We’ll create new states –Mark


•Seeks more roles for traditional rulers


Senate President David Mark has thrown his weight behind creation of more states in a fresh attempt by the National Assembly to amend the 1999 Constitution.

Last Monday, Chairman of the Senate Committee on the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Smart Adeyemi, raised the alarm that governors are sabotaging the move by the National Assembly to create new states.
The Senate President has joined the agitation for the creation of Apa state from the present Benue. Reiterating his support for the creation of new states, Mark noted that those canvassing against the move, said that they may not be viable.

He spoke in Oturkpo, Benue State when the Chairman, Senate Committee on Police Affairs, Paulinus Igwe, led a delegation of his kinsmen from Ebonyi State to felicitate with the Senate President during the Christmas. Mark said: “The argument of those opposing state creation is based on whether existing states are viable or not. But they forget that a state might be unviable just because the administrator is not ingenious with internal revenue generation or the people are not united and the administrator has to spend the available resources on achieving peace.

“I am for the creation of Apa state and any other state that may fit the conditions. I have never shied from my agitation for creation of additional states just as I have always called for the creation of roles for traditional rulers in the Constitution. The traditional rulers are the custodians of peaceful coexistence in our various local communities. We must, therefore, confer on them constitutional powers that would enable them to perform the roles of ensuring peace in the communities,” he said.

The Senate President also urged the people of Ebonyi Central Senatorial District to forgive one another and live in harmony according to the message in the birth of Jesus Christ.
“The central message of Christianity is forgiveness and unless we can genuinely forgive one another, we cannot be a good Christian. It is not easy to forgive, particularly in a situation where lives have been taken.

“But Christ’s birth brought peace, the type that was not known in the world before his coming. And he came and preached forgiveness. We must, therefore, as Christians who are supposed to be Christ-like, forgive one another. I appeal to you to also appeal to those who are at home to allow peace to reign.

“In this New Year, we must make a resolution for peace to reign in Ebonyi Central. I am willing to work to achieve this peace. If all leaders would make themselves available to work for peace in the little community, we will soon have peace as a nation,” Mark noted.

Earlier, Senator Igwe had told Mark that he brought his people to pay homage and celebrate the festive period with the Senate President and his family.`

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  1. I am not in the opposition in terms of states creation but come to think of it how will the creation of new states solve our National problem? like the issue of indiscipline and corruption that is sinking us. This leader are real hypocrites.

    • Dont forget to create one state for corrupt government officials, terrorists, kidnappers, subsidy thieves, armed robbers, importers of fake drugs & substandard products & we shall happily grant them seccession. And peace shall reign in our land or is it a wishful thinking?

  2. Soon every village will become a state and houses will become local governments when every community is demanding for a new state! Is that the solution to Nigeria’s problems? Will that stop Boko haram and islamists from killing innocent problem? Will that lead to a greater Nigeria? If not then it is an exercise in futility.

  3. May God bless the senate president, your Excellency do interven with your righteous mind pls. cause we don’t understand Martin Elechi

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  5. I’ve always known David Mark to be one corrupt stupid joker. The current exising states cannot even sustain itselves. Why can’t the dull heads in Nigerian national assembly turn all the villages, towns and cities in Nigeria into states? What a country?

  6. These politicians wants 2 please some ppl in d south east for there continuation in d office,forgeting 2 tackle d problems Nigeria is facing at d moment.

  7. Hon. Ndudim Elumelu said it all during one of his Town Hall meetings with his people in Delta State. He said all the 6 Geo-political Zones should have equal no. of states. 7 states in each Zone. Southeast should have two more states created out of it, while the rest should have one more state created, except North-West that already has states. David Mark is in order: more states should be created. If any state is not viable, let the gov. employ the services of govs of Lagos & Akwa Ibom states to teach them how to be viable. After all, I remember that at a time Justice Kalu Anya (of old Imo State) was the Chief Judge of Borno State in the 2nd Republic, likewise Justice Obi Okoye that of Plateau State. In the same vein, let such states like Zamfara, Jigawa, and even Abia state go and do tutelage under those performing govs above to make their states viable. I do also remember that eminent judges in Nigeria like the late Akinola Aguda, Udoma Udo Udoma and the immediate past Chairman of ICPC, Justice Emmanuel Ayoola, were at one point or the other Justices of countries like Botswana, Uganda, etc. Create more states (equal no. in each geoploitical zone) and let capable hands man them.

