the allegation of harassment of Igbere PDP officials, Kalu condemned the act and called on President Jonathan and the chief of army staff to intervene. “I am not sure General Azubuike Ihejirika will support that act of the military in Abia. I am not sure Mr. President will equally support that and I do not believe that any right thinking person can support that,’’ he said. Reacting to the news of Dr. Orji Kalu’s return to the PDP, the National Chairman of the Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), Chief Sam Nkire, said his exit from PPA would not affect the party. Nkire said in a statement that as a founding member of PDP, Kalu was free to return to the party or any party of his choice for that matter.

The PPA national chairman said the former Abia State governor left PPA about two years ago and that the party had been functioning ever since. He said political parties were built like churches and mosques with at least two doors: one for entrance and other for exit but without restrictions whatsoever. Nkire said even though his party would have preferred that Kalu would come back to PPA instead of PDP, saying there was no love lost between Dr. Kalu and members of PPA.

According to the PPA boss, the party was currently seeking alliances with other political parties even as it was restructuring and strengthening the party in the states. He urged PPA members not to be discouraged by the sad news but to continue their door-to-door campaign for membership, saying “the future of PPA looks brighter everyday.”

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  2. Orji Kalu is never a coward. He knows how to confront challenges. If he could survive Obasanjo who is a super heavy weight, how can paper weights like Ta Orji, Abaribe, Nkechi Nwogu, Ogbulafor, etc stop his ambition. They forgot they received political training from him. As for Emma Nwaka I see him being disgraced out of office if he does not take his time. All the Abia PDP tenants are jittery now the real landlord, master strategist, action governor, the iroko, ikenga ndigbo, is back to renovate the house. This time, Orji kalu should have learnt his lessons not to be quick in trusting people, especially those who escaped from prison.

    • @ Kalu Uche, you cannot stop being funny, who are those that escapped from prision, mind you that those escapees won elections from their dungeons. Thank you my brother pls tell them that. They are not wise at all.

  3. the lion is back to where he rightly belongs.the real iroko of igboland,you are welcome,the big masquerade,you are welcome.may your return to the pdp bring with it the long expected blessings to indigbo in Jesus name, amen.welcome,the man we can trust.

  4. That Abians are happy is an understatement. We can see everything turning around for our good. We love OUK with our whole heart. We are totally grateful to God for this great thing He has done.

  5. The good thing about OUK’s return is that it will scatter the conspiracy of T. A Orji and Uche Chukwumerije, Ogbulafor, Ojo Maduekwe, Abaribe, Nkechi, Onyema ugochukwu and others who are undermining the interest and development of Abia state. However, in terms of general development, PDP is not favourable to Ndi igbo, compare Ebonyi, Enugu and Abia states with Imo and Anambra, and you will agree with me that the best thing to happen to Igboland is to leave the states in the hand of APGA for life. Ko koro okoooooo!!

  6. OUK is bad but not very bad. His plans may not work out very well for him as all our eyes are wide opened. As for the Ministers and the commissioners they have stolen enough and should stop complaining. Hope Odiuko (his mom) and Nnanna his younger brother (the sitting duck of Abia state) should be warming up. Again come 2015 the arms will start from Abia State as we have suffered a lot from the hands of you animals.

  7. Come back to checkmate Theo Orji,s excesses, his action/inactions are becoming unbearable to Ndi Igbo,s co-existence.

  8. TA Orji and his allies are afraid of Orji uzor kalu.
    Ojo maduekwe has been in Government for many years, what has he done for the people of Abia state and not to talk of Igbos in general. Somebody should please answer me?

  9. I know his coming back will put fear in those wiked learders of PPA and PDP in Abia state. Even T.A ORJI the Gov, who bites the hands that feed him. Since i hv meet and work with Dr Kalu. The lettle i know about him is that he believes in action than talking. I know his coming back to PDP will bring Abians back to thr right track. I applaud his joining back PDP. So good for Abians, Ndigbo and Nigerians in general.

    Would not y have gone to Wadada Plaza if they have anything to good to offer Abians, they would not have gone there in the first place because that action exposed their political weakness and shows they are affriad of OUK. He who laugh last last best. You can not bite the hand that fed thee and you can not kill the Hen that laid the Golden EGG.

  11. A complex move by a complex man in a complex polity of complex people. Hope it helps Ndigbo in the complex Nigerian politics

  12. Maduka Tochukwu on

    Its a pity that Abia State is suffering from bad governance!OUK started the bad governance and bequeted it to the present Governor.He is coming back to PDP to be relevant.

