Watch your back, Osaze tells Keshi


West Brom’s striker, Osaze Odemwingie, has warned Coach Stephen Keshi that he may soon be sacked even after leading Nigeria to AFCON glory. “A coach the country is praising now will one day be sacked and to his achievements they will say: only one cup? I beg.” Odemwingie tweeted. “Too much corruption in sports these days.

Because of a few sportsmen, who cheat, now doping control went from urine to blood test.” Interestingly, Osaze had a public row with Keshi just before the Nations Cup in South Africa, when the coach sensationally axed him from the Eagles. Osaze also said his commitment to his club affected his relationship with the Eagles’ former coach, Samson Siasia.

“Very little thing made me fall out with Eagles’ ex-coach, Siasia, and that’s club commitment. And that commitment was questioned after,” Odemwingie tweeted. “What did that teach me? You are only a good guy and professional when you score and give your teams what they want.

They throw us out after.” He added: “When I give all my heart and efforts to a team and get overlooked after, how could I possibly be happy? Same in Eagles. Same in WBA. “Well praised and most criticised at the same time. Something is wrong somewhere. And I bet it’s not in my attitude. I believe in transparency.”

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  1. Osaze Is clearly confused, has he congratulated Keshi and the new boys? I am still shock at his sudden change in attitude. he is just disgracing himself everyday.

  2. Nigeria politicians should please allow Keshi and the Super Eagles to do their job. They should contrate on government issue and stop suggesting players to them.


    osaze is now begging to return to eagles,i think is too late,he is a drowning man who is looking for help,his club has rejected him with his country too,i pity him.

  4. Osaze is a stupid guy who believed he can hold our national team at randsom. Why is begging nw 2 be recalled? I dnt knw y dis guy continue 2 insult himslf,shameles beast!

  5. Osaze shd not b part Eagles again,we don’t want him to corrupt d new boyz with arogant attitude,during d afcon,nobody disobey coach,nobody had issues with coach,so he shd go to hell,just making mockery of himself on our national dailles,just bcos of his pride,he couldn’t congratulate dem,

  6. I don’t agree with the comments of most of the contributors in this article. There are issues that you do not understand and you guys are just writing whatever you like with the real fact. First i don’t agree that Osaze is a bad boy in fact he has represented Nigeria very well and at a time he was the most committed Super Eagles player. As an example of what Osaze was saying, it is a shame that the present Coach of the Flying Eagles John Obuh iwas not paid 18 months salary by the so called NFF that is disgraceful and not acceptable. How will he take care of his family?
    Regarding Osaze trying to sign for QPR. It is not possible for Osaze to travel to London if he was not given the nod by the management of West Brom. He knew he was under contract by West Brom and he is an international man. The truth is that the negotiation broke down at the last minute between the management of QPR and West Brom regarding the transfer fee and Osaze was made the scapegoat. I live in the UK for 15years and I know the discrimination against the black football players and many of us that are from the minority background. You are not in paradise if you live or work in the UK or any foreign country.

    Also Osaze has been vindicated because the Super Eagles Coach Stephen Keshi did the same thing that you guys are crucifying Osaze for in South Africa when he spoke to the South African media that he has resigned following the way he was treated by the NFF regarding hiring a technical adviser for the Super Eagles which will eventual demote the position of Stephen Keshi. Stephen Keshi said after Nigeria defeated Mali in the AFCON quarter finals post match briefing that he would not accept a carpenter Coach that is not known in his native country or any where else to be above him. Please tell me if you know which club or country Clemens Westerhoff, Bonfrere Jo and Manfred Moener coached before being employed by Nigeria and after they left Nigeria which country they managed? Clemens Westerhoff returned to Nigeria recently from no where and he is in Ilorin with the academy but since then what has been his achievement with the academy. Lars Lagerback was paid substantial amount of money to take Nigeria to the World Cup in South Africa 2010 and it was one of the most disastrous outing Nigeria has ever had in a World Cup and then Berti Vogts of Germany was a disaster too when he managed the Super Eagles. Nigerians don’t value their own. I am appalled.

