We got N13m to free Okonjo-Iwuala’s mother –Suspect



Eight suspected members of a kidnap syndicate that abducted the mother of Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iwuala have been arrested. One of the suspects, Jide-Ofor Ogbue (aka Marvellous) at the Lagos State police headquarters, Ikeja, told Daily Sun that the minister allegedly paid N13 million to secure the release of her mother.

The 22-year-old Ogbue gave a graphic account on how the gang killed a 79-year-old woman after collecting ransom before they kidnapped Okonjo-Iwuala’s mother. In his words: “I am Jide-Ofor Ogbue alias Marvellous.

I am from Ezi, in Delta State. I live by kidnapping, but I told my people that I am advanced fee fraudster. My job is kidnapping. “It was one Chuks who took me to Ogwashi-Uku, to kidnap a lawyer and politician.

After abducting the man, the lawyer was begging that he should give us cheque of N1 million, but we don’t believe in cheque, so we allowed him to go. Chuks said he had spoken to the palace guard to Okonjo Iwuala’s mother who is the wife of the King of Ogwashi-Uku. Chuks said the palace guard has given clue on how to gain access to the palace.

“The palace guard told us that we should procure National Youths Service certificate and forged university degree certificate, which we did. So, the day we entered the palace, we behaved as corpers looking for job so, we gained entry, but we were lucky that the woman was serving some workers water.

He said they were armed with four guns and that on seeing the gun, the victim and the workers became apprehensive, but they quickly convinced the woman that they were security agents from the presidency.

According to him, they told the woman that her daughter committed some fraud and that President Goodluck Jonathan needed her in Abuja.

He said the woman wanted to know why she was needed in Abuja. “We told her that the President would explain to her.” He said while they were moving her into a bush in Benin City, they explained to the Mrs Okonjo that she had been kidnapped and that she should call her daughter to pay N2 billion ransom.

When we took her to a farm in Benin, we bought a wrapper for her to sleep on and we bought food for her. She had some drugs on her. So, we treated her very fine and the woman kept assuring us that her daughter would bring money.

According to Ogbue, the gang was disappointed when the Iwualas were negotiating for small amount. “But because of the pressure from the press, we decided to collect N13 million, dropped for us at Benin Bypass in a Nylon bag. It was in N100 and N500 denominations. He revealed that he got N2 million on the elderly woman, Mrs, Regina Obi who was killed by his gang after collecting N2 million ransoms, he said.

“Actually, we collected the money but she was shot by Peter who is on the run. Peter killed her to avenge the death of his younger brother who was killed during exchange of gunfire with the police. I was not there when the woman was shot but Peter explained why.

The suspect who said he had no regret that he was in police net said: “I have entered, and I can’t come out of it. My only regret is that I was on my way to kidnap another important personality in Anambra when I was arrested. On his own, the palace guard, Chiejine Onochie said he was no longer working in the palace but that he knew the in and out of the palace.

“When I was approached by Chuks. He first told me to arrange for the kidnap of one of my aunties but I objected. He now told me to think of a personality that could cough out as from N5 million.

I now told him that the only big family that would cough out such amount without bunkering an eye was that of Okonjo Iwuala so the next question was how would they gain access t the palace. He continued that he now advised that Chuks should provide money for me to get NYSC and University degree certificate which they would show case in the palace as corpers looking for employment.

“We did it and they succeeded but I am just hearing from Marvellous that they got up to N13 million but they did not give me a dime that I provided the information that brought the job. Explaining how the suspects were arrested, the state Commissioner of Police (CP) Umar Manko said sequel to the arrest of one Chiejine and Chukwuma OKoh, on March 27 by men of State Intelligence Bureau (SIB) of the command, and their subsequent confession that they gave the information in December, 2012 that led to the kidnap of the mother of the former Minister of Finance, Dr. Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala in Delta State among many other kidnappings.