  13. Prince Adu/Tokyo on

    Ejike–Mr Green–Okeke–Imo Man-Owerri–Chidi–Kalu–etc,you are all parts of Igbo Problems,i lived in Abia State for over 15years before travelling Abroad and also Married an Igbo Woman.I was in that State for 8years of Orji Kalu and saw when all the Manipulations and Embezzlement of KALU with the Mother was going on.In Advance Countries,people like Orji would have been Hanged or kept where Ibori is now….Its a shame that any right thinking Igbo man would be clamoring for coming of Kalu,…T A Orji was put there by him to cover his loots forgetting that the cooking pot for Chameleon is also the cooking pot for Lizard…TA Orji is not even better than Snr Kalu……Igbo People are just TRADERS and thats while am not surprised that people are happy that is back to loot ABIA-again.

  14. I never expected Orji Uzor Kalu to return to PDP so soon. Why did he do that when he already had a party created by him in the form of PPA? It would have been commendable if he has come up with a merger of his outfit with APGA which is already firm on ground. But this mentality of the Igbos not wanting to be led but to lead will never allow him do that. He allows his pride to be in control always. PDP is a party of selfish individuals with dangerous interests. It is a party of desperate power and money mongers. Here, criminals are guaranteed easy roads to government houses once you can serve or worship the right masters just as OUK has done by giving awards to people like Danjuma and co.

  15. @ Prince Adu/ Tokyo, Igbo people are traders but your own people are born terrorist without any atom of brains and education existing in their lives. After all the time you wasted to acquire little education in your life, you ended up suffering your person again with a manual or odd jobs in Tokyo/Japan by washing plates in the restaurant as a bloody black man they do refer to people like you up there. Addressing yourself with a city prone for tsunami and other forms of natural disasters has jettisoned you completely while permanently causing brain drain to your,s life. With your stupid comment, you have confined yourself into asylum in a quest for greener pasture that ended in a restaurant. So you are not afraid to address Ndi Igbo as traders simply because you forced yourself on a beautiful Igbo lady, a prodigal son like you, stupor. Let me see when next you commit such a careless statement again to Igbos, idiot. Maybe, you wants to be noticed on this forum, animal.

  16. Idiot, you are citing Ibori,s case as if he was sentenced by the strength of Nigeria,s judiciary. Were you not there when Ibori overcame your nations Judiciary not minding the so called 72 count charges proffered against him? This idiot deviated from the theme of discussion, is it a fashion that you are living in Tokyo? Go to CNN and BBC, announce or broadcast your Tokyo over those media including ALJEZEERA that one Audu is living in such a coursed city, animal.

  17. An act or cowardise. PDP, a party of massive looters shall do him what they did Atiku. He formed PPA and abandoned it. Wish him the PDP kind of baptism.

  18. Prince Adu or whatever you called yourself, Owerri has said it all. Next time u will weigh ur words before clicking d button. A dullard like you can ONLY make a meaningful comment in the land of minions and of unsound minds where you belong to, not in Igboland where we have Titans! The Igbo woman that got married to an everly sojourn freak must be regretting now. EWU

  19. Kalu J. Okafor on

    Welcome OUK. The enemies and ingrates have tried in vain with unsubstantiated accusations to rubbish your stature. Abians now know better who is for them. They are failures. What have T.A Orji, Eninnaya Abaribe, Nkechi Nkiru, Chukwumerije and other opportunists done for the state? Abians will fight them to the finish if they do not respect themselves and hide their cultists’ faces in shame for massive looting and unbelievable hatred for God’s own state. Abia can breathe normally now.

  20. Kalu J. Okafor on

    Welcome OUK. The enemies and ingrates have tried in vain with unsubstantiated accusations to rubbish your stature. Abians now know better who is for them. They are failures. What have T.A Orji, Enyinnaya Abaribe, Nkechi Nkiru, Chukwumerije and other opportunists done for the state? Abians will fight them to the finish if they do not respect themselves and hide their cultists’ faces in shame for massive looting and unbelievable hatred for God’s own state. Abia can breathe normally now. People believed their evil propaganda and started an unholy war against you without even knowing you well. What can they, our political gangsters, tell us for their shameless destruction of Abia state.

  21. Dr.Orji kalu is for me any day any time regardless of deceitfully political calculated corruption trumped up charges against you.

    Your detractor have not seen anything!
    They will eat their words sooner than expected.
    welcome back to mainstream politics man of few words and more action.


