Student wins aeroplane in MTN promo


Ebube Essien-Garricks, a 27-year-old student of the College of Health Science and Technology, Rivers State, has emerged the winner of a Cessna 182T aircraft in the much talked-about mother of all promos ‘the MTN Ultimate Wonder promo.’

She emerged winner in an elaborate and transparent draw held at the Golden Plaza, Ikoyi, Head Office of MTN in the full glare of pressmen, Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission and the Nigerian Communications Commission.

Addressing the press, Larry Annetts, Chief Marketing Officer, MTN, stated that the journey in getting the Ultimate winner for the aeroplane, as promised by MTN, had been interesting, credible and transparent.

Annetts said: “When we came out with the promo, many doubted us, but today, we have an ultimate winner who will go home with the promised Cessna 182T aeroplane.

“The take-home for us here is that MTN is committed towards enriching the lives of its consumers. When we say we will do something, you can be sure that we don’t renege on our promises.

“The Can-do spirit is forever guiding our paths in offering utmost satisfaction to our consumers and we are glad that today, a Nigerian has been enriched and empowered with an aeroplane.”

Ebube, who was notified of her good fortune via a phone call, immediately opted for the cash value of the plane, which is N64 million.

Overwhelmed and full of emotions, she showered praises on MTN describing the ultimate prize as a true wonder coming just in time of Christmas.

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    • Cherish wake up; MTN informed the Nigerian public that one EBUBE ESSIEN GARRICK won their Ultimate serch promo with the star prize of an AEROPLANE.Since then, Nigerians have vigorously disputed this claim.They point to the fact that the combination of the names suggests an igbo,calabar and bayelsa or benin origin.This they insist is impossible in a single lady’s name.To fuel the controversy the lady in question do…
      es not seem to have classmates or realations who are identifying with her good fortune.To add to the mystery,her facebook account seems to have been opened a few days ago by MTN. Is this really a bold faced scam to decieve the unsuspecting loyal customers of MTN? Can this possibly take place under the watchful regime of our regulatory framework? Let us hope not, because it would cast a dark cloud over our whole corporate landscape. It would suggest that building a successful legitimate business in NIGERIA is impossible. Already we know that the oil and gas sector is awash with all kinds mulky deals,the banking sector is still recovering from IBRUGATE and now the telecom industry wants to break our heart. God forbid.

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  2. Stop all these promos. It sends the wrong signal that success in life is by sheer luck and not dedication to duty, honesty and sincerity. That should be the message from MTN to those youngsters in our educational institutions.

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    • you are a criminal. you are among the people who are disposing of their had earn money in the name tithe.

      Ebube dont mind this criminal. you can invest in humanity and less privilege. dont give your money to anybody pastor to start their useless flamboyant life.

  4. Congrat my sis …. Tell them 2 improve on their network quality…. It vry poor … Dat money can give us sound communicating network …. I raise my case

  5. There is more to this than what the eyes can see!. I have never seen or heard about any air craft worth 64 million!. Was that made in China??Haba,Mtn there are other promos you can do convincingly and meaningfully than this charade u displayed here. Any way sha Ebube congrats!!!. Your name sounds very funny oo Ebube Essien-Garricks. Half ibo,Efik,and God knows where name.

    • Hhahahahahahaaaaaaaaa.! My brother what a very true comment. Exactly what I have in mind. The name looks fishy… and there are alot of holes in this charade.. MTN please stop fooling uninformed Nigerians. We are more matured than this play.


  7. At a social gathering where other moguls and wealthy men were present. One Igbo business man looked for all ways to impress other rich men who were present at the gathering.
    He sent for his driver and had this conversation with him.
    ” Driver, go to my house, not the cream one, the white one.
    Not the white one in Ikoyi, the white one at Victoria Island.
    Not the one at Adeola Odeku, the one on Etim Inyang Crescent.
    Not no 22, no 11.
    Take this remote control for the large black gate,
    press the button, it will open.
    You will see a blue 2012 KIA optima sport.
    Perpendicularly, adjacent opposite tothe KIA is another blue Toyota Camry.
    It is not that one.
    Trigonometrically, geometrically, hypotenously 90 degrees Camry is a gray 2012 Lexus V8,
    It’s not that one.
    The Lexus is very close to a Black Mercedes Benz Gl 4matic,
    the Benz is just behind a silver colored Chrysler 300c, the Chrysler is beside my Red Escalate Esv which is in front of my white 2010 EscalateExt, blocking a hummer H3T, opposite a blue Toyota Prado that makes a crescent to a 2011 GMC XXL.
    On getting to the GMC, make a diagonal sharp turn to the left extreme, on your way to where I parked the ash colored Chevrolet Avalanche, very close to a Red BMW X6 in front of a Jaguar 2012 x-j, by the side of a Mercedes 63-AMG, just by my swimming pool.
    At the back of the pool is my latest 2012 Chrysler Me-Four-Twelve Convertible.
    Don’t touch the bonnet.
    Go to the boot, open it, you will see red, white and blue briefcases.
    The red one contains dollars, $10 million.Don’t touch it.
    The blue contains pounds, 8 million pounds.Don’t touch it.
    The white one contains naira, 500s, 200s, 100s, 50s, 20s, and 10s denominations.
    I arranged them in hierarchical order
    .#500 in first layer
    .#200 in second.
    #100 3rd layer.
    #50 4th layer.
    #20 5th layer.
    #10 6th layer.
    Take 10 naira and buy me 5 naira pure water, abeg bring change ooo!!!