He said he instructed the officer in charge of Special Anti Robbery Squad, Abba Kyari to go after the kidnappers especially the kingpin known as Marvellous. Manko said on the strength of his instruction, men of SARS expanded his tracking network and deployed three SARS Decoy Teams to Delta, Edo and Rivers States which eventually led to the arrest of Jideofor Ogbue, a.k.a Marvellous in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Manko said other suspects, Michael Ojeabulu, Endurance, Oke, Ibrahim Abubakar, Buhari Hamadora and Hassan Oseni were arrested in different locations in Edo, Enugu, Delta and Anambra States respectively.

He said the suspects also confessed that equally confessed that they were responsible for the kidnap of one Mrs Regina Obi who as killed after collecting N2 million ransoms from the victim’s family.

He said the leader of the gang Marvellous has also confessed that he was on the way to Anambra State to kidnap the Honourable Commissioner of Commerce, when he was arrested.

Manko who also paraded four suspected armed robbers who raided VGC and killed two policemen said, “Crime is a bad business in Lagos because, we don’t only arrest criminals but those who ran to the state from other states.

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  1. Anthony I Efobi on

    Thank u very much for ur good job. Pls keep it up. Stop collecting bribes, money to grant bail, drinking and smoking on duty, collecting/extorting money from road users etc

  2. It’s amazing how a few number of criminals can hold a city to ransom. How and why is it so easy for them to gain access to guns.

  3. Up NPF! This is the type of good news we expect from the police. Mostly young men in their prime who ought to be contributing positively to humanity. They even sound/ seem educated but are a satanic bunch. Must have been killer cultists & armed robbers in higher institutions of learning. Now they have decided to up their game. The police ought to have shot off their knee caps & allow them rot. These animals subject their victims’ families to pains & psychological trauma.

  4. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    The Almighty God is wonderful. There is an adage which says, 99 days for the thief, 1 day for the owner. They succeeded in collecting #13m and today, they will not only for the money, but will also pay for inhuman crime they committed. I advocate death penalty for these idiots.

  5. The police should also investigate how and where those criminals were able to forge the nysc and university certificates. Government should also find ways of checking indiscriminate spread of arms. Kudos to the NPF for a job well done.

  6. NPF una see as everybody dey hail una now. who no like better thing eh? if na like dis una dey behave piple for no dey cause una unborn children.

    abeg kip up dis kind good work. NIGERIA GO BETTER

  7. I praise the effort of the police in arresting this evil doers. But police should do more by investigating this men that parade themselves as “BIG MEN” and leaders of different political parties, this are the people the boy are working for.

  8. Govovernment , pls my happiness is to hear in no distance time that these elements will be trialed speedily and executed by firing squad within maximum period of 3 months. Enough of all this mess in Nigeria nation. Course be unto that legal practioner that will elongate the trial process of these carnivorous humans. Is not how they took away the life of Dr Nwike?

  9. Kudos to NPF. Let them return those ill-goten money to their victims. Prosecute n execute these criminals. This wil serve as deterent to their likes and also, Delta, Anambra, Enugu, Abia etc shal witnes peace for the rest of their days.

  10. R u people sure that these people r the real kidnappers? R u sure they weren’t gotten from d prison to make this confession with a promise to release them and cover up the whole case? I don’t trust this news

  11. Where is kolanut amodu and some yorubas and housas that always link kidnaping to Igbos,where are those fools and sentimental tribes of yorubas and housas.From the names mentioned above its obvious that the kidnapers are not from Igbo extraction rather from South South,South West and North and their names are:Michael Ojeabulu,Oke,Ibrahim Abubakar,Buhari Hamadora,Hasssan Oseni,so my peaple we can see how other tribes in Nigeria commits different degrees of crimes in Nigeria but later they will be fast enough to push it on Igbos because of enviness and jealousy they all nurse against Jews of Nigeria call Igbos.God have finally vindicated we Igbos again and he will keep doing it,Amen.

  12. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    @Stine Chikee, you are wrong. The kidnappers are purely igbos. their names are: Okechukwu, Udenkwa, Kanayo, Olisaemeka,Chukwudi and Okoye.

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