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Eze ndi Igbo in Ghana

We’re all out for reconciliation – Eze Igbo 1 in Ghana

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All’s well that ends well

Recently crowned Eze Ndi Igbo 1 of Ghana, Chief Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu, has said due to the many programmes, calling for urgent execution to protect the interest of Igbo people, he has no time for distractions. Therefore, he and members of the Eze-in-Council are all out to reconcile every member of the Igbo community resident in the old Gold Coast.

Chief Ihenetu, who is also Obuzo Igbozurume 1 of Ghana, was crowned Eze Ndi Igbo 1 of Ghana on September 7, 2012 and his first formal outing as well as Ofala took place last Saturday, September 15. Although Chief Ihenetu’s Ofala could not take place at the original venue, Efua Sutherland (Children’s) Park because the place was sealed off by security operatives, the event, which featured the highly reverred tradition of breaking of kola-nut, pouring of libation and flag-off of consumption of New Yam (Iri ji), among others; could hardly have been more successful.

Interestingly, many bands, including the Yoruba Bazooka Fuji Reformers; Don-Whiskey, Igbozurume Association Choir and Ogene performers, et cetera were on hand to add colour to the celebrations. Also, countless dignitaries turned up to grace the occasion, which eventually took place at Ihenetu’s residence in the East Legon neighbourhood of Accra; with their presence.

These VIPs included Archbishop Azubuike Athan, who; accompanied by several other clerics, blessed the event with prayers; distinguished civil war veteran, Brig.-General JOG Achizia; the first son of the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Chief Ojukwu aka Akpunwa; Special Adviser on Igbo Affairs to Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, Mr. Cletus Amaraegbu; Eze Emmanuel Okoli Abiama, President of Ndi Eze Uzo-ije; Chief Mrs Nwachimereze, President-General of Royal Daughters of Nigeria Worldwide; Eze Igbo Idimu, Eze Samuel O. Udo; Eze Okpotamba, Chief Ossai Onyemere; Eze IC Dimgba, Patron of Ndi Eze in Diaspora; Eze (Dr) John C. Nwosu, Eze Igbo of Mushin, Lagos; Chief (Mrs.) Ngozi Dimgba; Sir Oliver Akubueze; Chief (Mrs.) Kate Onyechere; Dr. (Mrs.) Joyce Afolabi as well as many members of the Ga (aborigines of Accra) Traditional Council.

Speaking during an exclusive encounter with Travels in Accra, two days after his first official outing and Ofala celebrations, Eze Ihenetu; who was accompanied by Chiefs Cosmas Ikechukwu Iwuala, Isaac Chigbata Ogbonna, Harrison Mba Kalu and Mr. Kelechukwu Ike, Legal Adviser, Ghana Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and author of a book on Nigeria, entitled, Where do we go from 50?; declared: “To God be the glory. No man can unmake that, which God has made.” This was a subtle allusion to alleged plans to abort his installation and subsequent public presentation.

Now, he reckons: “All is well, that ends well”, adding, “Our stuggle has already begun to yield fruit.” Reminding that he is Board of Trustees’ Chairman, PDP Ghana Chapter; this Eze enthusisastically added: “I have been appointed Ambassador of Millennium Development Goals (MDG). Three days ago, I was decorated with a Gold Medal and appointed MDG Ambassador by the MDG President. Also, through my coronation; Imo Transport Company (ITC) has started operating in Ghana.” Chirping in, Mr. Ike (aka KK), explained: “The presence of ITC in Ghana means that, now; our people have the option of travelling at competitive fares.

There are countless Igbos, living in Ghana that would love to go home more frequently but could not do so because they could not afford to pay the fares. Now, with Christmas and New Year celebrations around the corner, our people can take advantage of ITC’s presence to go home.” Speaking further, Eze Igbo 1 of Ghana added that he bore no grudges toward anyone that attempted to scuttle the Ofala, noting that, “This position by a few of our people, shows that we (Igbos) are not a docile race. People have every right to demand explanations,” Ihenetu admitted; while adding: “Now, all I can say is that, God has a hand in my coronation. Therefore, all is well, that ends well.” Chief Ihenetu revealed he has three very important projects to execute.

