Unborn babies for sale


From CHUKS ONUOHA, Umuahia

Abia is in the news again. The sale of babies seemed to be lucrative enough to attract more buyers and sellers from Anambra, Imo and Rivers to the state. To say the least, the development is bizarre and puzzling, according to feelers from the police command during a news briefing yesterday. The force held a similar media parley two weeks ago.

The security agency yesterday reeled out yet another startling revelations. In recent incidents, a nine-month-old pregnant woman and mother of two, who was tricked out of her matrimonial home in Imo State to Aba, by her friend who had already made arrangements for buyers of her baby, told the police that she did not know why and how she accompanied her friend to Abia State’s commercial hub.

Ms Ogechi Eberendu, who hails from  an undisclosed community in Imo State, was rescued by the police while she was being induced to deliver the baby  for the waiting buyers. Five suspects including a male, are in police custody. They would soon be charged to court for the alleged crime, the police said. The suspects who came from different states such as Rivers, Imo and Anambra for the purchase of the unborn child, are helping the police in their investigation. The Commissioner of Police, Mr Usman Tilli, stated this yesterday while briefing newsmen on how the police are curbing crimes, warning evil doers to flee Abia or face the consequences .

Tilli, who paraded the suspects at the command‘s headquarters along Bende Road, Umuahia, was his second briefing in two weeks. He said that  the woman whose pregnancy was nine months, was being induced to have the baby for anxious buyers. Tilli said that the suspects  were arrested at 8.30 pm last Sunday, April 14 at an eatery based in Osisioma Area of Aba. The suspects are Nkeiruka Ogbodo, Uchechi Duru, Ngozi Obasi, Tochukwu Uwakwe and Ugochukwu Okafor, the only male among them. One suspect, while narrating how she tricked  Ogechi, said that she was doing a “good Samaritan” work by finding somebody who would marry Ogechi with her pregnancy since she had been having children in her father’s house.

But  Ogechi disagreed. She told Daily Sun that she did not know what the suspect was talking about, stating that she has a husband with whom she bore two children. She said that she did not even know how and why she followed the lady  to Aba, leaving her husband and children. “My husband did not know where I am now , but I have called him on phone and he will be coming here to take me home. My husband did not know my whereabouts . “In fact, I don’t even know what is going on. All I know is that we were there having drinks when the police came and arrested us and took us here. “While I was  with them, they gave me  so many things to drink.

I did. not know what they were,” Ogechi said. Meanwhile, Mr. Tilli has advised parents to be mindful of what they do, stating that criminals and evil doers are on the prowl. He, however, assured Abians that his command will ensure that crimes would be a thing of the past in the state soon. Meanwhile, a 32-year-old Onitsha-based trader, Obinna Obu, who was arrested in Umuode Community in Osisioma Local Government Area also in Abia State, while negotiating for the sale of his six-year-old daughter, Adaobi, after lying to her mother that he was taking her to Aba for shopping, has said that the suspected middle-man used juju on him to sell the girl. Obu, who hails from Umudim, Imeziowa in Ezeagu LGA of Enugu State, was arrested with his alleged agent, Eze Ochiegbu, 25, and a native of Isialangwa South Local Government Area of Abia State.

Commissioner Tilli said that they wanted to sell the child for N500,000 before they were apprehended. Adaobi is Obu’s only daughter. The two suspects were arrested at Tonimas, by Umuode in Osisioma area last Wednesday, April 10, at about 5.00pm. Speaking to Daily Sun during the parade, Obu said that he had problem with his business and confided in his friend, Ochiegbu, who advised him to sell the daughter to enable him revive it. “He said: “I should bring my daughter for sale and I asked him why he should be telling me that type of thing and he kept coming.

One day, he came again and I told him that I did not have money and he said that he would bring money and when I brought my daughter, he said I should follow him with my daughter. My wife was not aware that I wanted to sell our baby. My wife is coming from Onitsha. It was just like he used juju on me because I was obeying him. First, he said that he was going to pay N500,000, later, he said N300,000 and after, he said  he would pay N210,000. He was just dribbling me,” Obu said. Little Adaobi who spoke to Daily Sun confirmed that Obinna is her father.

“He is my daddy. He said I should follow him to Aba, he did not tell me that he was going to sell me there. He only told my mummy that he was taking me to Aba,” Adaobi said.

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  1. Crimes of the worst Orders. Thank God 4 exposing u and letting u be arrested. No evil shall go unpunished. Everyday 4 d thief, but one day 4 d owner of the house. Una don enter naa. Une go hear am. Fools!