    Finally it is beyond any Man to say the career of another Man is finished those kind of statement is for God alone because he is the Alpha and Omega. Osaze is an achiever today and has represented his country and presently playing in one of the best league in the world. If he does not represent Nigeria again which I doubt, he his comfortable and taking care of his family and that is the main thing but I believe Osaze will represent Nigeria at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil because his experience will still be valuable for that big occasion because the absence of Emmanuel Emenike our top scorer was felt by Nigeria in the AFCON 2013 final against Burkina Faso. Osaze could have made a big difference in that final because he scores goals as well.

    • Nice piece my friend. The NFF is more complex than the outside eye can see. Why the obsession with expatriate technical staff to the detriment and denigrating of local coaching talent.

  7. Majority of u these people dat makes coment dont understand some certain things.dis issues of osase.nobody is above a mistake we still need osasa in d super eagles.he has realize his mistakes.and u cant just condem him,what about d mis-understanding between samson siasia and mikel b4.if siasia did nt re-considered mikel obi,do u think mikel would have rain in d eagles.see am nt pleading 4 anybody but let me tells u.OSASE is an esperience player who have apear in AFCON of different let our ABLE GOOD STEPHEN KECHI decide what he feel.sebi u people b4 have lost hope in kechi himself b4 allmythy God elivate him so what are u now saying,ankypanky people.

  8. @Bayo,thank u 4 dat long sermon,u knw b4 now osaze,say keshi don’t av football reasoning,why is he nw talking in dis friendly tone,pls direct ur comments to corrupt NNF commitee,was only osaze dt was drop,Martin was left out of d squard,,Taye taiwo was drop out of d squard,did u hear any comments frm dem,if osaze can feed his family is nobody’s business,if u stay in Uk for 15 years is nobody’s business,he shd direct his wealth to charitable organisation,there are thousand of Nigerians who can play better than him,because Osaze is arogant and proud,dt is why he forfeit his 2weeks wages as fine,

  9. @Bayo he never congratulated Nigeria for the cup I remember his comment we will not qualify from the group.hmmm surpized Nigerians easily forget. let him concentrate on his club, for now nothing for Lagbaja he cant even make our reserves now.

  10. The comment from Bayo is the only reasonable one on this article. Please just read through and go to other news instead of just blabbing for the sake of commenting. Make reasonable comment. Stop writing trash.

  11. Osaze is still vital to the present Super Eagles team.He is a better player than Ideye.Though he has tweeted a whole lot of nonsence this past months,I believe he should not be banned from the team…..maybe from tweeting.

  12. i think i agree with bayo, i could remember when osaze was d most devoted Nigerian player b4 he started having issues same thin with Vincent enyama when he had a rift with siasia, so long as am concern dat guy is still important 2 dat team.

  13. IGBA or what do u call urself,u are absolutely an idiot too.Silence is d best answer 4 a fool,mr lecturer,are u d only person on dis page? DAFT.

  14. Osaze, I joined numberos Nigerians who dont like to u to say”GO TO HELL IN SHAME” LET D DEVIL KISS YOOOOR! ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! aahhahahahahahahahah!!

  15. @9thmile…. Pls bros remember to get me some okpa on your way back. i miss it.
    Many people would have loved to hear Osaze coment on the contrary, but the issue is that he has lived in europe and now realized the difference between transparency and hypocricy, he’s being open, PERIOD, if he had said a different thing while having another on his mind people would comend him as being a good man, but this is what i call being good, HONESTY, inside and out, no matter the height of the case.

  16. I read the story, as well as the comments of most of the contributors, and so wish to add my voice to the discussion.
    There is no gain saying the fact that for any success in life , some one needs to eschew humility. Osaze in deed is a great player who at the point when he started to win himself seriously in to the heart of Nigerians with his career, he suddenly allowed pride to take over him, and could not manage his success any more. pride and humility are the opposite of one another. one leads to success, while the other leads to failure,,see what that has cost him,the AFCON medal. Pride,the bible says goes before a fall.He still has another opportunity to make corrections to these errors that he has made.let him become level headed and obedient, and he will win them back on his again.

  17. Osaze is still a good player,his problem with Keshi shld be resolved amicably. He is one of d committed player d country has and many players have done worst thing dan wat Osaaze did,he shld be forgiving


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