These are, Building of a Palace, Building of an Igbo Town Hall (Obi Ndi Igbo) and Building of Igbo Learning Centre. Hear him: “The architectural design of these structures are ready. When completed, it will serve as a place where school-age children would assemble every weekend to learn our language and culture while adults may attend classes daily. And by God’s grace, given logistics, little-by-little, the Igbo Learning Centre will be replicated in major cities across Ghana so that our language and culture would be promoted and preserved”.

Concluding, the Eze Igbo 1 declared: “There’s a lot of work to do. So, everyone who is interested in the welfare of Igbo people and the preservation of our culture is welcome to join us. No man is an island or an embodiment of knowledge. So, my focus is on reconciliation so that together we can do the best for Igbo people.”

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  1. Prince Ifeanyi manufor September 20, 2012 at 1:27 pm

    Yes it was a great thing to have an Igbo leader there in ghana at list for the welfare and protection of Igbo’s here in Ghana,and we all Igbo’s here do trust that Eze Ndi Igbo 1 of Ghana, Chief Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu and his carbonate members will make all Igbo’s happy ……..long live Eze Ndi Igbo 1 of Ghana,long live his carbonate

    Prince Ifeanyi manufor

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  3. OMENMAYOR September 21, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Any good IBO man will say; what is this foolish man saying? I will not stop anybody from saying anything with his/her mouth because talking is what the mouth is meant for and nobody can decide otherwise. Greetings to every IBO man wherever we were scattered! I am a good son of Igbo land and I beseech you to live longer that you are supposed to have lived.
    In truth and reality without any prejudice, I firmly assert that the quest of IBOs for presidency in 2015 is very absurd, unachievable and in fact, it is an illusion! This is because we do not want to learn from the mistake of the past but rather, like the proverbial tortoise, have decided to toe the path that consumed our fore fathers, which has kept us to this agony of seeing but not tasting! It is the same mistake, which started in 1953 when Nigeria was supposed to have gotten her independence that still hunt the IBOs till date.
    Every Igbo man will say that this guy is just telling the same old tales but it is time we look inward to those things we abhor so much, “the old tales”, for there lies the solution to our problem which when solved will launch the Igbo tribe into the Aso Villa! These mistakes though very minute are the cataclysmal reactants that have refuse to slow down the hatred of an Igbo man in the British business called Nigeria that the Hausa-Fulani are the managers. They are:
    1) The super calculation of Ahmed Bello in 1953 over our most revered Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.
    2) The Igbo man’s ‘too wise’ attitude—that we still have today—before the colonialists.
    3) The one Nigeria slogan of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe even as his so-called compatriots was singing regional rhythms, which infected every Igbo man till date!
    4) The Biafran war
    5) Ojukwu’s failure to understand the times and heed advices when it matters most;
    6) The Nigerian victory
    7) The abandonment of Igbo language and culture.
    8) The exodus of the IBOs from their fatherland to becoming other people’s developers.
    9) The total abandoning of the area called Igbo land, i.e. the southeastern Nigeria.
    10) The Igbo man’s unflinching desire to be president without the understanding of Nigeria’s rugged political terrain.
    This is just the summary of the mistakes that will never allow the Igbo man to smell Aso rock unless we, the Igbo race can have the patience to come together and solve these problems one after the other, the Igbo man’s dream will always be like before—igba mmiri n’okwute! Let us look at this summarized mistakes one after the other so that you will understand what is illusive in the wild goose chase of Igbo presidency.
    The ever self-acclaimed erudite Igbo man, do you know why Nigeria did not get independence in 1953? The ever rushing and impatient Igbo man will hiss and tell you that the North was not ready. Yes, the North said that but that was what should make a reason for denying Nigeria (or the wise south) their independence and it is in history today. The impatient Igbo man could not study the politics behind the delay because he wants to become president in a rush just like in 2015. The south west were better, in understanding the times and the rugged political terrain of Nigeria and so understood in time and reaped the fruit of their patient study and enquiry. This same hidden reason that the impatient Igbo man did not want to know but to be president without work is what killed our dear Okadigbo and is still the reason why the same wise North lost faith in Gen. Buhari. This same hidden reason is that which, Ahmadu Bello, told the British that they wanted to hear and they took him as their own son, made him and his people the manager of their business empire called Nigeria! Ever impatient erudite Igbo who regard not his language and culture but want to become president will tell me that there is no sense in this but he has forgotten that he once said that there is no sense in the North yet he has not wrestled power from him for 52years now! The senses in telling them what they want to hear are as follows:
    1) He single handedly prevented the Igbo man’s almighty Zik and the whole Nigeria from getting independence in 1953.
    2) He connived with the British to reduce the tempo of the impatient Igbo man and his southern compatriots towards independence and presidency.
    3) It was within that time, when Zik—the power monger was rushing for a governor general that the reigning constitution of Nigeria was written by A. Bello and his British counterparts.
    4) That was when the (secret gazette) bond between the North and the British was signed.
    5) It was when the British expressly handed power over to the ever-loyal North.
    In furtherance, have we as a formidable people that want to be president in 2015 ask ourselves why Ahmadu Bello was uninterested and calm when the likes of Zik, Awo and others were scuttling for president? Bello said and I quote, “Instead of being the president of Nigeria, I rather become the sultan of Sokoto”. The British called the calm man to become the prime minister but he declined and put Abubakar Tafawa Belewa in the front line why he, himself stands behind to instruct and that marked the beginning of God fathers in Nigeria. That singular act brought him closer to the British! They took him like one of their own because of his display of intellectual prowess. When Zik, Awo, Tafawa Belewa and others are jostling for power, Bello went inside to draft the constitution that is the mainstay of Nigeria today—the Richard’s constitution. So ever impatient & erudite Igbo man, if you are Bello, won’t you have consolidated power in your hands forever and ever? If you do not want, my man Bello wants because he is a wise man who understands the times and the rugged nature of politics. Please, do not be deceived by zoning because that is what you want to say now, it is just the brainchild of PDP but the North will never agree to that arrangement. Awolowo understood what was going on later and vowed never to be the last man or least employer in the British business empire called Nigeria. While Ziks was groping in the darkness of power cave, Awolowo marked his own path by securing education for the west and with that, he got industry and surely the economic chart of this nation to the west. So wise Igbo genius, what did you get? Nothing but the usual running from pillar to post for 52years now yet without proper understanding like before, we still want to toe this rugged terrain again! Igboman, accept your foolishness like the others, go inside, and learn before launching out for presidency. The North went in and got power, the West went in and got education and industry, even the south south having understood the foolishness of the IBOs left them and learning to walk the rugged terrain as supposed to, have gotten presidency and amnesty…IBOs go in and patiently study this rugged terrain. Let us go in and restructure our tribe, language, culture and understand the weakness of our federating neighbors to know where, how, when, why and who to attack with our refurbished culture and ideology using our language as the bullet. I will be taking this our mistakes and why we the IBOs should not attempt presidency in 2015 one after the other.

