We aren’t fighting Jonathan, Tambuwal tells Tukur


…Says policies of government must be debated


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal has assured the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) National Working Committee (NWC), that the leadership of the House of Representatives was not antagonizing President Goodluck Jonathan. While presenting vote -of –thanks at the end of President Goodluck Jonathan’s 2013 budget presentation to joint session of National Assembly, Tambuwal had pointed out certain infractions on the part of the Presidency in budget implementation and execution.

The PDP NWC while reacting to the comments of the Speaker of the House of Representatives had warned leadership of both the Senate and Representatives who won elections to National Assembly on the party’s platform to refrain from antagonizing the executive arm of government. But addressing members of the PDP NWC yesterday, when he led some principal officers of the House, who are members of PDP on a courtesy visit to the party national secretariat, Tambuwal noted that what was being viewed as rebellion and antagonism was in the best interest of the country and growth of democracy.

“On our part in the House of Representatives, we shall continue to do what is good for good governance of the country. We are working harmoniously with the executive arm of government, for the benefit of the people of Nigeria. I want it to be on record that there is no bill from the executive arm of government that hasn’t passed through the floor of the House of Representatives.

Of course, debates must be taken, issues must be raised, policies must be criticized, bills must be criticized, but at the end of the day, we get to the desired destination, of ensuring that the programmes of our government are passed. “So, Mr. chairman, we are working with our executive arm of government harmoniously, in the end for the benefit of the people of Nigeria. That Mr. chairman should be quite re-assuring to you, as the leader and father of our party and to our NWC.

Whatever it is that you might have been seeing, Mr. chairman, it has to go that way, because that’s what democracy is all about. “Members of the National Assembly, particularly members of the PDP are very much committed to the manifesto of our party and we are aware of what the manifesto of our party is all about. “It was the manifesto of our party that we marketed and won elections with.

So, Mr. chairman, we are very much abreast of the programmes of our party, we are keeping in line with those programmes, we are doing our best to ensure that our country and the people that elected us get the best out of all of us. “On this note, Mr. chairman, we want to assure you that we are very much loyal to the party and committed to its programmes.”

In his remarks, National Chairman of the party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur expressed confidence in the leadership of the House and assured it of its support. “We are willing to give you strong backings while you are legislating; we will not disturbing you as you are doing well.”

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  1. Yes Mr Speaker, you may indeed be fighting against Mr President but against the good people of Nigeria when you all at the NASS refuse to see the truth and promote the common good of those who elected you; when you allow selfishness to becloud your vision; when you allot yourselves better chunk of the national budget; when you delay passing bills that promote good governance; when you unnecessarily criticize Mr President and slow down implementation of government policies that can move the country forward; ………

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  4. Mr speaker, u spoke wel. No party leader should stand against the truth, but u people need to be more committed to the progress of the country


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  6. Look out ur mouth we ar working hard wot ar u working mr man, go and set down wot ar ur effort 2 inssue dat boko haram is erase 4rm d country. all u ppl do there is 2 stell our money thiefs!!!

  7. That’s the beauty of democracy, though the leadership of both the executive and the legislature are of the same party platform it is imperative that the legislature should undertake its oversight function to check mate the executive. When it comes to issues that centers on the over all interest of Nigerians the legislature must take it stand and should not be coarse to follow the executive sheepishly. That they kick against some aspect of the budget presentation does not mean that they hated Mr. President, rather they are helping him to get things right.

  8. Goodwill Oleka on

    People who don’t know the definition of politics should stop making comment when a matter like this arise. What has the speaker done wrong for you to call him names, Tambuwal still remains one of the best Speaker this country has ever produce. Legislative business is all about argument and disagreement where all the parties will finally come to terms resolving all their differences. You don’t expect them to rubber stamp whatever that comes from the presidency, For the person who said something about late passage of budget, if you are conversant with the politics of this country and the laxity of the presidency, you should not have made that statement, Mr. president presented the 2012 budget very late still the legislatures expedite action on its passage, ask yourself how many % of the budget was implemented till today? Let us be pragmatic in our viewing the performance of both the house and the executive arms, they are not doing anything that will benefits the common man on the street.. All we hear is that I will do this and that has been done but check around you from January to December of every year whether you will see common pipe borne water around you, not to talk about hospital, they had willed good education to public schools which is not affordable to all. let us take our own destiny in our own hands and stop defending Jonathan or Turkur or even Tambuwal for nothing good is coming out from these people. Correct me when you see anything beneficial from them.

  9. In the first place Tanbuwa may climb PDP ladder to the top but no doubt is not loyal to PDP and Nigerians, if you can recall, it was ACN that put him there to replaced the former president nominee that denied southwest post as Speaker in the house of Rep, which Mr president against. A,ll because of Obasanjo . we;ve not gotten it right, for a single man to sold /hurt what belongs to a region it worrisome . we must learn how to put populace first before ours intrest. Mr president dont expect much from the present Legislature. thanks God blessed NIGERIANS.

  10. Whether you like it or not, Tambuwal remains the speaker of the house and like a good speaker, he must legislate for the benefit of the people he represents. The NWC of the PDP should stop interfering into the internal affairs of the national assembly. They should know that it is no longer business as usual.

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