Dead man wakes up …After three days in mortuary


From Moshood Adebayo, Abeokuta

Retired soldier, Kayode Sotunde, 49, had plans for better living when he undertook a journey from Gboko to Kano on April 11, this year, but he did not make it to Kano alive. The commercial bus conveying the ex-soldier crashed on the way, claiming him and 17 others.

But the saying, ‘old soldier never dies’ appears to have played out with Sotunde as he woke up three days after in the mortuary, where his body and others were deposited for their families to claim for burial.

According to Sotunde,  his corpse was taken out of the mortuary and was being prepared for burial when he suddenly woke up.

Sotunde narrated his experience to Sunday Sun in Abeokuta, Ogun State: ‘’I am a living witness to the fact that God exists. You may not believe me, just like I may not have believed it if it did not happen to me.  I died in an accident along with 17 others, but resurrected three days after in the mortuary.”

Excerpts of the interview:


Journey from Gboko to mortuary

On that fateful day, that was April 11, 2013, I was travelling from Gboko to Kano to see my younger brother, Jide Sotunde,  a soldier serving in Kano. We had agreed on the journey which we had thought would afford us to discuss important issues, including the possibilities of getting another job that would not be too far from where I had my wife.

I retired from the Nigerian Army, (Supply and Transport), Apapa Lagos where I served for 30 years, during which I also participated in many peace keeping force assignments outside Nigeria.

After retirement, I got a job as a security guard at the Dangote Cement, Gboko, Benue State from where I also resigned because of the distance of my workplace and where my family was based in Osogbo.

The ill-fated vehicle was an 18-seater passenger bus, which I boarded in Gboko en-route Kano. We were barely two hours into the journey when a passenger asked us to pray. Since it was a normal thing for a passenger to offer to pray on such a long journey, I did not heed his call.  I was just playing with my mobile phone set.

Aside from that, I didn’t believe in the prayer since I didn’t know anything about Jesus Christ. I was a freethinker who neither went to church nor worshipped any idol. We were making progress on the journey when suddenly there was a bang. That was all I could recollect about the journey until I woke up three days after in the mortuary of the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Kano where I was told that I died in an accident and my corpse along with other 17 passengers were deposited there.

Even though the hospital authorities told me that I was in their morgue for three days as a dead man, I actually spent more days there before I could regain my senses.


I was to be buried in Kano

I was told that before I returned from the land of the dead, my family had instructed my younger brother who I was visiting in Kano before the accident to bury me in Kano since they could not afford the N150,000, which was said to have been requested by transporters to take my corpse from Kano to Abeokuta.  My elder sister, Moradeke Sotunde played a prominent role in this regard.

I was also told that it was at the point that my corpse was being prepared for interment that suddenly I returned to the land of the living after my corpse was taken out of the mortuary for prayers by Islamic clerics who were said to have sprinkled water on my corpse preparatory to my burial. I was also told that my hair was also shaved as demanded by the clerics.

I was told that my corpse was taken out of the mortuary after they had dug my grave and organised some clerics to offer the funeral prayers.

They wanted to bury me  in Kano because my family members couldn’t afford N150,000 demanded for carrying my corpse to Abeokuta for burial.  The initial plan was to move my corpse back home to Abeokuta, where a grave had been dug but for the transportation cost.


Life in the land of the dead

My brother, truly, there is life after death. I can also tell you that there is a living God. You may not believe me, but I am a living witness to this. I may not be able to describe Heaven or Hell, but there is another life after this one that we are living.

This place I am talking about is full of snow. I may not have been to America, but I have heard about snow. Where we were was full of snow, with plenty of something that I can describe as alum stones; whitish in colour with something I can describe as granite in this physical world.  In spite of the terrible cold, there was no day that we felt cold and it was never harmful to us.

All of us were there without knowing whether we are male or female. We couldn’t see our eyes, mouth and nose. We had no leg; we had no arm, but we floated in the air without our bodies touching the ground. We were flying around what I will describe as another planet.

On the third day of my arrival on the strange planet, they gave me a message that we were expecting one big prophet.

After the message was delivered,  they nominated ushers  among us to welcome the prophet.  And seconds later, people started trooping in, jubilating as if a goal was just scored in a football match.