  8. I’m still not believing MTN might have had secret discussion with the lady about this anousment to justly appoint her a winner and use that to spark many into trusting them without doubt. However MTN is doing much thank other Networks, hail MTN…….

  9. N64 million can resurface a kilometer of road in Port Harcourt where the winner resides and add value to the lives of majority of our people instead of sending a blinking student into a life of free spending that will certainly attract kidnappers who will want a piece of the goodies.

  10. This money could have been spilt into one million each and make 64different people millionaires instead of dashing away the whole amount to a single individual out of the millions of Nigerians patronizing their network. Congrats to u Ebube all the same

  11. MTN well done! Like the construction company Julius Berger and the pastors of all the churches in Nigeria, MTN understands the intelligence of average Nigerian. Nigerians cannot distinguish between genuine insults from genuine praises. No ability for simple reasoning.

  12. My country and its people wallow in blind poverty,None of the Mtn promo or other network’s promo is genuine,they want to be using tricks in the name of Promo to open more market for their products.Be wise Naija and don’t be deceived by cheap deceit by wicked companies…

  13. I will not say that MTN is not doing fine. They really are. I’ll not say people should not try out their luck. Let them try. But, we should be mindful of the impressions we make on people and things around us. MTN has just succeeded in robbing money from the less privileged and concentrating it in one person’s hand. Its fair ooo. But personally I dont think a matured country with matured vision and mission will do that kind of promo. Nonetheless, I’ll say congrats to Ebube.

  14. I want to believe that aircraft is made in Nigeria. MTN can never be straight ward, if they use right hand to bless you, they must use left hand to collect that which have given you. Very soon Etisalat will dominate all of you.

  15. Mtn if u ar givin promo do it so that it will favour every one not individualy like building industry and empowering youth and road constrution e.t.c .congrat girl.

  16. Where on earth do they sell aeroplane for 64million naira,who do Mtn think they are deceiving?And I tought FG have stop you ppl from all this network promos,stop deceiving nigerians,this girl that win the plane is she a nigerian or a foreigner what kind of name is that?This is a deal btween the girl and Mtn.

  17. I’m not fascinated, that’s serious cheating, no brand new air plane no matter the size is less than five billion naira equivalent,I challenge mtn,they can’t try that ojoro even in South africa, Ebube should request for more or drag them to court of law or demand for the air plane not the money, Scam

  18. Don’t be deceived by MTN it’s a cheap fraud, she was notify through her phone on Tuesday, where did they get her picture from? Ebube essien-garricks if from which tribe? MTN Nigerians are not so stupid and I can sue you for this.

  19. Though it’s a free world and the Governmeant of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria has sheepishly given the masses away to be exploited and deceived. For crying out loud! this mtn mega promo should b discouraged in its’ totality. so many people in the country are impoverished, as if thats not enough, mtn and its’ like are making it worst with their self style offer to the public. it’s not real, mtn and other telecommunication giants should concentrate more on social responsibilities to the people…

  20. Google the plane’s name & model and see wonders; very different from the one posed for the public. Fear God and avoid deceit please, Good service is what we need NOT false promo!

  21. The cash value is actually correct. A 2012 brand of the aircraft cost about that. Check Google.
    This aircracft is a 4 passenger aircraft. You can even get a used one for as low as $160,000.00 which us about N23million. See Summarry of a new one below from Google.
    In any case I think Promo is not a ggod way to improve the lives of the populace. There are better ways such as health, education, poverty reduction etc not just giving N64million to one person. If she is actually given the money, I pray she is not attacked by robbers and I also pray she use it for meaningful and very tangible investments.

    Summary Info
    Model:182T Skylane
    Location: TX, USA
    Serial Number:N/A
    Registration Number:N/A
    Airframe Total Time:N/A
    Engine Times: N/A

    Prop Times: N/A

    Flight Rules: N/A

    Item Description

    2012 CESSNA 182T Skylane. FTO.

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  23. That name was fabricated by doesn’t exits any advice to MTN is to improve on ur services because right now ur services are nothing but a charade.forget ur deceitful promos!

  24. MTN good eye service in the wake of the banning of promos by NCC on all networks. Basically, you have simply, if at all true satisfied one customer unproportionately at the expense of others. You still need to get your act together.

  25. Ignore anyone who tells you to pay tithe. Call them a thief if you like. Chane the situation of just one person if you caould.

  26. This is pure deceit to the Nigerian populace. Whoever that wants to confirm the reality of this promo should check the said EBUBE ESSIEN GARRICKs facebook id, to see that it was newly created to portray these lies. Go there urself. Nigerians are wiser indeed.

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