  2. Why shouldn’t criminals fill up the state when the governor of the state himself is the chief of criminals.The thing flows from the head.

  3. Something has gone wrong with this generation. What on earth should make a father think of selling his own blood child?? what kind of hardship??. As for the women who sale children, i think their own sin is the worst. I recommend that our government should introduce compulsory DNA test on any new born baby as it is in USA & UK. This can help corp this new trend of people buying children and claiming they have given birth and also help build up a data base that can help the police fight crime in future. Something has to be done to stop this madness, as this is one of the worst crimes on earth.

  4. God, pls tell me when will you put to an end this wicked world? I sincerely believe that this is not the type of world you have in mind, when you said “let create man in our image”. How on earth can I sell my own child to people I don’t even know. May-be the buyer is a ritualist. God help these self aclaimed Nigerian Jews to know you. Akins pls help me.

  5. Dele Odugbemi on

    The IGBO political, traditional and religious Leaders should wake up and find solutions to the criminal attitudes of their people whose love for money has given them bad names within and outside Nigeria.
    They should also discourage their people from bearing many children they are not capable to cater for, time has changed when a woman will give births to 5 or 10 children as no child is willing to engage in subsistence farming like in those good old days.
    I have so many female and male Igbo friends who are exemplarily good in all they do but a Yoruba adage says, it is only one misbehaving slave that makes the master abuses 200 slaves.

    • @Dele Odugbemi yes, but there are too many ‘one misbehaving slave’ in Igboland.
      Why woun’t there be when they cannot stop buying and selling bastards.
      It’s now obvious why they are having all these anti social problems.

  6. Chima you’re right. Something terribly has gone wrong with your people. Any society that worship money instead of God, something has gone wrong in that society. Nigerian Jews have the highest number of churches in their land, still repentance from the heart is on the decline.

    • Jews don’t sell their children or breed Jewish babies for sale. God left Igbos long time ago!! Since they worship money,they should be ready for whatever comes with the love of money. Biafra Republic my ass!

  7. On your part, I mean the Nigerian police, stop advicing them to leave the state. Go out in full force, clamp down on them, their hideouts, the so-called motherless homes, medical doctors collaborating with them, I mean any soul aiding and abeting this crime should be arrested and prosecuted.

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  9. Wot a sad news may GOD help us, hw on earth would a man sell his own daughter jst 4 d sake of money? Wot a wicked world we are living in.

  10. samuel ukpai on

    One man told me he doubts if any Igbo man can be born again.for me ,I am begining to wonder if the igbo man has any soul that can be saved.When they think they are very smart ie igbo sense,they dont know others are laughing at them.Industrous, yes but disoriented

  11. Igbos deserve all the bashings they are getting here, because we have trully derailed. Our love for money is our greatest undoing. Our leaders lack of focus will continue to hunt us. And in all these, Abia state is the black sheep of Igbo land. That is where all the attrocities emanates from.

  12. Such crime is in oyo state where I served, the Yoruba cover their crimes unlike ibos that exposes their, it was also reported in Lagos too where I live.no body should tribalism crime, you ethnic bigots

  13. nnabuike ukachi on

    Tribal bigots! Which society on earth that does not have it,s social problems? If the igbo man is so corrupt and bad as some said,why hasnt nigeria been freed of coruption since their number will be insignificant when compared to hausa and yoruba and other tribes population ?the truth remains that the number of igbos engaged in these crimes is so insignificant when compared to our hardworking men and women who earns honest living.no society is and will ever be free of crime.consult your history books


  15. nnabuike ukachi on

    Tribal bigots! Which society on earth that does not have it,s social problems? If the igbo man is so corrupt and bad as some said,why hasnt nigeria been freed of coruption since their number will be insignificant when compared to hausa and yoruba and other tribes population ?the truth remains that the number of igbos engaged in these crimes is so insignificant when compared to our hardworking men and women who earns honest living.no society is and will ever be free of crime.consult your history books.contact a plumber on 07033410625 for your plumbing works

  16. Our men of GOD is 2 be blamed since they’ve left their assigned wrk 2 pursue riches. Money is tday d order of d day in our churches. Until we realize dat early christians dat served God wit hrt didnt accumulat wealth thn crime wil lessen in our society.