On that planet, there were many stars which were not stable in one place, like we have in the sky in this world. I noticed that on a daily basis, people kept on increasing, even though we don’t know from where they came.

I was in this mood until they (I don’t know them) told me that I should go back home to work for the Lord. According to them, there were many people in the world who are not only in bondage, but are also afflicted with human pains. They also instructed that I should work for the Lord and heel people. I was even arguing, putting up some resistance that I could not do it. This was the condition I found myself until I opened my eyes and saw Jide, my younger  brother in this part of the world again.


In God’s vineyard

Since the Lord has directed me to work for Him, I will surely do so because ‘to be forewarned, is to be forearmed.’ It was because of this that I went to do my thanksgiving service at the Mountain of Fire and Miracle, in Lagos with the General Overseer, Pastor Olukoya.

The Lord has started performing miracles in other people’s lives through me. I don’t want to sound boastful, but God has started using me. I do pray for people now and they usually return to tell me that their problems have been solved. It is the Lord’s doing.

I have already prayed for a woman who has married been for 14 years without a child that God will give her the fruit of the womb. The person who lives in Ikorodu spoke to me through the telephone and I believe Lord will answer her prayers and request. I have accepted to work in God’s vineyard till I return to Him.


Day I returned to Abeokuta

I caused a stir in this area when I returned alive to Abeokuta because people including my family members, except my brother who was with me when I rose from the dead, did not know I had risen from the dead.

On arrival in Abeokuta, we played pranks on my people as they did not know that I was returning to home alive that day.

When we got nearer home, the person that accompanied me decided to call Kemi, my mother’s last born that we were already in Abeokuta.  When my sister saw me, she fainted and was later revived.  She was shivering when she woke up.

We later told her to return home to tell others that I had risen from the dead. On my way, I saw people mourning me, wearing black attire.

I trekked a distance of about 800 metres to my father’s house.  There, a grave had also been dug beside my late father’s before the family decided to bury my corpse in Kano. I waved as people were expressing shock and disbelief at seeing me alive. When I attempted to move closer to a woman in her shop, she ran away, thinking I was a ghost and pleading that she had no hands in my death. My sister, Moradeke who lives in Lagos was also wearing a black attire, mourning along with others until I returned home.

I returned to Abeokuta on the very day I was to be buried. I even met many of the mourners, wearing black (including my sisters) who had gathered in my father’s house here, (Sabo Abeokuta).

There was also a particular woman who threw away the beans meal she was eating and ran away from her shop when she sighted me.

I kept on saying that I was not dead, but she found it difficult to believe me.


Health challenges

Although I have returned from the land of the dead, I have not fully regained my health as I am talking to you. I have both chest and body pains. In fact, medically speaking, I am not alright.  I usually run strange temperature.  That was why I visited the Federal Medical Centre, Idi Aba for medical treatment.  I vomit blood each time I cough. I can’t engage in any hard labour.

Besides, a lot of strange things have started happening to me.  Sometimes, I feel as if I am still in the mortuary.  I will be seeing a lot of heads. My sight is not normal, it sometimes fails me. I have also started giving messages to people about things that they don’t know about their family.

I started revealing to them what had happened in the past to their astonishment. This has made many people to run away from me with some describing me as a demon. To be sure that I am not a ghost, I tried to relate with my friends as well as eat with them. Despite this a few of my friends still avoid to shake hands with me, thinking that I am a ghost.


I am homeless

You ask where I live? To answer straight, I am homeless, because I am currently squatting with my younger sister, causing her and her family inconveniences.  Even though she is not complaining, I know that I am inconveniencing  her.

I have been given quit notice in Osogbo after my landlord heard of the incident. According to him, he could not live with Akudaaya (ghost). I stayed at No 1, Rasco Hall, Oke Fia, Osun State, Osogbo, It was the ejection that informed my living with my sister here (Abeokuta).

I need serious financial assistance from well-meaning Nigerians to take care of my health and sustenance.  Survival is difficult for me.  That is why I appeal to Nigerians to come to my aid. I want to stop being a burden to my sister and her nuclear family. I want individuals as well as corporate bodies and churches to help me financially. God will surely replenish their purses in abundance in Jesus name.