  8. Ogaja State out of the present Cross River State is to be the first to be considered as it is the only old region that is yet to be made a State. There abounds lots of untamed natural resources in Ogaja. Ogaja area also have many site attractions example, Obudu cattle Ranch, waterfalls, forest reserves etc talkless of the many agricultural products that abounds in every local government area. Ogaja State produces and export in large quantity, Coca, palm oil/kernel, coffees etc. Ogaja have no rival when it comes to agitating for State creation. Create Ogaja State out of Cross River State.

  9. Clem i like your posting, precise and decent. pls those who insult, LEARN. The viability of a state is a product of the efficiency and sincerity of the leaders. if cape verde and brazil could build their country with tourism and sugar cane, their is no state or would be state in nigeria that does not have the capability to sustain itself but because of monthly alocations (OIL MONEY) our suposedly intellects are now focusles and bereft of ideas, oil money has killed us. LORD HAVE MERCY.

  10. simon tor gideon on


  11. Creation of new states in our constitution accepted. My question is, how many more states do we need? Agitation for states must continue endlessly until local govts become states. Why? Any part of a state that feel it is marginalized will continue to agitate for state of its own until the it gets to even town union level.
    Plse balance geographical states as was pointed out by south south east and close the chapter.

  12. A country where their is no template or yardstick for autonomy except via agitation is a supressive country. pls state creators we have all it take to have an ADADA STATE.

  13. Praise d Lord, thank u Sen. Mark… @last Adada State which hz been agitated since 1982 is now coming up… Sen Mark u hv al it takes not only 2 lead as no 3 citizen of our great Nation bt also al it takes 2 be d no 1… May God grant u d power 2 rise 2 d highest office in this Nation.

  14. Create more states to chop more money and continued to enslave Nigerians to poverty in their land. Mark bury your head in shame because you’ve never mean well for the generality of Nigerians. The number one thief in Nigeria of today, even though your father in the act of thievery and treasury looting Ibrahim Babangida holds the record of the all time Nigerian thief.

  15. thats to show you the kind of leaders we have. What we wil be talking about is merging of some states that are dead. Send back nasarawa state wia it came from, everporate the wretched gombe back to wia it came from and so many oda terrible states. As far as am concerned, we dont need more states but a return to 30states. 5 states per region. Bayelsa, gombe, nassarawa, zamfara, ekiti and kebbi states should everporate and condence into the nearest states

  16. state creators pls remember to create Langtang state otherwise don’t create any state. what is the yardstick in creating of state Langtang has all it takes to become a state. you people are jokers.

  17. Igbos stop felicitating, stop courtesy calling, stop bridge building…..see all the goodies your good will and brotherhood extensions to Jonathan brought for you with the Niger bridge about to collapse. Stop making mockery of your selves and our people or rather go there and speak for yourselves and keep Igbo out of it. Let nigeria do what they have always do- marginalize the igbos, but the fact is, Igbos are not worst-off, we are hard working and we can take care of ourselves even with zero federal presence. So when you go on these trips, beg for your selves. History showed that even with all of Mbakwe tears, Igbos still lack federal presence, It is not by mistake, it is a tacit calculation.

  18. Banga state, ewedu state, okro state, edikikon state, gbole state, oha state, egusi state, nkwobi state, vegetable state. Yes, vegetable states, banana states, states without any idea how they will sustain themselves except from monthly federal allocation from petrodollars. I am now conviced that some legislators are more clueless than the executive. You want to increase recurrent expenditure on new governors, new state assembly members, new special assistants/advisers, new conduits for corruption. If you have run out of ideas on how to make laws that will create jobs, stabilize electric power, provide roads, create middle class, export refined petroleum, improve education & health care, restore confidence in governance, then go home, we dont need you. We dont even need Senate house in the first place. House of Reps is enough for Nigeria. We are not America. How much is our GDP to pay for 2 complementary full time federal legislatures at the same time? If any state at all should be created, may be just one more state for South east to make them 6 states as other zones, period.

  19. It is a pity that these senators don´t even know why they are there. The states they created brought about discrimination/ hatred among Nigerians. Most states where their citizens were living harmony and amicably, the said created states and Local government area brought divisions,discrimination and confusion. I would like these stated to be (returned) as ithey were,- 16 States, development does not come in that form. Please stop agitating for creation of more states and go back to the former system 16 States.

  20. East-zone need it morethan,i can not forget last time dis issue of state creation&guy marriage was addressed in house.Dr ngige of Anambra state made mention of eguity state which is okigwe capital dat be involvo Imo,Anambra,Enoyi,Eungu& Abia state.

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