  17. We Ibos should truly be remorseful over these unsavoury news that emanates from our areas. Yes no society is free from crime, but the gravity of some crimes makes a scandanlous headlines to make even satan shiver. Why should a man sell his own child? If he was under a spell, why should a fellow man put his neighbour under a spell to sell his child?
    Ritual, robbery, kidnapping did not start with us us, but today, our people seem to have perfected these crimes. And our leaders have no control over these crimes perhaps because their affluence could have benefited from such foundation. Our youths seeing the recognition we give to the rich are determined to get rich by all means.
    Sure, the Nigerian State has impoverished the Ibos since after the war, but this would not justify the Ibos turning in to self destruction. We are people of industry and hard work. We have produced the best brains in Nigeria, and would have remained an envy in the entire Africa if we had distanced from the abominable crimes we commit.
    Please spare me some breath with this claim of being Jewish. The secret things belong to God. Today, the Gospel calls even the Pure Jews unto repentance thru faith in Christ Jesus. Let us stop claiming we are Jews. Let us first repent and obey the Gospel. At the end, God who knows where the dospersed tribes are will locate the Jews. For now, let us do the first work which faith in Christ that produces Righteousness.

    • Some readers here will never believe you are Igbo as they think all Igbos do not see anything wrong in what they do.

  18. Well Igbos love money,because money answeth all things.
    But who doesn’t love money?
    Why do we cry for employment?
    Why should a man sweat under the scourge of the sun if not for money?
    Evil and demonic mind abound everywhere not only in Igboland.
    Selling ones child is selling ones future and retirement.
    It is evil and must be condemned.

  19. Stop calling we Igbos we Igbos but call u Abian u Abian should stop trading on babies..Wicked people that are heartless.. This is the fouth times the SUN news is reporting trading on babes in Abia State. The masses should rise and kick against the bad thing.

  20. I pray that those that are in this game may GOD never give them babies again in their life time especially the young heartless girls. How can u sell your innocent baby..WHY ?? God have mercy.. Those involve in this trade will surely cry for baby in future…

  21. Fsh7000 Ysf & Dele
    you fool are a big yoruba idiots
    your rituals yoruba brothers butcher and put their own blood brother in polytene bag at festac lagos.
    Your yoroba ritual & cannibal pastor joseph akinyemi was busy eating and selling human part in ogun until he was caught.
    Last week 30 of your yoruba theiving fraudsters were arrested for credit card scam in america.
    Your 419 yoruba pastor lead a robbery gang at airport in lagos.
    Your yoruba brother segun was the first to transport & change his gender from male to female.
    On monday due to your yoroba cultureless lifestyle an oba was beaten blue & black like donkey in ogun
    Inbreeding awure culture of your dirty useless tribe called yoroba is nothing to write home about.
    Grow up for once.fool

  22. I want to thank nigeria police for this exemplary performance. I wish our brothers will understand that more eyes are waching now than before therefore restraint in crime should be their watch word.
    However if any one finds himself or herself in Abak AKS. To relax at Jamiguee Diner No 7 Udofia close off ikot ekpene rd off offot road behind Chief Etiebet’s house will make a lot of sense.

  23. Somebody should a bit wiser and more decent in speech. Not all Abians are doing it, not every Igbo man is into this. I wonder y some of u wont condemn d acts and people involved. You derive stupid pleasure branding all Igbo condemned. Some folks here write in a way that scorns at d little education and exposure they have. I wish somebody will take time and go through their comments. No doubt, it’s condemnable the trade in babies.

    • Oliver it is u that understand that as a wise person. The likes of Stine chikee, Owerri, London boy etc are goat headed who always find pleasure in abusing and condemning others especially the Hausa/Fulanis as if they are not human just 4 the crime of a few among them. Now look at this forum i thought i will see their comment on this issue but nowhere to b found. I don’t know may be bcs of this comment i make will make them 2 comment. These calibre of Igbos in this forum are d ones attracting bad image 2 d Igbo race. Once again thank u Oliver 4 that comment.

  24. Crime suppose to be what you inflict or do against others. But now that people now commit crime against themselves, what is it call then?…I am short of words…

  25. IGBO and CRIME !
    Why is it This NYEMIRIS’ for drugs,prostitution,baby sales and factory, evil shrines, women traffickin, rape, armed robery, and all sort of scoial vices?
    Devilish agents, all in the name of getting money and go to their villages to pay their chiefs and ezes for conferment of chieftain title.
    “CRIMINALS AT THE TOP” like elders like followers.
    TOFIYA AKWA !!!! Shiishshshs.