I had a broken home some years back and I remarried two years ago, but when the incident happened, the woman abandoned me and ran away from Osogbo.

I want to appeal to Nigerians and other people that there is God. I want them to believe that there is life after death; so we should do good to our fellow beings. Heaven and Hell are real.  Where we want to go is an option for us to decide. I want people to know that it is just a matter of seconds between life and death.

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  1. I really believe all what you have told us here but thank God you wasn’t born as a Muslim otherwise you should have been buried on that faithful day you lost consciousness . Muslims do assist afflicted members of theirs to catapult them quickly to Heaven or Hell fire without compromise .
    I know if everybody can believe this story the likes of Akins and Dele Odugbemi can’t believe you because they are freethinkers.
    Sotunde , may people not see you again as Akudaaya (The Ghost) in all your future endeavours. You will excel in Gods work as directed unto you in Jesus name, Amen!

    • Akin, Odugbemi and Ejike are not just freethinkers and unbelievers but zealous forum jesters now noted for their dramatisation, ethnicisation and trivialisation of tragic mishaps ; accidents, robbery, murder, rape, etc

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  3. Udam Ochiaghandigbo on

    Your story sounds believable, but I think you were prbably in a come, and not really dead, and had to come back to when they brought you out into fresh air. ONLY Jesus Christ woke up from the dead on the third day, NO other human.

    • You stay here and analyse this man…..asking if he truly died or entered coma….foolishly leaving a fact that there is a seconds btwn life and death and that there life after this life on earth. Instead of us to begin to reconcile to our creator and prepare for our after-life , we are here proving what i do nt knw. If i were some of u, i would take his mssg of returning to God and leave him to God to judge if he died or not; for atleast the mssg is good enough to take me to heaven if i heed to it. Be wise oh foolish one who is leaving the main thing and arguing or pursuing shadows.

  4. This is an eye opener to the doubting Moslems/unbelieving Christians that “Heaven & hell are real and Jesus Christ is the only way,” so prepare ur way before the time.

  5. This is a black lie.You better go and look for a job to do instead of begging people.If you can perform miracle and spiritually solve other peoples problem,why can’t u do same to solve ur poverty?

    • I agree with you 1000 percent. At least the guy should cure himself since he’s now equipped with healing powers. He should stop going to Hospital for treatment. The guy was in comma all this time.

      By the way, who confirmed him dead?
      He needs to publish his death certificate for public scrutiny before we can believe his story.

      • even if he is in coma or what ever only God brought him back to life to give testimony and know it that serving God is only serving humanity in humble and suffering which God will reward you at appropriate time.

  6. According to Islam, to really die is to transit to other world. You can never go back. Just like when a baby is born, timely or untimely, it can’t go back. Only prophet Isa(AS) (Jesus) woke up the dead as part of his miracles as stated in the Holy Quran. And when you go into coma or fainted, you only dream of the thoughts in your mind earlier on. This has happened to me before. Hell fire and paradise are hidden. God does not warn or preach to people by showing it to them. He has sent lots of messengers to do the warning and the preaching. Whoever likes let him/her heed. To make them hidden is a test. And that is why most people find it difficult to believe. The only one God. The Exalted.

  7. Yur story sounds true to me not like the one that said that he is an international robber that has rob or terrorise more than 18 countries of the world without any Camera capturing for the people that believe in the saving blood of JESUS Christ by faith if they re alife it is for Christ and if they re dead it is Gain..Christ has swallowed death and we ve nothing to fear but SIN.

  8. This man was in coma and not dead for three days cus is only my lord Jesus christ that had died and woke up in three days. Bro. I thank God for your life now u can serve God, hell and heaven is pure real.

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  10. @Ode. Life is hard. This kind of story is becoming common place stuff in Nigeria. It appears only very few people see through the flaws and inconsistency in this kind of balderdash.

    Usually, the story tellers had to reference one “man of gods” and his church, then probably ask for alms. In this case, this man who was about being buried by Islamic clerics, offered thanksgiving in mfm after his resurrection. He probably sustained no visible injury before he died. Somebody said he was in coma, but I think he was neither in coma, nor had any accident, not to talk of being dead.