  4. cliffo October 3, 2012 at 12:59 am

    There is nothing like eze igbo 1 of Ghana. You people are creating problems everywhere.

  5. igbo kwenu October 29, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    Please let all of us Igbos stop this Eze-Ndi-Igbo in “diaspora”. It is absurd and can only cause confusion. Kingship only makes sense over a particular people in a defined geographical entity. An igbo leader outside igboland need not be crowned a king; in most cases, there are elected chairmen of respective igbo unions outside igboland. This is more appropriate.
    Ka Chineke mezie okwu.

  6. Oke Uduma November 12, 2012 at 11:05 pm

    It is a pity that the self acclaimed eze ndi igbo Ghana Chuks and his four cabinets members are fraudsters.I implore the Ghana police and Nigerian Efcc to investigate all their doings in the past years till date.Their source of income and livelihood.Does it it mean that Igbos have degenerated to point where common criminals without sound academic credentials will lead us in this 21st century.

    Secondly Chukwudi and his men does not belong to any recognized Igbo organization in Ghana that except 419 friends that can make up their crowd.

    My concern is that this men have disgraced and brought shame to the entire Igbo race in Diaspora and I enjoin all to take critical examination on this man Chukwudi and his cabinet members.

    I want this men that parade themselves as Cabinet members Cosmos,Harrison and Chigbanta to tell the world their occupation and source of income over the past years and present apart from defrauding the innocent white men(419).

    We are wiser now

  7. lazman November 14, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Thank you Omenmayor for your insightful piece.I agree igbo leades need to put their egos aside,develop intelligence,plot strategy and work for the interest of the people before going for the price(power).I,however,disagree with you that igbos should take a back seat and allow others to dictate and lord over us with the help of Britain and their multinational corporations that continue to dominate Nigeria.

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