  26. @Mic, They love money too much to carry drugs, kidnap, armed robbery, thieving even from their families. Now selling babies, what could be more heartless than that.
    There is good and bad in every tribe and crime is committed in every state, but it’s just that the Igboland is so crime infested unless you want to shy away from it. As soon as you step out of the transport bus, you literally have to hold your head to ensure it’s not stolen.
    Sorry that is how it feels.
    You are driving with your eyes popping out of your head that you wonder whether you are driving in reverse.
    As soon as it’s 6.00pm the whole Igboland is shut down for fear of being kidnapped.
    This cannot go on like this.
    Out of every 10 criminals caught 7 are Igbos.
    Working hard for your money ok but having to steal from hard working ones just because you want to have a good life.
    Must it be at other hard working peoples expense.

  27. this is one of the results of the coming and proliferation of pentecostal churches in this country (Nigeria). corruption and get-rich-by-all-means is what our people practice since the so-called-pastors preaches only prosperity, the pastors don’t care where their members get the money from as long as they sow seeds in the church and the pastors smiles to the banks, dresses expensively and buys private jets. The pastors have forgotten that their main objective is to win soul for Christ by preaching salvation. Corruption and all sorts of criminality has increased as many churches and members as we have.

  28. “He is my daddy. He said I should follow him to Aba, he did not tell me that he was going to sell me there.” Adaobi said.What a horifying experience. The girl will live for the rest of her life with this painful memory.What a world!

  29. I think gvt should outlaw adoption bc it has introduced another system of crime but men and brethren why must we take to crime in order to eat,some one in this forum made a very good point in this forum by sugesting we give birth to lesser number of children so we can be able to cope in any condition we find ourselves,may God deliver this generation.

  30. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Igbos are at it again. Imagine an igbo states engaging in buying and selling both born and unborn babies, what a lucrative business ? Na wa oooooooooooooo for the ibgo kingdom, TOFIAKWA. Igbos ! money by all means.

  31. Accepted , but are they not the immediate and remote causes of Boko Haram and the aftermath of the infamous activities of one Prof Oyenusi ?
    Unfortunate inlaw , Mumu Alhaji Azumi Gana @ dan gworo mumu ka wai . Yusuff , B/H sectional area commander Osogbo, gwura/ewu Tangalin , hasoby/houseboy, the Arepo chief vandalist , I put this very question to you all . You all should answer me with purposeful minds thanks and let prophet madman aboki waselem bless you all , for your wonderful contributions.

  32. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    @Owerri, you this EWU, Igba . P . has forced you to talk, if not, you would have shy away from this evil acts that igbos has continued to unleashed on innocent children both born and unborn.

  33. FSH7000 remains the same unfortunate inlaw , whom are you kidding? No wonder, Ola Rotimi called you “Akin the drummer boy” drummer boy , drummer boy! Olori bruki ni. Ele yi oma li ni ooooooooooooooooooo. Olo si ni ooooooooooooooooooooo

  34. but all the morney you gather on arth one day you will die and leave the money behind and go to hell and face the music of suffer so why should you commit such an offence?so pls my brothers weather ibos ,hausas ,yorubas,igalas,militant, boko haram, ansru militant, mosob, opc,and all groups that are posing problem to this nation should pls decease from such act of atrocities pls and remember that one day there will be day of reckoning ie day of judgement.pls lets go back to GOD so that we can save our younger generations.

  35. What is lost in this discussion is that behind this terrible news is SATAN whose mission is to steal,kill,and destroy. The way out people is total surrender to God through His Son,Jesus Christ. Repent my people.

  36. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    @Owerri, alias EWU, so the the immediate and remote causes of boko haram is engineered by the infamous activities of an igbo man called Prof Oyenusi ? thank you for that information, but the truth is that, prof Oyenusi has since been slaughtered and butchered for dogs and vultures to eat. Owerri,alias EWU, have heard how your brother Oyenusi ended up in the north ?.

  37. Naija jews, what else can one say about this people. What kind of people are u guys. U don’t even have respect for ur own children any more. How on earth can somebody even think of selling his /her own kids. Well nothing is impossible in jewsland. Owerri bastard, hugo swine n hunchback stine chykee, why are u all silenet? May be u’re all ashamed of ur people. We u all now agree with me that ur trib is a cursed tribe in this country. A crime will never be a crime unless naijajews is leading from de front. Where are ur so call leaders, is this how ur biafran will be governed? Just hope u get ur biafra quickly so de rest of Nigerians can live peacefully. I hope u will sell all ur generation untill there is no more naija jews in this country. Useless people.

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