  22. what a blantant shame, it was said that only sorrow wld remain their harvest..TA ORJI’S emergence was an idea to advance selfish interest(milking Abians dry). Now d chicken has come home roast.,some call them desperados, others call them money mongers…,no regard for good personality again,money is everything regardless of d means. What a shame.

  23. Perhaps the only selfless politician in Igbo land today.brave and courageous.shame on the useless Abuja politicians for Abia .

  24. This mn coming back or that man not coming back, is it the way forward, please lets look for the way forward instead of looking at men. God bless us as we do so.

  25. Kalu is a political prostitute and such a politician should not be taken serious, he should have worked very hard to nurture PPA as a political force in Nigeria through the South East region like Tinubu did to ACN in South West that has now become a party to be reckoned with in Nigeria.
    His coming back to PDP will finish him politically, so he should re consider his new membership with dying PDP before is too late.

    • I love it when people say the truth! That was the game plan but peoples eyes are wide open and very hard to be deceived again with few Naira. Yes OUK had more cash thanTinubu then but Tinubu had education and some political fathers. OUK is a smooth operator a very deceitful young man and some Igbo people with raw background love him for that. Is he not TA’s mentor.

  26. your just a dog going back to his vomit…so what if obj returns? Would you flee again.pdp is a jackpot its like a magnet..its the party that guarantees u success in the political world. Mr kalu u have disappointed me.

  27. @ Prince Adu , you may be there during the period you mentioned but from the look of things and the way you sounded you’re illiterate of the activities and in terms of loot and corruption no Nigerian politician is exptional from that all of them are corrupt and looters but one way or the other people reasons why the make choice or like person so stop fighting people that like OUK.
    @ USMAN, do i hear you said igbos have always to lead spirit ? which people believe they’re born to rule ? what was the genesis of boko haram before it now looks as if is backfiring. my friend close your mouth and make reference with right contest

    • But, what I’m implying if you must know is that, we have respect for our elders. Our choice of a leader is always a unanimous one. It is very common in my place to see politicians stepping down for one another in the spirit of unity and selflessness.

  28. My take on this whole saga is quite objective. Firstly I’d ask if T.A had played by his erstwhile master’s rules (talking about OUK) would they have fallen out? T.A broke free from the thieving Kalu and his mother only to establish his own thieving cabal so u see? Common, Abians think! Our state is much more than these two thieves entities (or rather non-entities) do we have to run from OUK to TAO back to OUK and who knows, later back to TAO! Abia has got credible and honest people. Why make it look like our choices are limited to these two fools? Would we want to be thrice beaten and four times shy? My candid advice is this; dont vote for or listen to any politician that ever had anything at all to do with both Ouk and Tao. Birds of a feather flock together, remember. All this talk about their interest in the common is baldadash! Its only made to fan the sentiments of the masses and curry their support, the moment they are in power, forget it! We’ve seen this trend play out over and again since 1999 and it isnt about to stop now at least, not with the same people. Disregard their propaganda and sentiments. Lets be wiser next time. Imo state got it right, we also can. Enough is enough!

  29. Every one please look before you limp,aboki watch what u comment.Ouk is back okay obj is out what of the unknow enemies?can he and co come together to rob minds 4 a common purpose, if not the past ll turn to be better than the present.whom the cap fit lets them gve it to him.

  30. Na waoh, ukochukwu na d same pple.Cant we have a new breed?must we be eating garri all d time?lets give other pple a chance.OUK must hv been regreting imposing Tao on Abians.Any way welcome action governor. We believe in ur action even as u will correct all ur wrongs.but d fact is dat we need a new breed.smbody lk rochas. A no godfather politician…Ikechi Emenike.

  31. OUK we in aba no u are the new Igbo war lord. 1. Sir pls help us tell T.A to come are reopen our shops in shool road behind stadium aba and return our slab and flat iron we used to cover that big goter to we can stop trading on the road,be cos we are sorry for stoning him in jonathan presence . 2. Tell pls tell him to stop patching good road and help us patch the bad ones that are no longer motorable ,ariaria, umuode,osusu, water side,azikiwe by east juction, ama ogbona to mention but a few. Thanks sir

  32. Sir pls tell Emeka nwogu that he shough pls use NDDC or T.A , or FERMA and come down to his home base and repair this road leading to his house cos its affecting us on ground ,not because he has goten money and built a house in ekena okigwe road GRA. And pls sir tell him we have not felt the presence of his govt, abey na so in stingy reach even UCHE his brother no dee come back again ,their federal appoint go soon finish ooo, ,,okey naa bia laa nuu

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