    A man who rose from dead after spending one day, not to talk of three in any hospital morgue, deserve adequate press coverage few moments after his come back. The hospital authority and the family members may want to involve the press because of the miraculous nature of such event. In that case, subsequent events following the man’s resurrection would be recorded and documented. And not this man coming to Sun to insult readers with his “resurrection ” story.

  11. @stanley..the soldier did not ressorate..he was under coma for 3days and was miraclously restored by God..there is a difference between a man that is under coma and a man who is dead..Christ through the power of Ressuration is the only Man that swallowed the power of Grave and Death and he said and i quote.. DEATH where is thy sting..Another Man that attempt to RESSURATE but was fraustrated by GOD by a thunder from Heaven was D. Rawlings a Renouned American Prophet cum magician..He wants to flex muscles with the maker of the whole universe but was fraustrated by God.

  12. Another 419. U better don’t come to Lagos cos u’re a begger n we don’t need beggers in Lagos. Only fools will believe in ur kind of story. Hunchback okon, owerri bastard, israel de goat n de rest of u dogs I know u will believe anything, this guy is a fraudster. Finito.


    It sounds incredible. But hey, incredible things do happen. What I was thinking about is how he was able to survive in the morgue for three days. Well, in Nigeria there is not always electricity. So it is possible the morgue is not a typical coldroom. Or was the coldness in the room what Sotunde was feeling when he said that the yonder was like snow?

  14. This man did not know that Nigerians are very intelligent people, I think he wants to form his own church and want patronage, being one of the lucrative business now. I want to advise him to stop telling lying. The fact is that he fainted and by the time they put water in his head and other parts of his body, he regained consciousness. No doctor has ever certified him dead, he should stop his fake story.

  15. I will confound you all that his case is scientifically known but cannot remember the name given to it. It’ happens most often to people who had been in accidents especially with a bang in the head.
    There was case in the UK recently about someone with similar experience, yep it’s called “near death experience”.
    But so far science cannot explain why it happens.
    People come back with events that has happened in a place they have never been or future events and some start speaking a foreign language a place they have never been or language never spoken before. But in most cases they always see white painted buildings, white large expanse of field or clear totally colourless water or river or sea that they can see the bottom of, and in most that are very religious they see Jesus Christ. True!!. I do not know why but most always say they saw Jesus whether Muslims or Christians.
    I am not advocating for any religion as I equally have my doubts on some Biblical teachings.
    Although the SUN is rapidly becoming an avenue for begging of alms and that is the sad story about Nigeria and her lack of medical facilities.
    Why is it always those who are poor that are apt to have mishaps that cannot be treated easily without incurring costs they do not have?
    I wish I could help some but I do not want to live myself open to abuse or 419.

  16. For once, a retard set aside his base nature and made somewhat human comment. NDE is well known and also has attracted wide research ending in various opinion about the phenomenon. Researchers still debate on whether the brain is responsible for NDE hallucinations. Stories that reflect images of flower fields, being paddled across a river by boat, tunneling through a pipe to the spiritual world, floating to the ceiling and looking down to the dead body, are common place. Researchers do not agree on a single view point about NDE.

    This man probably knew a thing or two about NDE, hence he painted similar pictures. A person who had seen heaven and, in addition, was mandated to serve God should not lament bitterly over lack of mundane things after he came to.

  17. Here comes another church about being started. Read how the Cameroonian government is dealing with fake churches in their midst. Mr. “Resurrection”, I wish you luck with your new church. At least you have already owned up that you are in dire need of financial support. End time phenomenon!

  18. may you never deviate in what GOD has directed you to do to humanity SUN news paper could have done well by published your bank details or your phone number for possible assistant and prayer request

  19. Big Liar, U can only brainwash ur fellow christians brothers. As Mohd, the commentator above said, there is no such thing in islam…U r sent to deliver a message. Big liar!
    Where in the whole of Kano is Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital.
    That is located in Zaria.

  20. Nigerians are very gullible. One man can come up with a stupid story and take the public for a ride.

    From Gboko to Kano, two hours into the Journey, there was an accident and he was taken to Ahmadu Bello teaching hospital Kano Morgue.

    This is an insult to common sense. From Gboko to Kano, two hours into the journey should be probably around Lokoja. How come there’s no morgue in all these places that he was taken to far away Kano?

    This man should be arrested for taken the public for a ride.

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